Is it better to play in an online casino or in real gambling club?

Is it better to play in an online casino or in real gambling club?

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June 9, 2023

Online casinos almost immediately after their appearance began to constitute a real and very serious competition to ground-based gambling establishments. If you have a choice in which casino to play, let’s look at the most significant advantages and disadvantages of online and offline rooms.

Where To Play: Online casino or in a real gambling club?

Casino Bonuses

Gambling atmosphere

Of course, no virtual casino is able to convey the atmosphere of a real luxury gambling establishment. All the attributes of such a house: tables with green cloth, a croupier in uniform, flashing slot machines, helpful waiters generate something elusive and unique. Unfortunately, the online room cannot offer this at the moment.

Comfort and convenience

However, there are a couple of virtual establishments that mimic the casino on the main page, but it’s still clear that this is just a picture! It is likely that in the future, the achievements of programmers will convey the atmosphere of a real casino, because there is already a format for films with complete immersion. Well, let’s wait for the moment when, sitting at home with a virtual headset on head, we can observe the all nuances of real gambling halls, feel the pleasantness of a wooden board and drink a martini from a straw! In the meantime, we will be content with live games and a wide range of pokie machines in such online casinos as Ricky Casino.

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But in terms of convenience – playing in an online casino is undoubtedly more comfortable. You can play on the site of the virtual institution at home, at work, and on a bench in the park! With such entertainment, the queue in the DMV will not seem deadly long, and lonely autumn evenings – so unbearably boring.

And, of course, in comfort there is little that can compare with a native cozy sofa or a computer table covered with any tasty stuff. In order to open the doors of an online casino with a bang, you don’t have to put on a tuxedo with a bow tie or an evening dress with diamonds. Again, here no one forbids smoking or emotionally, but slightly obscenely express their attitude to the loss! And if the online casino leaves you without pants, then nobody will see your negligee.

Free games

In a real casino, no one will give you the opportunity to play without money. This is understandable, because other visitors to the institution came with a cash, so you can only watch their game since you have a hole in your pocket. But if you came to a land-based casino with money, not being aware of the game, you can pay too much for your curiosity.

However, in online casino everyone can play for free – play for virtual money, get acquainted with the rules, strategies, and get experience in one game or another. And after you feel comfy you may bet real money. If you realized that the casino is not your entertainment, you just close the casino website.

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Game Training

Knowing the rules, tactics, and strategy of each of the games is a vital necessity. In any online casino or poker room there are sections for beginners, which describe in detail all the games presented on the site. So, you can play online casinos for free and study at the same time. If you still don’t understand something, you can always contact support, or find the answer in the FAQ section.

RTP (Return to Player)

The function of returning a certain percentage of your money spent on bets is available only in virtual rooms. Since there are thousands of different gambling websites, there is great competition in this niche. And in the war, as they say, all means are good – RTP and other casino bonuses attract new customers.

But with a land-based casino, the story is completely different. In order to keep such an institution afloat along with a huge service staff and equipment costs, it makes a rather low percentage of return on machines – in the region of 70-80%. It is easy to calculate that at least a fifth of the bets you have made will not come back to your pocket. But, in online casinos, the lowest RTP you can find in the game is 90%!

So, which have more visitors, real or online casinos?

The ratio of bets that customers made in online and land-based casinos in 2019 looks like 1 to 4. In live gambling houses, players bet 4 times more. This is understandable because we have already found out that you can play online for free and at micro limits. But to imagine that a certain gentleman will throw 1 cent on a real poker table is complicated!

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