The Most Popular Car Tech Features 

The Most Popular Car Tech Features 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Cars, Published On
September 23, 2022

Cars are no longer simple tools we use to get from point A to B. Cars have now progressed to technological marvels that move and come equipped with many high-tech features. Car technology today is advanced and is only growing more and more beneficial and high-tech. While certain features differ within each car manufacturer there are a set of features that run across the board for all vehicles. Below are some examples of car features both exclusive and general that are highly savvy and sought after.

The Most Popular Car Tech Features

Car Tech Features 

Smartphone Integration

In the world of 2022, the smartphone rules. Our banking, music, books, and much more are all included on our smartphones and by extension, we want them included in our cars as well. Airplay for iPhone and Android Auto allows users to connect their smartphones to their vehicle infotainment systems. Long are the days of just radio and digital maps as luxuries. Now, these amenities include maps, wireless music, audiobooks, Netflix, and much more.

Autonomous Safety Systems

One of the most interesting and talked about vehicle features emerging right now is the ability for select cars to autonomously operate. This means they act on their own apart from human control. Various features are now becoming autonomous such as driving itself and even the safety systems within vehicles.

Some examples of these includes:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking: Scans the road ahead of the vehicle. If danger is detected it will alarm and notify the driver. If no action is taken by the driver the braking system will engage, bringing the vehicle to a stop in a safe manner.
  • Blind Spot Assist: Scans the sides of a vehicle to detect other cars in the blind spots where the driver cannot see.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Regular cruise control that scans ahead to know when to alter and change speeds. If this is engaging and a vehicle approaches quickly behind another, the system will match the speed of the vehicle in front of it.

Car Parking Cameras

There have been countless fender benders, minor accidents, and many fatal deaths due to cars reversing. Cars are large and have blind spots that don’t always allow drivers to see everything and react in time. When looking at high-tech car features, car parking cameras are necessary for many people, not as a luxury but in some cases as a lifesaver.

The most popular version of this, the reverse camera was once known to be a luxury on higher-end cars. Now, this is a standard feature for many new lower-end vehicles. These cameras flip on and show the rear view behind a vehicle to the vehicle infotainment display.

In addition, many of these reverse cameras come equipped with sensors that will detect an alarm when a vehicle is close to an object.

Tire Pressure Monitor

For a while when you wanted to see if your tires needed air you had to take them in to get inspected or purchase a fancy device to do it yourself. Now due to technological advancements, newer cars come outfitted with tire pressure monitors that track tire levels automatically.

This allows vehicle owners to detect tire issues ahead of time and even fast-track a plan to get their tires changed. Some of the most advanced versions of this are able to integrate with smartphones to alert vehicle owners when their tires are low through the car manufacturer app.

Electric Motor

Car Tech Features 

Easily the most sought out, talked about and hotly contested feature within cars today. Electric vehicles are exactly what they sound like, vehicles that operate and run through electricity. These cars have been gaining traction due to their positive environmental effects, lower maintenance, and their sleek high-tech look and features.

Heated Seats

Not every popular feature is or has to be sought out for safety. Heated seats in cars are highly sought after for obvious comfort reasons.

Heated seats provide warmth in cars through heating coils under the seat cover. When turned on, electricity from the car battery flows to the heating coils found in the seat cushion to warm it up. Just like homes that come with thermostats, heated seats come with them as well to prevent the seats from getting too hot and allows the driver to control their heat level.

This feature is loved and comes in handy for the winter months out of the year, and for those who live in colder climates.

All Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive is a four-wheel drive system that shifts power to the front and rear wheels. This system evenly distributes power from the engine to the front and rear wheels in order to maintain traction.

This is a highly sought-after car feature because of the help it brings. In conditions with little to no traction, this can bring a vehicle out and not leave it stuck in the mud or snow. Because All Wheel Drive gives power and turns all the wheels instead of the normal two, it gives a car more grip and allows it to accelerate better. Additionally, it helps to stabilize a vehicle on slippery turns avoiding scary fishtails.

Lane Keeping Assist

This is another great safety feature that combines sensors and real time updates to help you better navigate. Lane Keeping Assist detects when a car moves too close to road lane markings and automatically shifts the vehicle away, to avoid it drifting across lane lines.

Lane Keeping Assist also provides lane departure warnings. Lane departure warnings alert when a car moves too close to lane lines.

Coverage For Features

For most high-tech features, few traditional warranties cover these items. If you want to have protection over the high-tech features in your vehicle you may want to look into getting an extended warranty.

An extended warranty serves as an extension to your manufacturer’s warranty and provides additional coverage to a vehicle. This can be a great option for coverage of a vehicle’s high-tech, and expensive features.

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