How Do Professional Plumbers Detect Water Leaks? 

How Do Professional Plumbers Detect Water Leaks? 

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November 29, 2022
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People may face numerous plumbing problems and each of these has unique ways of fixing them. While some issues may be easy to deal with using some DIY hacks, some other plumbing issues may require professional assistance like blocked drain plumbers in Sydney specializing in opening blocked drains. Therefore, you may need to contact a plumber in Melbourne to fix more damaging plumbing issues.

Plumbers have the experience to detect plumbing issues that may be out of sight and difficult to detect. But have you ever wondered how professional plumbers detect the core cause of plumbing issues and what are the means they use to fix them? 

The following are some of the expert techniques plumbers use to detect water leaks and work towards fixing them:

Top 5 Expert Techniques to Detect Water Leaks

How Do Professional Plumbers Detect Water Leaks? 

  • Identifying the Leak Source

A plumber will simply take a walk around your premises and try to detect/identify the source of the water leak. They do this without using any special tools and check for any signs of a possible leak. They inspect any suspicious fixtures, check under the sinks for any leak at your home, and check irrigation or pool systems. They also check the water meter to get an idea of the water usage.

  • Video Inspection Tools

Many commercial plumbers use video inspection tools and techniques to identify any potential damages inside pipes and faucets that may be difficult to detect. Video inspection technique is the most precise way to faulty pipes and inspects the exact root cause of the problem. In this process, the plumbers use small cameras that they mount on long flexible fibre optic cables and insert the same into faucets and other plumbing outlets for detecting leaks.

These small cameras relay the images back to a monitor screen where the conditions of the interior of the pipes are visible clearly for identification of the problem. The plumbers then locate the cause of the leaks and plan ways to fix the issue. The small camera also helps plumbers get any additional information to repair the leak.

  • Ground Mics/Listening Discs

Ground Microphones and listening discs are some of the tools professional plumbers use to detect and inspect the exact cause of water leaks at your premises. A listening disc is an equipment that helps plumbers identify water leaks through cabinets, drywall and other furnishings. These pieces of equipment can be placed against the wall to detect sounds of water leaks.

They use sound technology to amplify the sounds of leaking water that plumbers can catch through their headphones. A skilled plumber can identify the location of a water leak by following the sound of running water underground as it travels through pipes and get more information on the leak and how to fix it.

  • Soil Probe Technique

The soil probe technique also uses the sound technique to hear standard pressure or pressure leaks through the ground or rocks. These tools can be used to detect water leaks in sewer lines and waste mains. They are problematic if not detected on time. Such sewer leaks run under lawns and yards and can be difficult to detect. Therefore, the soil probe technique allows plumbers to identify the leaks by taking the equipment closer to the leak, as the sound gets louder, and fixing the problem after identifying the underlying cause. Moreover, an experienced and skilled plumber will best be able to differentiate various sounds they hear and identify various leak types, the depth of the leak and the best ways to get access to it and repair the same.

  • Using Thermal Imaging Cameras

Another method of identifying water leaks is thermal imaging cameras or heat scanners’, which help find hidden leaks in hot water pipes under concrete, floorboards or behind walls. Various thermography cameras help detect plumbing causes in areas that are difficult to see with the naked eye. The term thermography is used to describe infrared imaging of measurement cameras that help detect thermal energy emitted from an object.

Importance of Water Leak Detectors

Many professional plumbers use water leak detector tools to identify water leaks and fix plumbing issues immediately. The reason why such water leak detector tools are so important is if unchecked, the undetectable leaks can cause severe property damage and may cost you dearly. The following are some of the reasons why plumbers use water leak detectors to check pipe leaks:

Helps Reduce Water Bills

Undetected water leakage could cost you hundreds of dollars every year. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that the bill you pay for the water is not unrealistic and that water wastage is contained and minimised to the best. You can hire a professional to inspect your property for water leakage. Such professional plumbers use water detector tools that detect water easily and help you save lots of money in the long run, ensuring minimum wastage of water.

Ensures Water Safety

Using water leak detectors also ensures the safety of your home and the members of the family. If you own a commercial establishment, water leaks could also cause havoc (if left unchecked)  and affect your employees or people on the premises. It is crucial to ensure the water supply to your premises is safe for use and that the supply pipes are not leaking. If not, you could be putting people at risk for their health, as leaking water could accumulate and be a breeding ground for contaminants leading to a health crisis among people living nearby. Therefore, you can contact a plumber who can use various water-detecting techniques to identify undetectable water leaks and work towards fixing them.

Prevents Severe Damage

If you contact a Melbourne plumber to identify and fix your water leaking issue, you are preventing yourself, your family and others from severe damage, like burst pipes, cracks in walls, etc., that could cause havoc. Such damages are tough to fix, take time and cost dearly. Therefore, investing in a professional plumber to detect water leaks using various water leak detector tools is a better option than spending hundreds of dollars on fixing more damaged faucets or pipes.


If you are a homeowner or own a commercial establishment, you may need the assistance of 24/7 emergency plumbing services to fix plumbing-related issues at your premises. Wondering why? Well, a plumbing crisis may not always come with a sign and may be sudden and difficult to manage. However, if you face any such plumbing-related issues, contact an emergency plumber immediately to avoid any severe damage to the property for people!

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