Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose THCA Flower

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose THCA Flower

Written by Alison Lurie, In CBD, Published On
August 14, 2023

As you already know that the use of cannabis (popularly known as marijuana) is steadily expanding to different parts of the world. From commodities such as ointments, oils and, tinctures, capsules to edibles in the form of gummies, candies, and even tea!

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two natural compounds that are extracted from the cannabis hemp plant. Though both of these are psychoactive compounds, they react with the body differently.

Both CBD and THC provide pain relief, help with depression and anxiety. A confirmed study showed it helped in reducing epileptic seizures. The only difference between CBD and THC is that CBD does not produce a “high,” whereas THC, especially if inhaled, produces a euphoric sensation.

As the popularity of cannabis steadily grows, so does the discovery of a wide variety of products extracted from the hemp plant. Apart from CBD and THC, another product that is gripping the world is the THCA flower.

Before learning the reasons why you should incorporate THCA flower into your life, let’s first dive deeper and learn what THCA flower really is!

What is THCA Flower?

THCA Flower

THCA hemp flower is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which in simple terms, means the raw hemp flower that contains high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

When heated or smoked, this cannabinoid transforms to THC, which causes one to get “high”; effects that most consumers look for. This heating process is called decarboxylation, as the carbon dioxide released from the molecule also removes the acidic part of THC.

Decarboxylation can also happen over time if the cannabis plant is left out in the sun for a long period. The molecules in THCA slowly convert to THC, which makes it more potent and psychoactive than when heated.

Where is THCA Flower found?

THCA flowers are raw live plants that haven’t been extracted or dried yet. Once they are heated or dried, they transform into THC molecules. You’d need the THCA flower in its raw and purest form to receive the most intense effects of the cannabinoid.

Reasons to Choose THCA Flower

With so many THC and CBD gummies, topicals, capsules, and so on, available in the market, providing mostly the same benefits, why should you choose raw THCA flowers? Here are the top eight reasons.

  •  Non-Psychoactive

If you’re looking to get the potential health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive side effects, then THCA flower is your best option. While THC products provide similar benefits, it is psychoactive.

Therefore, the consumption of raw THCA flowers does not produce that intoxicating feeling and can be safely used. In addition, sensitive individuals can enjoy a milder, more manageable experience with THCA flowers.

  •  Medicinal & Therapeutic

Like CBD and THC, THCA flower also delivers basically the same therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory: THCA flower has anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in treating health conditions such as arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease (also known as Crohn’s Disease), and skin conditions like psoriasis.
  • Neuro-protective: Raw THCA flower has the ability to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s, and even reduce epileptic seizures and so on.
  • Antiemetic: THCA flower also provides therapeutic benefits like chronic pain relief, reduces nausea and vomiting tendencies, and calms the nerves during stress and anxiety.
  • Insomnia: Its calming effects can promote sleep for the insomniacs – all without the intense effects of the “high”.
  •  Respiratory-friendly

Inhaling cannabis can be irritating for the throat and lungs and instigate heavy coughs during use. However, smoking or vaporizing THCA flowers gives users therapeutic benefits without irritating the lungs like THC compound would, making the former a safer and gentler choice for consumption.

  •  Increases Appetite

Some medical treatments or post-surgeries leave individuals with a loss of appetite. Consuming a small amount of THCA flower can help stimulate appetite and make it easier to have a balanced diet.

  •  Alternative Consumption Methods

We know that THCA flowers, when consumed raw, do not have any intoxicating effects, but THC does. Therefore, whenever you feel the need to feel a sense of euphoria, you can always heat the flowers up or decarboxylate them to transform your cannabis to THC.

This adaptability allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds, making THCA flowers the best choice for both beginners and experienced cannabis users.

  •  Entourage Effect

The combination of various types of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in cannabis, enhances their overall therapeutic potential benefits by working together synergistically. This is known as the entourage effect. This way, users can enjoy consuming raw THCA flowers and experience a more holistic and gentle cannabis consumption.

  •  Anti-Proliferative Properties to Treat Cancerous Cells

Recent studies have shown that consuming THCA flowers have slowed the multiplication of cancerous cells. Breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and others have shown impressive results in reducing tumors and cancer cells.

  •  Prevents Obesity & Other Metabolic Diseases

A 2020 study has found that THCA can help in preventing metabolic diseases such as fatty liver disease and diabetes by supporting normal insulin levels. It can also help in maintaining a healthy weight by preventing obesity.

How to Use THCA Flowers?

In order to get the full therapeutic and health benefits, here are some of the best ways to get more out of the cannabinoid.

  • Beverages: THCA flowers come in various flavors. You can squeeze the juice out of the raw flower buds into juices, smoothies, tea, or any beverage of your choice. This is the safest way to ensure you’re consuming it raw rather than heating and converting THCA to THC.
  • Cooked food: You can make butter with THCA flower buds and add it to cooked or baked food and even in salad dressings! You can also use the raw bud and blend them into smoothies and fruit juice.
  • Topicals: Creams, balms, and ointments allow raw THCA to come directly into contact with the skin. This reduces the risk of decarboxylation and helps improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • Tinctures: Tincture application involves applying a few drops of THCA oil under your tongue and holding it for a few seconds before swallowing. This helps the cannabinoid to enter directly into your bloodstream through the blood vessels under your tongue. You can make your own THCA tinctures by soaking the flowers in alcohol or oil.
  • Smoking or Vaping: If you’re seeking a psychoactive experience, you can take THCA flowers and heat them to convert them to THC. This is why buying the raw THCA flower is a good option, as it allows you to choose whether or not you want the high while reaping other benefits.

How to Know Which THCA Flower is the Best?

When looking for THCA flowers that you can use for therapeutic purposes, you’ll need fresh flowers that have the highest percentage of THCA in them.

Here are some factors you need to consider before making a purchase:

  • Potency: As mentioned above, the percentage of THCA in a flower determines the level of intoxication. Therefore, select the ones with a higher percentage of THCA that have less intoxicating effects.
  • Fresh Bunch: Flowers tend to dry out within a span of six months. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid the local stores where, due to low demand, the flowers would have been sitting there for a long time.
  • Laboratory Reports: Typically, manufacturers would provide lab samples and reports to third-party laboratories that would produce unbiased results on the potency, chemical breakdown, purity, safety, and legal compliance of THCA flowers. Those are the flowers you’d want to use and incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • Reputed Brands: When it’s about your health, it’s better not to compromise it with cheap flower products. Even if the brands sell products that are a tad expensive, it’s always a good idea to acquire high-quality and branded products that have a lot of positive reviews in their bag.

A Bonus Fact: Is THCA Cannabinoid Legal?

That’s the million-dollar question! In 2018, a Farm Bill was passed that made all products created or extracted from hemp plants legal as long as they contain an overall weight of less than 0.03 percent of THC in the US.

However, it is still a good idea to look up the state or country laws you currently live in before ordering cannabis-based products.

To Wrap it Up

As the interest in health and wellness grows among cannabis enthusiasts, the THCA flower has emerged as a beneficial, non-psychoactive option.

Not only can it help in relieving pain, stress, and anxiety, but it also aids in reducing neurodegenerative disorders and preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

Apart from its many benefits, THCA flowers are a versatile plant. If you need to use cannabis for recreational purposes, you can heat up THCA and convert it to a psychoactive THC compound that’ll get you to feel high.

However, be wary when purchasing these raw flowers and make sure to get the best quality for a better experience.

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