Why Is Website Design And Development Important For Your Business?

Why Is Website Design And Development Important For Your Business?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
July 29, 2022
Last modified on October 21st, 2022


E-commerce is taking center stage in the marketplace. Seemingly every business has a website, but only those that have mastered the web development and design game have come out on top.

Developing a website for your company does not stop at just having one. The nitty-gritty of website design and the way it pairs with the web developer’s utilization of current technologies is how your business sets itself apart.

Think of your website as an extension of your physical retail store or a virtual extension of the service you may provide in real life. You would want your customers to feel welcomed, comfortable, and have ease of mind while completing their business with you in your store. Taking the same mindset, we apply that to your website and see where web development and design and be best optimized so that your customers can have the best experience. If you’re looking to self-start a business or switch careers to becoming a web developer, check out the latest Australian certifications and diploma web development.

Web Design & Development – the Importance of them

Why Is Website Design And Development Important For Your Businesa

Web design and web development are two different key factors to the success of a website. They sound similar but operate in two distinct ways to make the user experience on the website smooth and welcoming.

Content and Visuals

Web designers, as the name suggests, design the interface of the website. A good web designer makes each web page within the website look cohesive, clean, and clear-cut. It helps the user feel at ease when navigating the website. A good website design gives the impression that the business is professional and keeps the user experience in mind.

A good web design ties together different elements of the website and business into one cohesive look. Some businesses sell abstract services or products. Good web design lends a hand in telling a story of the product through typography, shapes, colours, and even through videos and photography.

However, it is important to note that these elements should work to complement each other, and not compete for the user’s attention. You do not want these elements to crowd the page and make it challenging for the user to comprehend the material.

Makes navigation easy

Web developers incorporate these designs into the mechanisms of the website. A good web developer makes the website easy to navigate. That is not the same as having an aesthetically pleasing website. Good navigation helps the user find what they are looking for in roughly two clicks.

Some tools that optimise navigation are as simple as having a search bar easily accessible, or even a hamburger menu for a quick overview of important pages. The goal is to help your user get the information they need in as little time as possible.

Ease of use results in ease of mind. Optimising the user experience within the website through functional web developments will help to garner organic traffic to your website increasing business and profits.

Consistency is maintained

Looking put together is one of the defining features of a successful website. When the individual pages of a website look broken up, unlinked, and not cohesive, it looks amateurish and ugly.

Design is an important factor in establishing a brand identity. It would help if the website could tie into the designs and typography of your physical store (if you have one), and build a connection for your customers. This is why good web design is key to a good website.

Get to win with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical component of website development. The top slot of search engine results is a highly coveted spot. Millions of other websites are competing for the same slot as yours, so what makes yours stand out?

Keeping SEO in mind for your web development and design is the key to getting placed higher in search results. By including title tags, keywords used often for your business or service, picture optimisation, alt texts, and linking among many others – you fill more criteria to be placed in the coveted top spot.

Having a call-to-action button is part of this criterion as well. It is usually what seals the transaction on your web page as it gives the user a goal.

Simple designs are another important factor for optimisation. Load times can significantly affect the user’s experience. Waiting too long for a page to load may drive users away. So it is important to deliver your message in the simplest way possible.

Increase in sales and Maintaining Lifetime Customers

E-commerce transactions have climbed twenty-one point three per cent in the last calendar year. This signifies one important thing – that online presence is vital for the survival and competition of businesses in the current marketplace.

It is proven that consumers like to make transactions over the internet. You can utilise this habit, by including promotional offers in your marketing for your online website, and other attractive deals for online shoppers. Word-of-mouth is an important tool, and by generating buzz about your business, you earn yourself invaluable marketing opportunities.

You can win your customer’s loyalty through loyalty programs run online and other rewards programs. The most important factor is to let your customer feel appreciated by your business and can have attractive things to be won by continually patronising your service. Loyal customers add on another layer of marketing through word-of-mouth, which is something that cannot be bought.

Customer Service and Feedback

Having a good impression on your website lets customers know that you care about their experience. Conversely, a website that is cluttered and outdated lets the user feel like there is no care put into the business.

How you would receive customers in a physical store is how you want to receive them on your online platform. A semblance of customer service and an awareness of their experience is key to making and keeping a good impression.

This would let your consumer base be more open to giving your business feedback on things that could be improved. This is invaluable since it can give you a peek into problems you may not even know existed.

Having a platform where your business information is readily available for the customer helps to extend your reach. While searching for goods and services on the internet, the business that capitalizes on ease of reach is the one that is more likely to get new customers.

Instead of the traditional direct mail or flyers, the new age of marketing and advertising lie in being available online.


In three simple points, we can distil the essence of how well-designed websites boost profits.

One, the low cost of building and maintaining a website and how much profit it can bring in by just existing speaks for itself.

Two, allowing advertisements on your website lets you bring in that ad-space dollar.

Finally, letting your customer make purchases online brings in another avenue for your revenue.

Knowing that you need a website in this era is half the battle won. Knowing how to best utilise the technologies is what will take you to win the game.

Always think of your website like how you would want your customer to be received in your physical store, and you should have a good idea of how you want to approach your website building. Besides, it will be necessary for you to know different programming languages in 2023 to rule the market.

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