Digital Era – Influences on Custom Lip Gloss Packaging Aesthetics

Digital Era – Influences on Custom Lip Gloss Packaging Aesthetics

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Updated On
December 14th, 2021

In this era, when technology is at its boom, it is essential to analyze the processes through which you bring your lip gloss boxes to the market. Considering the boom in the e-commerce sector, you must reconsider your existing custom lip gloss packaging designs. A few high-end brands believe that one of the best ways of catapulting your sales is recreating lip gloss packaging wholesale. However, to drive your sales up, it is essential to study your target market’s preferences and redesign your packaging according to your product line. By doing so, you will successfully establish a bond between the brand and the consumer.

Implications of the Digital Era on Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes

The Internet has dynamically influenced every industry, process, and business in the last couple of decades. The Digital Era has significantly affected the product packaging. The advent of e-commerce has dramatically shaken the retail world and shopping trends. In some ways, it has revolutionized the packaging trends as well. Keeping up with the dynamically changing consumers’ trends is quite challenging. However, small package variations can always keep things interesting for consumers. While redesigning or designing your packaging, you must consider the following elements.

Colors Matter

Colors have a huge impact, not only on the custom lip gloss packaging but also on consumers’ intent to purchase. E-commerce has not swayed that. According to recent research done by one of the finest US packaging companies, Packaging Republic, colors are the most appealing element of any packaging. This includes online and in-store shopping. If you think that you need to re-create your product’s packaging, then the good news is that there is absolutely no need to re-invent the whole idea. Instead, a little tweaking of the colors can do the job. If you do not focus on the colors, you may be potentially missing some serious revenue.

If you have not taken out time to align the packaging colors with customers’ preferences, then you can gain a potential consumer base by doing it.

Role of Supply Chain

E-commerce triggers various challenges in the supply chain, such as package durability during the several transit stages. More hands on your products mean you need promising packaging durability.

Imagery and Texture

The second most influential factor in the product’s packaging is imagery. In light of consumers’ preferences, imagery is what catches their eye. With new technologies in off-set printing, various packaging companies can create outstanding and mesmerizing graphics on lip gloss boxes. Fulfilling short-run orders for lip gloss packaging boxes in different flavors along with a tinge of personalization is not a challenge anymore. The demographics reveal that women are attracted to gloss finishing. Consider adding that to your lip gloss packaging wholesale.

Capitalize on the Consumer Experience

According to a packaging article published in The Atlantic, the packaging is not as much of a necessity. However, it is an opportunity to create a brand experience and emotional response with your target market. A brand’s packaging does not need to be considered the primary tool to get a message about its product. Instead, it should be utilized to enhance the at-home experience with your product as a whole.

Consider ways to speak to the target market that you have not considered with your on-the-shelf package design. It can be as simple, personal message to your consumer that makes them take a second look and smile. Creativity is the key to maximize packaging potential for the online-shopping world.

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