Explore Genetec for Security Needs

Explore Genetec for Security Needs

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Business, Technology, Published On
December 15, 2022

Businesses and public entities need good, comprehensive security solutions to deal with the many security risks present in today’s society. No one wants costly data breaches or viruses or malware attacks that are costly and embarrassing. Everyone wants their buildings, lots, and computers safe and secure. All information must be safe. The very nature of security threats has changed and may keep changing. It is important to keep ahead of the many security threats.

What is a Unified System for Physical Security

A unified system for physical security is a suite or group of security products that are developed to act as one system that can be operated from one location or multiple connected locations. The separate parts of this security system can be turned on or off individually. This unified system for company security has the advantage of being a comprehensive system for each unique company’s security needs. One person can manage all of the separate components with a software system.

This system gives security departments of companies a single platform to manage instead of many separate ones. This offers a consistent and convenient experience involving all security tasks. Another advantage is that a unified solution to security software and components optimizes a company’s resources by sharing existing programs, equipment, and hardware including servers and also databases. It gives security personnel one place to find all security information.

Genetec is a company offering a security center platform to handle all of a company’s or public entity’s security needs with up-to-date security technologies designed to serve each individual client. Instead of having a bunch of individual and possibly outdated security programs running separately with too little integration, and difficult operating modes, everything is unified for convenience and for effectiveness.

What Are the Parts and Equipment for a Unified system of security?

A complete security package can have many parts with different tasks. Some tasks and products can include:

  • A core security system with video surveillance and building access control
  • CCTV and other video management systems with cameras that stream a high-resolution video
  • Cybersecurity equipment
  • New door access control technologies and a group of third-party control access devices. Keeping secured areas under surveillance and their access controlled.
  • Street and parking lot license plate viewing and recognition systems can alert security to unwanted vehicles or unpermitted cars entering secure outdoor spaces.
  • Cloud-based systems for video management and security use cameras that supply video to the cloud to help security keep a close eye on building sites and indoor areas.
  • Security personnel with training to keep a company safe and secure at all levels
  • Training for all security personnel at every level by the supplier of the security system

A unified security system covering all the security needs of a company or public entity including physical surveillance, controlled building entry, and online security is important in today’s business and public landscape.

What is Physical Security?

Physical security refers to the protection of buildings and the area around them and the equipment and goods within them. It has also come to mean the information and software contained within the electronic equipment. the dangers can involve vandalism, theft, natural disasters, manmade disasters, and accidental damage.

This protection includes sturdy building construction, emergency preparedness, power supplies that are reliable, climate control, and protection from intruders. Physical security is fundamental to all security. Once it is achieved, other forms of security can be added and should be. They include information, software, user access security, and network security.

Unified Systems for Physical Security Can Help Retailers

Businesses are not only operating in brick-and-mortar building locations but are using physical locations combined with e-commerce giving customers multiple ways to shop and purchase goods. But these innovations bring on new security risks for retailers of all kinds. At the same time, digitization has made possible the development of new video surveillance equipment, improved video management systems, license plate identifiers, sensors, identity management programs, and more.

These new security technologies can improve security, reduce theft, and improve the total buyer experience. Customers want to know their personal information is safe and they want to shop in a safe environment. Retailers must be able to consolidate the security and other data into one unified easy-to-operate security system covering all aspects of their business.

This unification of security systems has multiple benefits

They can achieve frictionless shopping for customers including self-checkout, curbside pickup, and theft reduction. Better views of the whole retail establishment help security officers to work more effectively and efficiently.

The logistics of e-commerce bring worldwide businesses billions of dollars each year if it is done correctly. Shoppers can now order goods from retailers around the world. Retailers can draw customers from around the world increasing business. This worldwide e-commerce makes warehouses and shipping departments very important. These distribution centers have multiple employees who come and go with frequency demanding better security. Supply chains must be better managed to avoid theft and product loss or mismanagement.

One name in the global industry for theft is “shrink”. There are shoplifters and there is organized retail crime to contend with. Modern electronic and software security equipment can help control the “shrink” and improve profits.

Cybersecurity gains more and more importance as threats including fraud, malware, account takeovers, ransomware, data breaches, and compromised business e-mails escalate. Security systems are able to fight these problems. A company’s entire IT infrastructure can be at risk and must be protected.

Video surveillance cameras have improved in quality and have become digitized. This data needs to be properly stored, analyzed, and used to improve retail store functions. Surveillance cameras can actually help retailers improve the customer’s shopping experience as well as reduce theft.

New cloud-based security systems can improve all aspects of store operation, supply chain improvement, theft reduction, and security. It is time to modernize and unify all of a business’s security equipment and systems for a better outcome.

Too many businesses and public entities are operating with outdated and separated security systems that do not do the job they should. Improved security should be a top priority for every building, business, and public entity before disaster strikes. It is too late once a hospital’s or other entity’s online operating system is taken over by malware or ransomware operators demanding huge ransoms to put the essential system back online.

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