How To Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees?

How To Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees?

Written by Moli Mishra, In Business, Published On
January 2, 2022

They say that it’s better to have a great team rather than a team of greats. But do you want to know what’s even better? A great and productive team, that’s what. They get more job done in less time covered, and they still have time left for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, you want to build that efficiency and productivity by sorting out things, but how do you exactly increase the productivity of your team? There is no surefire way to do this, but here are at least some tips to Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees:

Be one hell of a leader, not a boss

Do you want to know what’s the difference between a boss and a leader? A boss commands, a leader initiates, a boss takes credit, and a leader gives credit. And you know what? Everyone despises bosses but loves a good leader! Always be on top of your team, remember that they are your workmates not competitors, you cover each other’s shortcomings and making mistakes is perfectly fine. Don’t terrorize them into doing something more than they can or should.

A good leader always asks, “can we get this done by Thursday?” and a boss says, “I need this by Thursday” see the difference? The former has no threat while the latter carries stress towards their workmates and thus decreasing productivity.

Being part a leader also means giving regular and timely feedback in order for your employees to know where they went wrong, and what they could have done better. No one is an expert from the get-go and the only way to learn is by making mistakes. Give a proper reward system as well to keep your employees looking forward to something as a means of extrinsic motivation.

Communication is “still” key

Talking to your workmates and giving clear and specific instructions of what should be done, and what are the necessary steps in order to achieve the target for this month needs direct, specific, efficient, and effective communication which is why meetings are held every so often. Treat your workmates as humans and talk to them properly but not casually. Authority is also important but they should see you more of a senior rather than a boss so they would listen to your advice and won’t feel threatened to ask you questions.

If a team knows what to do, then productivity naturally follows. Let’s say you have this already down, and still want to practice proper communication skills among your workmates? Try out escape the room chicago il as they are perfect places and activities not only to work on your communication skills as a team, but to increase your overall efficiency as a group.

Align workload with proper equipment

Anyone wouldn’t do more than what they are required or paid to do. Not only that but don’t ask for the impossible too. Let’s say you want your employees to pass a well-detailed report on this month’s sales, but they don’t have the means to do it. Always remember that even if an employee has the right skills in doing this task, but they’re not getting the proper equipment in doing so, then it’s bound to decrease not only the overall productivity but also the quality of the work. Which is why aligning workload with pay, and the proper tools towards an employee increases their productivity. 

Knowledge is also part of equipment. We could be talking about tangible things but if an employee doesn’t know what to do then it doesn’t matter if they’re the most productive person in the field, they still wouldn’t get the job done. Provide multiple learning opportunities with the correct platforms, and equipment, in no time, you’ll be seeing skyrocket results in productivity.

These are only tips in the working environment. Each and every company, along with individuals are built unique, so try to experiment and make a checklist of what works best, and well with the group. There are also multiple ways and activities that could be possible such as Fox in a Box Seattle game escape room, an escape room that caters corporate events will also help you increase that productivity pill that you’re looking for.

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