Reinventing Vaping: How GeekVape Continually Pushes the Boundaries

Reinventing Vaping: How GeekVape Continually Pushes the Boundaries

Written by Alison Lurie, In CBD, Published On
July 13, 2023

From the sleek and lightweight Wenax series to the cool and electrifying Aegis—Geekvape has made a name for itself among vapers by constantly innovating. They began getting attention with the release of their atomizers back in 2015, and they haven’t looked back since. Now one of the most prominent retailers of vape atomizers, pods, kits, and accessories, Geekvape has completely reinvented how we look at vaping Whether it’s incorporating fast charging, childproof design, or shock-proofing, the brand has always stayed on top of vaping trends and pressing needs.

Having shown an uncanny predisposition to understand market trends and identify customer pain points, the team at Geekvape have engineered products that have elevated the whole vaping experience. The Products from Geekvape are specifically designed for both, beginners and seasoned vapers. They continue to push the boundaries of designing and manufacturing better vapes that improve the overall experience. Let’s find out how they do that!

Only the Best Products


Geekvape’s product R&D team has engineered excellent vaping solutions and accessories and their current lineup continues to innovate in different ways. Each product line has a unique value proposition that the brand is perfecting with every new iteration This is how they push the boundaries—Devote time and effort to finding out how each of their products can elevate the customer experience and then roll out an updated variant Here are the current notable product lines from Geekvape:

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Like a CPU or GPU, a VPU is a vaping processing unit. This is a system of electro-atomization that provides a cloud volume increase of 23.7%, effectively making each buff better in terms of consistency and flavor.

Combining their novel system with a specially molded ceramic core that allows them to manage pore size in the range of 0.1 to 80 microns, the products using the VPU system can more evenly distribute the aperture, thus improving consistency by up to 70%.


Stylish, modern, and high-profile performance, all packed into one device. Aegis is Geekvape’s most durable vape booster and the classic experience. There are 19 Aegis SKUs including Aegis Hero, Boost Pro, M100, T200, and H45 Classic. Well-known for its excellent ability to maintain consistency, puff vapor, and flavor, the Aegis product line is robustly high-performance and high-end. They come in different colors and have an optimized airflow that prevents any leakage. Additional qualities like visible pods, high mAh batteries, and faster charging make this series one of the best vaping accessories on the market today.


Light, sleek, and minimal—Wenax is a range of stylish products in different colors. They are very thin and lightweight, made of high-quality parts and durable aluminum. The Wenax series isn’t just known for its innovation in portability and style but in resistance to wear and tear as well. Wenax vapes are ideal for daily use and come in glossy and matte looks. These vapes are smooth to the touch and safe to hold.


The Obelisk series includes Obelisk 65, Obelisk 65FC, and Obelisk 120FC apart from the two tank options. Inspired heavily by tech, this series features a futuristic design and trippy colors. The products come with top airflow adjustment, smart mode, leak proof design, clear pod, palm-fit comfort, and anti-scratch materials. Offering both, a high build quality and an excellent design—Obelisk is one of the more stylish product lines from Geekvape.

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Wrapping Up the Geekvape Innovations

One of the ways Geekvape stands out is through its focus on innovation. They closely monitor market trends and actively seek feedback from their customers to identify pain points and areas for improvement. This invaluable insight allows them to create products that address specific challenges and enhance the overall vaping experience with a dedicated product research and development team, they meticulously engineer vaping solutions and accessories that cater to the evolving needs and desires of vapers

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