Four Things to Consider when Choosing SAP Security Service Provider

Four Things to Consider when Choosing SAP Security Service Provider

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
October 27, 2023
Last modified on November 1st, 2023

Hiring an SAP security service provider can be a costly and time-consuming effort. However, when you do not have access to security expertise, your business could face significant losses if any problems arise and the company is unprepared. SAP security experts provide a valuable service. Below is our guide outlining things to consider when choosing a SAP security service provider.

Choosing an SAP Security Service Provider

SAP Security Service Provider

 Mutually Beneficial Support Agreement

The most significant benefit of requesting SAP security services from a third-party provider is that your business can enter a mutually beneficial agreement between parties.

While larger businesses may have the budget to hire one or two dedicated security personnel, that may not be an option for all companies. Rather than ignoring security and support, which could be detrimental to your business, you can request services from another company for an hourly, monthly or annual fee.

The agreement you enter into with the SAP security service provider depends on the level of service your business requires. Because each company is unique, SAP security and risk requirements and the level of support differ.

Consider Their Experience with Similar Businesses

Be sure to ask the relevant providers you are interviewing about their experience with similar businesses. Have they worked with similarly sized businesses, in which industry sectors do they provide services for and what level of support do they offer? This will provide insights into their understanding of industry trends and industry norms that your business operates in.

SAP Security Service Provider

Check For Awards and Certifications

It is important to vet the top outsourced SAP security service providers.

Be sure to ask firms about their credentials, as they may not have everything displayed on their website. Not only credentials are important but also ensure the service provider is compliant with information security regulations. SAP security service providers demonstrating a working relationship with larger well-known businesses are also more likely to be reliable and trustworthy.

 Understand Their Process for Handling Support Requests

SAP Security Service Provider

When you hire an SAP security service provider, you have the reassurance that support is on call.

Perhaps a program stops working, you experience glitches, or a severe cybersecurity threat emerges. Some issues may seem mundane initially, but even the smallest SAP issue can create havoc for your business. When you have a specialist on call, you will receive assistance within minutes — but only if the company has a specific process for handling support requests. Speak with all companies about how they handle SAP support issues i.e. do they have a written, step-by-step process for their support agents to follow?


Running a business in 2023 means having to integrate technology into your operations, or you will fall behind the competition. Without proper support in place, your business will be left exposed and vulnerable to external and internal threats. Hiring the best SAP security service provider will help mitigate risk for your business.

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