How Does Staff Augmentation Work? A Team Extension Model

How Does Staff Augmentation Work? A Team Extension Model

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
March 24, 2023

Businesses are moving away from fixed schedules and permanent staff and toward more flexible, agile operations today. The major obstacle in the transition to flexible workflows is finding the appropriate workforce numbers and capabilities to handle the changing demands of projects. Although it could be desirable to hire every prospective essential skill permanently, doing so would be very costly and ineffective. The staff augmentation approach is used in this situation.

What Exactly is Staff Augmentation?

Simply explained, staff augmentation is the temporary deployment of outside experts to increase an organization’s capabilities. Employees are employed as part of an outsourcing strategy to cover gaps in projects that are in line with the company’s present goals. These staff may be employed for either a short-term or long-term collaboration with a customer depending on the talents required.

Due to the peculiarities of the IT sector and the skills gap, services like these are becoming more popular. Staff augmentation firms like WeSoftYou may provide you with programmers, QA engineers, designers, marketing specialists, and system administrators in the IT industry.

Advantages of Increasing Staff

Staff Augmentation Work

Workforce Openness

Via sophisticated communication technologies and project management techniques, you are kept up to date on every aspect of the process.

Total Command Over The Project’s Development

While maintaining total control over the development process, you are employing a group of specialists.

Progress Awareness

Agile and scrum concepts are often used by development teams, so you will always be aware of how things are going.


Client satisfaction is the first concern in outsourcing

Superior Tools And Competencies

You have access to a global talent pool.

Employees Of The Knowledgeable Group

You may choose the workers you will collaborate with by getting in touch with an outsourcing organization.

Total Adaptability

You can have as many developers as you need at any one moment with staff augmentation.

Neither Setup Nor Upkeep Fees

There are no unstated expenses for things like office leases or equipment.

When Is Staff Augmentation Necessary?

Why would you need to expand the team with experts who will serve as the steering wheel for another component when you already have an internal team working on the project?

Your company may be working on an IT project that calls for the addition of fresh engineers to the team. You may also need to recruit people from other countries if the skill set you want is of a different quality. You can try to refer here:

With staff augmentation, you may either recruit IT specialists permanently or temporarily to fill the critical roles in your team. Businesses may choose people that meet their needs, and they can expand or reduce the augmented staff as needed. Several businesses provide staff augmentation. These suppliers assist you in expanding your internal team with qualified technical personnel.

How Can Team Augmentation Be Successful?

  • Choose a supplier that will provide your remote devs private team rooms with all the required amenities.
  • Ensure that remote developers get the same benefits as members of your local team.
  • Find out from the vendor whether they have experts on staff who can facilitate better teamwork.

Important Information Concerning Team Augmentation

Let’s examine some of the key components of the staff augmentation model.

Protection of Intellectual Property and NDA

To protect your intellectual property rights, the staff outsourcing company must sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. Also, keep in mind that as your remote workers transition to full-time developers, they will have access to the secret data. You must thus make sure they don’t abuse it.

The Remote Developers’ Legal Employer Is The Outsourcing Firm

No of how long the remote developers continue to work for you, the outsourcing business will always be considered those developers’ legal employer. Because of this, you must specify in the contract the areas of accountability for each party and make sure that everyone agrees on important issues like the amount of paid holidays and sick days.

A Clear Monthly Cost

You should pay the outsourcing firm you choose a set monthly cost for each of its developers. Both the developer’s real pay and the service provider’s commission should be included in the charge.


Staff augmentation is a great way for your company to streamline its operations, save money on taxes and labor, and address the difficulty of luring skilled experts. It is particularly important when businesses are compelled to cut workers to save expenses.

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