Liver King : Wife, Bio, Net Worth and More

Liver King : Wife, Bio, Net Worth and More

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July 26, 2023
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Brian Johnson is an American business owner and social media personality. People know that he eats raw meat. On December 2, 2022, he shared an apologetic video in which he said that his body wasn’t “natural” and that it was made with the help of steroids. This made the news.

Liver King Bio

Name Brian Johnson
Birth Date 7 April 1977
Place Of Birth Texas
Age 75 Years Old
Weight 86kg
Height 5’7”
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Worth $1 million


The “liver king,” whose real name is Brian Johnson, is one of the most well-known social media leaders, marketers, and dietitians. His nickname is “the liver king.” On TikTok, he has 3 million fans, and on Instagram, he has 1.25 million fans. He became famous for eating raw meat. Brian shared videos of him eating raw meat on Tiktok, and the videos went viral. And it has touched a lot of people. In just two years, the liver king gained 3 million fans. And Brian Johnson likes to eat the livers of animals. He eats the liver of some animals every day and tells everyone he meets to do the same, which is how he got the nickname “liver king.”

The young years of the Liver King

young years of the Liver King

Liver King was born in Texas on April 7, 1977. Brian lost his father to sickness when he was very young, and he and his mother moved to San Antonio. Liver King wasn’t a healthy and strong kid. He was smaller, and even his younger brother, Brian, was picked on by other kids at school. Then Brian ended school and went to Texas University, where he took a biology course and graduated. Even back then, the liver king was a weak person with a lot of doubts and goals. There needs to be more information about who his parents and brothers are, and this part will be updated in the future.

The Liver King’s Job

Liver King started working in the pharmaceutical business in 2004. He later married Barbara. Brian was happy to have kids, but they were all born very weak, and one of his boys got sick and had allergies. Liver King’s son was taken to the hospital in serious condition, and the couple could have lost their children if they had missed certain minutes. King’s heart was hurt very badly by what happened.

Then he chose to make changes to how he lived and what he ate. Brian and his family’s health got much better after they started living and eating like our ancestors did. The liver king then spread the idea of our ancestors by eating raw and natural foods, working out, and doing many other things that were common in the past.

Brian chose to show off his family idea on social media sites. Brian chose to turn his idea into a business after more people said they liked it. Liver King started the “ancestral living” shopping site, where he sells protein shakes, grass-fed beef liver capsules, beef bone marrow capsules, beef thyme, collagen, etc.

Liver King Net Worth

It was thought that Liver King had a net worth of around $1 million. His family business, branding, and ads on social media are his main sources of income. He charges between $30 and $200 for each pill he makes. Liver King has also been pushing himself, and many people have asked him to be on their shows, events, and YouTube shows. Liver King has become a real celebrity. Also, the liver king just bought a Spanish house that is 8,300 square feet with money he worked hard for. Liver King will make around $250,000 per year.

Liver King’s Wife

liverking wife

Barbara Johnson is Liver King’s wife, but she goes by the name “Liver Queen” because she lives by all nine of Liver King’s rules. Also, his wife Barbara shows up in YouTube videos and Instagram posts with his husband. Barbara and Brian fell in love with each other after meeting at a skiing event. Rad, who is 13, and Stryker, who is 15, are their two boys. They also show up with their father, and people often call them “liver boys.”

The Liver King’s Nine Living Principles

liverking family

The way Liver King works is based on these nine ideas.

  • Sleep: The King lives in a luxurious house, but he tells people to sleep on rocks because he sleeps on a pebble bed.
  • Brian says that everyone should eat raw milk, bone marrow, and pure raw meat.
  • Move: He says that everyone should take a 30-minute walk every day.
  • Protect: Brian suggests that everyone protect themselves from too much internet and processed foods. Brian has put up a shield in his house to stop electromagnetic energy from getting in.
  • Walking barefoot puts you in touch with Mother Earth.
  • Cold: Rather take a cold bath.
  • Sun: Absorbing vitamin D Fight Bond

Accounts on social media for Liver King

  1. Liver King has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and his name is @liverking.
  2. YouTube: He has 216K people who follow him on YouTube.
  3. Liver King gained about 3 million fans on TikTok in just 2 years.
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