10 Tech Smart Ways to Onboard New Employees

10 Tech Smart Ways to Onboard New Employees

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Business, Updated On
May 11th, 2024

In this modern age, technology can be the answer to smoothen various processes in any workplace, including onboarding new employees. If your company is starting to build a new employee onboarding process, you’ll want to use technology to make your process the best it can be. This article will teach you how to do precisely that!

10 Tech Smart Ways to Onboard New Employees

Onboard New Employees

  • New Online Hire Community

If your company has recently hired new employees, creating an online community where you can share workplace resources, tools, and recommendations and provide a platform where new employees can confidently ask questions can be a smart way to implement technology into the onboarding process.

  • Create Software and Tools Accounts

Many companies rely on special software and tools. When introducing a new employee into the workplace, you’ll want to integrate the employee into the workplace tech processes as soon as possible. Creating all software and tools accounts quickly ensures the employee is caught up in that aspect.

  • Go Digital

When it comes to documents, signatures, and IDs, the era of the paperwork may be over. Many companies are now completing this documentation process digitally, which helps the onboarding process and can also save the employer time.

  • Virtual Reality Technologies

Many companies have gone remote in the last few years, and as such, virtual reality technologies have been implemented with satisfying results. Virtual reality technologies have been shown to provide higher employee engagement and retention, allowing new employees to participate in an immersive environment where mistakes can be corrected without financial losses.

  • Online Training Platforms

Much like the previously mentioned virtual reality technologies, online training platforms can allow new employees to face typical work situations and learn how to deal with them, all online. This means higher information retention and a more engaged employee.

  • Workflow Platforms

Another technology that has risen in the last few years is workflow platforms. A workflow platform allows new employees to see each step of a task, to-do lists, deadlines, and more. Workflow platforms can enable employees to boost their productivity no matter where they are.

  • Management Tools for Information Access

Onboard New Employees

A management tool can be critical to essential information such as employee benefits, payroll info, etc. This app or platform can be accessed by seasoned and new employees, allowing data to be stored in one convenient and accessible place.

  • Interactive Videos

Explaining all work processes to new employees may seem simple, but in the long run, it can be the least effective for retention and learning. Interactive videos can be something new employees reference again and again, and they can also allow them to be more engaged and attentive to the information being shared.

  • Get Feedback

How can you better the onboarding process? Ask new employees! Through online surveys and other tools, ask new employees for feedback after they’ve become more integrated into the workspace. This will give them time to formulate insightful answers, and you will know what to do better the next time.

  • Address Common Questions Digitally

Are there specific questions that always come up during the onboarding process? Consider using a digital platform to create an FAQ section for new employees. This information can also be collected in a management tool so they can always refer to it when needed.

Technology allows us to create a more productive and efficient workplace, even when welcoming new employees. The tips above should help your company integrate new employees while using technology to make the process much easier!

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