Choosing the Best New Vape Mods

Choosing the Best New Vape Mods

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August 2, 2022

If you’re planning to switch from smoking to vaping, there are plenty of options when looking for the best-looking vape mods. Vape mods are more powerful compared to regular disposable e-cigs. They come with bigger batteries, a refillable tank, and a switch that allows you to regulate power options.

Vape mods can be quite challenging to use, especially if you’re a newbie to vaping. For example, vape mods require regular maintenance for best performance. You also need to know how to remove and refill the e-liquid tank. This guide looks at some factors you should consider when looking for the best new vape mods.

What is a Vape Mod?

A vape mod, also known as a mod, refers to the electronic parts in a vape kit or e-cig. The mod includes the rechargeable battery, power control switch, and chip. Mods became popular after vapers started modifying regular e-cigs to make more powerful devices.

Later, vape manufacturers followed the trend and started making vape mods. Modern vape mods come in various designs and power range options. Most people buy mod kits, which come as the tank and mod bundled as one.

Features to Consider

There are a couple of features that you need to consider when buying a vape mod. The first thing is the battery. Vape mods come with either a permanent or removable battery. Mods that come with permanent batteries are more cost-effective. They are also lighter and smaller than those with removable batteries.

Another feature you should check is the power control, also known as the variable wattage. Some of the best new vape mods from ePuffer come with a power control feature that lets you control the amount of power flowing through to the coil.

Vapes with a wider power range are better as they let you control the potency of the vapor you get from your mod. While comparing battery types, it is also important to check the battery capacity. This number will give you a rough estimate of how long the device will last after a full charge.

The other thing is the design and build. You want something that is quite compact and can stand a fall since you will be carrying your vape mod outdoors sometimes. Also another thing to check is the mod’s IP rating. The rating will tell how waterproof the device is.

Wrapping Up

Vape mods are great if you’re looking to make the leap from vape pens to more advanced devices. They come with plenty of excellent features to let you control your vaping style. It would be best if you also went for a compact and lightweight device that you can easily carry around.

Choosing the best vape mod for your needs can be tricky, especially if you have only used simple vape pens with a single-button control scheme. Vape mods are complex devices with huge lists of features and can differ from one another in some very significant ways. We recommend asking for advice from more experienced vapers before making the buy.

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