Great Benefits Of Doing Business Setup In Dubai

Great Benefits Of Doing Business Setup In Dubai

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
September 14, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

Today, the United Arab Emirates holds seven independent and relatively independent subjects. Each Emirate has its own essentials and offers exceptional financially viable features for business. The country is situated on the junction of business routes from West to East and into Asia. Having an advantageous site, the UAE has turned out to be the major international business hubs such as commerce, banking, manufacturing, modern logistics, and more.

The major advantages of doing business in the UAE

There is a huge number of free trade zones in the country of the United Arab Emirates, which are developed in order to draw business – foreign investors and entrepreneurs. These free trade zones became one of the leading aspects of the growth of international business in the UAE and a great reason for the moving of the different big and medium-sized international firms into the country.

Company registration in such free trade zone offers foreign businessmen the likelihood of full possession and company management. There are important tax and major benefits, and there are no limits on the amount and nature of the movements of the investment resources and their repatriation for companies domiciled in the country of the free trade zones.

The powers of the United Arab Emirates also offer the opportunity for the Business Setup In Dubai, which can consist of business only outside the UAE, but, simultaneously can obtain fixed property in possession within the country, take part in investment projects, and offer as owners of other agencies in UAE and overseas.

There are no limitations at the law-making level on the currency exchange, revenue, and its withdrawal in the shape of extra and capital transmission. The authorities intend to optimize all the procedures and to abridge the opportunities for holding on business to the greatest expansion, which results in the stable work at the entire levels and the improvement of the country law-making system and regulations.

Business Benefits Secured On The Legislative Level:

  • Zero corporate taxes on the earned profits for legal entities;
  • Zero income taxation for business owners and companies’ employees;
  • Convenient financial reporting system – no need to perform an annual audit or simplified reporting.
  • Security of the interests of the foreign business owners.


Furthermore, the whole way of life of the UAE explores immense prospects and opportunities for further formation and development of the successful business by Business Setup Service In Dubai to promote your own business on the completely new international level.

Start your profitable Business Setup In Rak Free Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has been the major alternative for close to 14,000 businesses all over the world. There are almost 1000 companies from the UK, 3000 from India, and the rest from more than 100 countries, that have set-up their offices in RAKEZ.

Here are the 5 primary reasons why investors opt for a Business Setup In Rak Free Zone over others:

Growing Popularity:

With an incredible development route, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone has been buzzing news in business spheres. What else might be a better pointer for business than one that is always in the news? RAKEZ has sacked lots of high-status awards and gratitude that makes it most popular with international entrepreneurs. Some awards include:

fDi’s Global Free Zones of the Year Award 2018 for slashing Red Tape,

The UAE Prime Minister’s 4-star rating for delivering seamless service,

The Legal 500’s GC Powerlist inclusion

Finally, when it comes to business, the recognition of the destination makes it a preferred location.

Seaport-Airport Facility:

A port is a basic requirement for any industry to flourish, be it manufacturing or circulation. Having a harbor situated closer to your business allows easy and fast delivery of goods. Running in RAKEZ means you get access to Saqr Port, the major bulk-cargo-managing port in the Middle East.

Another advantage RAKEZ also offers easy air access to the worldwide markets. With the RAK International Airport, target markets such as the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, and Asia remain closer to reach.

Tailored Warehouse At Your Disposal:

RAKEZ’s vibrant warehousing solutions start off from 150 sqm. These solutions are offered to all types of license holders on rent and are personalized to fit all business requirements. These solutions are provided to all types of license holders on rent and are customizable to fit business requirements. RAKEZ warehouses have heat-insulated doors and roofs, sufficient part for loading and unloading of goods, onsite-labor accommodation, office service inside, etc.

Cost-Effective Financing Availability:

Many businesses choose RAKEZ on account of its economical process. Furthermore, to be UAE’s most efficiently feasible free zone according to 2017’s fDi’s Global Free Zones of the Year Award, RAKEZ offers up to 40% of investment to businesses looking to start-up in the area. To ease this, RAKEZ has also signed an MOU with RAK BANK, in which they undertake easy accessibility of financial services for businesses within their places.

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