Tips and Tricks for Branding: It’s not as hard as it looks

Tips and Tricks for Branding: It’s not as hard as it looks

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Marketing, Updated On
December 14th, 2021

Having a strong, committed, and decided business idea is a pivotal step in becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, it does not just end there. Branding often determines the difference between a normal business and the best business. Branding can be considered as the fingerprint of your business, its very own identity that sets it apart from everyone else. It is very important to brand your business right because it can make or break it in a matter of time. In order to brand well, all you must remember is the 3B’s of branding which is widely used by Ruya – Branding & Digital Agency:

  • Brand: It is how the customers and the world see your business.
  • Branding: It is the act of creating your own brand and then making it popular and relevant to current trends so it’s always the topic of discussion.
  • Brand identity: It is the personality that you give your brand, through marketing, through visual and audio aspects, advertisement, and the mission To make your branding the best possible one for your business, you need to make all three B’s fit perfectly together as if they were three pieces of a single whole. This is because they are interdependent and share a link relationship, a weakness in one part would affect the whole brand altogether. It is also important to take notice that the brand identity of the business as time passes will adopt a brand history, which encompasses all the branding is done over the years and the mission of the brand, it is important that the brand stays consistent to its idea and image. All this is to avoid any contradiction which can end up weakening the brand image, something that is easily done in this age of social media.

Developing a Brand Strategy: The Behind the Scenes of Branding

As much as branding may seem like an iterative process that comes from inspiration, personal feelings and experiences, and the heart behind the business, it is equally as calculative in nature with a proper strategy to implement. Starting a business and creating a brand is no doubt an emotional process but it requires a certain degree of logical level-headed in decisions. This is exactly why it is imperative for entrepreneurs to focus on the Brand Strategy.

Brand Strategy is like the instruction manual for the brand. It is a basic premise which serves as the foundation upon which one creates their brand. Every step of the branding process, from brand identity, to the advertisement, designing logos, etc takes inspiration from the brand strategy.

The Best Ways To Successful Branding –

Establish a point of difference:

Make your brand stand out from other brands similar to it. For this, you need to understand what it is that sets your brand apart and make sure that others pick up on the idea as well. A point of difference is pivotal in a competitive market in the modern-day and age.

Give your brand a mission:

Your brand has to have a purpose, something that it can be associated with. It is giving a reason behind making your brand, answering the question ‘why does this brand exist?’ Help others realize what it is that you are striving to.

Put forward your values:

The corporate values of your brand and the things you, as a business, believe in must reflect in your branding. It helps the customers connect more to your brand than others. This can be done through attentive advertisements and the use of social media as well.

Focus on the ideal customer:

Branding should be done keeping the ideal customer in mind. This can only be done when a business is very familiar with who they’re selling to and knows exactly what audience they are targeting. The influence of targeted branding equals a better reach, more brand recall, and popularity.

It is often thought that once the technical part of branding is out of the way, it’s a walk in the park from there. However, this is far from the case. The minute details of branding are what make a difference in the competitive market. This is because branding focuses on creating an experience with the customers of the business, and creating experience has a lot more to do with human psychology than business.

Top Things that can be focused upon for Successful Branding are as follows:

Create a Brand Voice:

A brand voice is a characteristic tone that a brand goes by when communicating with its customers, and it is often portrayed in its style of advertisement and branding. A brand voice is a way your brand speaks to the customers, whether it aims to an entire, assure, protect, include, or attract the audience that is up to how you structure it.

Make the Font Talk Too:

Typography is a very important part of branding which is often ignored as people do not think that the way things are written would have much influence on their sales. However, with a plethora of fonts, and with the right play of words- you can give your brand the extra quirk in its personality. Your typography sends a message to your audience about who you are as a brand and what they can expect from working with you.

Color the World You:

The colors you chose to represent your brand have to mean something to you and have an idea behind them, only then will your brand design go from being just another design to something meaningful. Colors can also attract people and make your products look more appealing to buy, and Instagram-worthy as well.

Look like a necessity:

Going the extra mile with branding always pays off, especially if you put attention towards how your product looks. Attractive and efficient design with a purpose makes a buyer see your product and think ‘I must have it’. The entire idea behind your brand is to make it look like the best option instead of just another option.

After getting all the tips and resources to create a brand, there are some things that should be kept in mind. Make sure that the elements of your brand are in sync and go well together. This means your typography, the voice of your brand, the color tone, and the logo. It is also advised to create an accurate brand strategy which will help tremendously. When branding is done right, there is little that can stop the business from success hence to all young entrepreneurs out there, focus on your brand, and let success come to you quickly.

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