Comprehensive Review of VirgoCX Every Newbie Trader Should Study

Comprehensive Review of VirgoCX Every Newbie Trader Should Study

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Crypto, Published On
July 17, 2023

As the world rapidly shifts towards digital assets, there is a mounting demand for platforms that provide safe and effective trading environments for cryptocurrencies. Enter VirgoCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange serving a global clientele. 

Traders Union has published the VirgoCX review to provide an unbiased analysis, as it continues to serve as a valuable resource for both seasoned and novice traders. In this detailed VirgoCX review, we delve into the platform’s various offerings, its advantages and disadvantages, and why a growing number of traders are choosing VirgoCX.

What is VirgoCX?

According to Traders Union experts, VirgoCX is a cryptocurrency exchange offering a multifunctional terminal for trading crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs. The platform features an array of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (₿), Ethereum (Ξ), Tether (₮), Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and many others. Fiat trading options are currently available for the US dollar (USD) and the Canadian dollar (CAD).

In the age of technology, having a mobile application is a necessity, and VirgoCX stands firm on this front as well. Their mobile trading application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

What sets VirgoCX apart is its commitment to transparency and affordability. There are no trading commissions; fees are only charged for withdrawals and sometimes deposits. This also applies to over-the-counter trading. While investment programs are currently unavailable, users can benefit from two referral programs for passive earnings.

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Pros and cons of VirgoCX


Traders Union experts highlight several vital advantages and drawbacks of VirgoCX:


  • Cryptocurrency Variety: VirgoCX offers an extensive array of cryptocurrencies and tokens for trading alongside two fiat currencies – the US dollar and the Canadian dollar.
  • No Minimum Deposit: VirgoCX gives its users complete control over their financial policies with no minimum deposit requirement.
  • No Trading Commissions: Trading transactions on VirgoCX are commission-free, with fees only applied to deposits and withdrawals.
  • Referral Programs: VirgoCX offers two referral programs for passive earnings, making it attractive to those seeking to diversify their income streams.
  • Growing Cryptocurrency Pool: The platform’s cryptocurrency offerings are constantly expanding thanks to a free listing with minimal commissions.
  • Mobile App: The exchange has a dedicated mobile application catering to iOS and Android users.
  • High Level of Security: VirgoCX prioritizes user data and funds protection, offering its users a high level of security.
  • Customer Support: Apart from email, technical support is accessible through a call center.


  • Lack of Investment Solutions: VirgoCX focuses solely on active trading and referral programs. Users seeking investment solutions might find this platform lacking.
  • Limited Guidance for Beginners: There are no specialized tools for beginners, such as demo accounts or training guides.

Analysis of the main features of this crypto exchange


The Traders Union experts evaluate the features of VirgoCX in a detailed scoring system:

  • Execution of Orders: 3.29/10
  • Investment Instruments: 3.71/10
  • Withdrawal Speed: 3.35/10
  • Customer Support Work: 3.65/10
  • Variety of Instruments: 3.13/10
  • Trading Platform: 3.87/10

Trading conditions for VirgoCX users

The trading conditions on VirgoCX, as assessed by Traders Union experts, are as follows:

  • Trading Platform: Basic TradingView in the browser
  • Accounts: Standard
  • Account Currency: Cryptocurrencies, USD, CAD
  • Replenishment/Withdrawal: Bank cards and accounts, electronic and crypto wallets
  • Minimum Deposit: $1
  • Leverage: 1:1
  • PAMM Accounts: No
  • Min Order: from 0
  • Commission: Market
  • Instruments: Cryptocurrencies, USD, CAD
  • Margin Call/Stop Out: No
  • Liquidity Provider: No
  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Orders Execution: N/A
  • Trading Features: The pool contains most of the popular cryptocurrencies and tokens, the American and Canadian dollars represent fiats, there are no trading commissions, only for withdrawals, a referral program with significant payments, there is no investment, and transactions are carried out instantly.
  • Contests and Bonuses: Occasionally, plus the Traders Union bonuses.
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Additionally, BitGet crypto exchange was reviewed thoroughly on the official website of the Traders Union.


In summary, VirgoCX is a dynamic platform offering a range of cryptocurrency trading options with low fees, two referral programs, and a comprehensive mobile application. However, its lack of investment solutions and beginner-oriented resources may deter some users. We encourage readers to visit Traders Union’s official website.

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