What should you do before selling your used car?

What should you do before selling your used car?

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April 6th, 2024

The market for buying/selling cars is rising from its ashes as if by magic. The economic situation is improving slowly, and many will be encouraged to replace their vehicle with a newer, more ecological one. If you are thinking precisely this, you must bear in mind that the car’s interior and exterior appearance directly influence the appraisal price it offers you.

What are the top things to do before selling your used car?

Improve the exterior appearance.

As in a job interview, the first image counts a lot. Therefore, it is of great importance that you improve the exterior appearance of your vehicle to the maximum. First of all, you need to pay a visit to the laundry. The best option is a pressure wash or directly to the car wash. Remember that the bass part is not clean in both cases, so you must review it by hand. How to do it? Very easy:

Let’s start with the tires.¬† Being the ones that are most in contact with the ground (along with the wheels, obviously), they are the ones that retain the most dirt. It is convenient to pay special attention to every one of the nooks so that everything is equally clean. There are unique products to clean them, although sponges and soap are also good allies if you prefer. If you are thinking of changing the wheels to give more value to your vehicle, take advantage of it and clean the area once removed.

The condition of the headlights is another of the most essential points to discuss. As you may have seen, over the years, the appearance of the rings has deteriorated mainly due to the sun and the passage of time. But don’t worry; some products make them look new in the blink of an eye. It is best to apply polish wax and rub until the desired result is achieved. If at that moment you discover that any of the lampshades are broken, go to a workshop, and you will find them at a reasonable price.

The state of the license plates (both front and rear) is also essential. Check that none of the characters are damaged and in perfect condition. Please pay attention to their cleanliness and condition.

Lastly, focus your attention on the logo. If it has been stolen or similar, take it to a scrapyard and later to a workshop to restore it.

The interior matters, too

As in life itself, the exterior is not everything. Therefore, if you want to impress the interior, it must also be like the jets of gold. You have to remove any evidence that shows that you have been there. This means that goodbye to all the publicity you have in the Cash For Cars in Melbourne, your CDs from the year of the cough, the rear-view mirror pendants … This way, your car will look like it just left the dealership, and the buyer will feel like he was the first owner.

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When you’ve gotten rid of all those details, start the deep cleaning. Grab the vacuum cleaner and start going over the rear seats (don’t miss any holes). Continue with the front seats and check that all the mats are new. The crumbs from the sandwich you ate the other day cannot be evidence of the crime at the time of purchase. Also, don’t forget to shake the seats with gentle strokes. In this way, the dust will go away.

Finally, armed with dust and spray cloth, it’s time to clean the dashboard, the plastics that cover it, and all the doors’ levers and handles. We recommend using a particular product, since the famous “soap and water” leaves a somewhat improved finish, although decent. Last but not least, clean the trunk. It is the most complicated area since, on many occasions, it becomes the perfect storage room, but the future owner mustn’t find surprises when you show it to him.

Look for proof that your car is perfect.

Now that you have left your vehicle clean as a whistle, it is time to prove it with papers. Although the appearance will influence (and significantly) the opinion of the buyer, it is necessary to have the documents that guarantee the car’s good condition. Therefore, it is time to get to work and collect all the papers verifying the vehicle’s good condition. Make sure to chronologically compile all invoices and receipts showing that you have done the relevant reviews. Do not forget about oil changes, wheels, and brake pads. It also doesn’t hurt to check that you have all the documents to transfer the car in order. Which are?:

  • The document certifies that the ITV has been passed correctly.
  • The driving license
  • The receipt of the last road tax.

Don’t settle; look for more evidence.

The documents mentioned above are essential, but so are having external opinions. Its usefulness is similar to recommendation letters at work, so pay attention.

First, some products are in perfect condition for the vehicle used. This is a Sealed Warranty, which covers significant breakdowns for one year. As you can imagine, this seal makes it easier to buy and sell vehicles since:

  • It certifies that it has passed an exhaustive review in a workshop.
  • It has a Mechanical Warranty coverage.

This warranty will cover any breakdown related to the gearbox, engine block, cylinder head, injection pump, or main electronic module for one year.

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