California Fraud Cases Highlight Need For Regulatory Crackdown On Cryptocurrency

California Fraud Cases Highlight Need For Regulatory Crackdown On Cryptocurrency

Written by Alison Lurie, In Crypto, Published On
November 29, 2022

Along with the increasing usage of digital currencies, the cases of fraud are rising as well. In recent times, there is a sharp rise in Crypto related frauds. This can be your sign to be more careful and take precautions while dealing with Cryptocurrencies. Until the regulators in your nation take some legal action, it is up to you to take charge of your cyber safety. Also, if you trade in Cryptocurrencies then visit, the official trading website.

Fraud Cases Highlight Need For Regulatory Crackdown On Crypto

DFPI of California has been facing similar issues with cyber fraud. According to its announcement, it has issued similar refrain orders for 11 existences who violated security laws. The allegations against such entities are that they offer unqualified security options. Also, the materials were distorted or omitted by the traders.

Violation As A Sign

The violations as described by DPFI of California, are a sign for us. We should consider such news of violation as a warning and remain cautious. Also, it reminds us that though the Crypto industry is a large one, it has risks associated with it. Many frauds can work out on this platform to earn their profits in an illegal way!

At present, there are different regulations for the Cryptocurrency market. Some nations have strict regulations in comparison to others.

Despite this, you need to check out the details before investing any amount. You need to be sure of every detail. Check out the complete details of any platform before investing.

Whether you are a professional and advanced investor or a beginner in this field, making sure of all these aspects is very important. Before choosing any good-looking Cryptocurrency opportunity, saving yourself from fraud is a must!

Scenario Of Cryptocurrency Market In California

The recent fraud cases relating to the Cryptocurrency market show us the need for proper laws. The authorities in California are deciding to form a special registration process for the Crypto market in the state. This system will apply to those interested to take part in Crypto-related business.

Governor, Gavin Newsom refused this entire framework. Because according to him, such a framework will require huge resources or infrastructure that are restrictive in the state.

No such infrastructures are yet present in California. But, it shows that the authorities have concerns considering the Crypto market.

Also, there is a trend where fresh companies are under suspicion of fraud if they deal with Cryptocurrencies. California has always been the first mover in setting laws and compliances.

And, it may form similar compliance for the Crypto market to protect the consumers. After California releases a framework, different states around it will do the same!

Points To Consider While Crypto Investments

During the absence of any government regulations on the Crypto market, you should be diligent in your approach to this market. You need to consider certain basic points while dealing with any Cryptocurrency investment options.

When you are presented with any such opportunities, at least do your bare minimum! You may not have complete expertise on the market or any proper strategy. Before running behind any similar opportunities, seek help from professionals in this field.

If possible, use some monitoring tools and analysis systems for Cryptocurrency. This will help in keeping proper track of all the investments and your safety.

Take your time to come to any decision. Do not fall into the trap of artificial deadlines and take investment decisions in a rush Crypto frauds use a very common technique of presenting certain artificial deadlines or pressure for investing. Never make a rush in case of investments and calmly take your decision.

If you are unsure about the source of opportunity, take your step back from it. Beware of the terms like “no risk in investment”. Such opportunities can be too good to be real! Being cautious of such investment chances will save you from falling into the traps of Crypto fraud.


The Crypto market is a trending and incredible investment opportunity for many investors out there! This market is helping out businesses to grow and develop in international space over time.

But, the fraud may take advantage of the lack of government regulations in this market. Also, they look out for overexcited investors or those with less knowledge of Cryptocurrency to trap.

The Crypto fraud cases of California are a warning to beware of such fraudulent parties.

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