The cryptocurrencies that you may have missed

The cryptocurrencies that you may have missed

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Crypto, Published On
November 30, 2022

If you have been paying close attention to the trends of cryptocurrencies, it is clear that there are many more in the pipeline and they are evolving to form a financial ecosystem that will encompass global requirements. There are many cryptocurrencies that have taken the lead and have been consistently performing well. The spike in the value of these cryptocurrencies like BTC to INR has laid the foundation for the crypto market that is booming. Apart from the popular cryptocurrencies, there are many more making rapid progress. Let us take a look at the cryptocurrencies that have been growing without gathering much attention.

Cryptocurrencies to look out for

  • Fusion –


With the arrival of cryptocurrency, the infrastructure required for the future of finance has changed. Fusion is at the eye of this paradigm shift and provides the infrastructure that many businesses and institutions are focused on building. Fusion is especially useful for time-based smart contracts which are especially relevant in asset rentals, debt instruments, and entertainment licensing. Fusion has a team dedicated to solving real-world problems with flexible and adaptive solutions.

Fusion provides interoperability between different cryptocurrencies which could solve the problem of scalability which is bound to arise for blockchains in finance. Fusion has been designed to work with centralized and decentralized organizations and has been built to adhere to privacy requirements across various institutions in the public as well as the private sector.

  • Unibright –


The need for unified infrastructure is increasing as many business owners are looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their accepted mode of payments. Unibright solution was launched in December 2018 and it brings smart contracts to mainstream usage. It employs a no-coding approach and smart contracts are automatically generated, used, and updated into various blockchains. Unibright focuses on turning creative ideas into businesses. Their utility token UBT can be used to buy services and products. They conduct consultation workshops so that business owners can develop exceptional use cases for blockchain in their businesses.

  • Fantom –


Phantom focuses on curating a smart contract platform that uses blockchain protocol to achieve unlimited scalability and past transactions at a minimal cost. The primary aim of Fantom is to break through the market of current payment systems and the supply chain management sector. Fantom aims at achieving a unified platform across various sectors like healthcare, education, traffic management, resource management, and so on. Fantom is currently capturing the food market by building dApps for food delivery services, food reservations and so on.

  • Chromia –


Chromia is a platform focused on solving scalability issues, especially for decentralized apps. Chromia apps are not just a group of smart contracts but every dApp has a specific blockchain token and governance. Chromia aims to give its developers more flexibility and a higher level of control. The dApp can make its own choice and rather than paying for every transaction dApps end up paying for hosting.

  • Quant –

Quant coin

Quant network has an OS called Overledger that connects isolated networks simultaneously. These networks include blockchains, CRM systems, databases, and so on. A Quant network is not a blockchain. It focuses on creating secure digital connections to help assist a secure digital environment. The QNT token is the utility token within the network and is required by both developers and users to access Overledger. It is essential to sign and encrypt transactions and to move digital assets across different chains. Quant is an important part of the Crypto economy as there is no other known interoperability solution that has come close to Overledger.

These cryptocurrencies are working towards real-world solutions to problems that are going to rise because of the changes in financial conditions around the globe. Now is the time to get on board the cryptocurrency wagon. If you were to buy cryptocurrency then these are the ones that are currently leading – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more. If you are looking to buy litecoin in India then head to an exchange platform and start today. Go to CoinSwitch and take a look at how easy it is to trade and use cryptocurrency in India.

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