Why is the number of online casino users in Japan growing so rapidly

Why is the number of online casino users in Japan growing so rapidly

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October 7, 2023
Last modified on October 10th, 2023

Japan may not be well known worldwide, but it is arguably the most established gambling culture in the world.Japan’s largest comprehensive online casino media site Oncasitown introduces the Japanese gambling market.

Online casino users in Japan

online casino users in Japan growing

Horse racing, bicycle racing, auto racing, and boat racing operate as public gambling regulated by the government, while pachinko and other forms of gambling are the most widely used forms of gambling in Japan.

The Japanese gambling market has shrunk considerably from its heyday, but it is still a 10 trillion yen market. At its peak, the market grew to 18 trillion yen.

The Japanese are now hooked on online casinos.

online casino users in Japan growing

While Japan’s existing gambling industry is in decline, the number of online casino users is exploding at a phenomenal rate.

Online casinos first penetrated Japan in the late 2000s, and although the number of users was not that large at the time, the number of users in 2023 is dramatically increasing, as if in inverse proportion to the decline of the Japanese gambling industry. The estimated number of users in Japan is 2.88 million, but the actual number of users is said to be much higher.

One of the characteristics of Japanese gambling is the large amount of money spent per capita. Although Japanese people have an impression of being solid and serious, a surprisingly large number of them spend a lot of money at once when they get into it.

Many people are reluctant to use the service, but once they become accustomed to it, they spend a lot of money as if to relieve stress.

In addition, many Japanese people do not speak English, and in the past, online casinos were only available in English, but now Japanese-language casinos are commonplace, and Japanese staff members are always available.

The number of users has increased rapidly along with the recognition of online casinos, and the casinos themselves have attracted even more attention since the resort casino project started in earnest to further boost the number of users.

The RTP for gambling in Japan is said to be around 80% for pachinko (Japanese pinball), and it has become even harder to win as regulations have been tightened further.

If the RTP of online casinos is around 95%, it is natural that the number of users will increase compared to Japanese gambling.

online casino users in Japan growing

The online casino industry in Japan is expected to grow even more in the future, making it the hottest market in the world today.

On the other hand, the industry itself is still in a gray zone due to the lack of legislation.

The risk of a legal ban on online casino use is low, but it is an area that must be monitored closely.

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