Riding a fixed-gear bike in 2023? Benefits & Tips

Riding a fixed-gear bike in 2023? Benefits & Tips

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Automotive, Published On
April 20, 2023

Do you want to revolutionize your morning commute? Do you love the feeling of wind in your hair and the sound of the pedals beneath your feet? If so, riding a fixed-gear bike might be the perfect activity for you! Not only is it a great way to get around town, but it can also provide many benefits and help you become a more skillful cyclist.

From improving your balance and coordination to giving you a full body workout, this article will cover the advantages of fixed-gear biking and provide some helpful tips. So, prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure that will keep you in great shape, and have a blast!

What’s a fixed-gear bike?

Riding a fixed-gear bike

A fixed-gear bicycle, also commonly known as a fixie, is a bicycle that has only one fixed-gear ratio and does not allow for coasting. This simple yet effective design has no derailleur, multiple sprockets, or freewheel, allowing the rider to move forward by pedaling continuously. Fixed-gear bikes have been popular for decades and have recently gained traction in modern times as an affordable and stylish form of transportation.

Why ride a fixed-gear bike in the times of e-bike proliferation?

Riding a fixed-gear bike is an unparalleled experience nothing else can replicate. A fixed-gear bike gives you an intimate connection with the road. You become one with your bike as you pedal, free of the artificial assistance of an electric motor. You’ll get a workout like no other as you feel the burn in your legs, arms, and entire body.

You’ll also enjoy the unique aesthetic of a fixie, with its classic silhouette and stripped-down simplicity, making you want to record appealing vlogs about your city rides. Suppose you decide to deep-dive into such an exciting hobby. In that case, here is an online video editor to design captivating videos while letting you spend more time casually cruising down the streets and enjoying the rides.

And finally, with no electric motor to worry about, maintenance costs for a fixed-gear bike are next to nothing.

Physical Benefits

Riding a fixed-gear bike

Strength and Endurance Building

Fixies offer an intense workout due to their unique design. Since they do not have gears, the rider must continuously pedal to move forward. This exercise strengthens and develops endurance in the muscles used to propel the bike and the core muscles engaged to keep the rider balanced. Not only does this give an upper body workout, but it also increases leg strength.

Improved Mobility

Because fixed-gear bikes require you to constantly pedal, riding in this manner can help improve stability while cycling, balance while stopping and starting, coordination with controlling the brakes, and overall agility. These benefits are particularly crucial for commuters who often navigate busy city streets with obstacles such as cars, potholes, and pedestrians.

Cardio Benefits

Fixed-gear biking is an excellent cardio exercise due to its intense nature. Continuous pedaling improves heart health by increasing oxygen uptake and heart rate while strengthening the entire cardiovascular system and lowering blood pressure.

Enhanced Concentration

Continuous and rhythmic pedaling can help clear and focus the mind. Focusing on the movement of the cycle, the surrounding environment, and traffic while keeping an eye out for potential dangers can sharpen mental agility and help improve clarity and concentration in other aspects, such as work and school.

Financial Benefits

Excluding fancy bikes, fixies are generally cheaper than other types of bicycles because they have fewer parts and fewer features. It makes them more affordable to purchase and maintain, saving you money in the long run.

Tips for riding a fixie

  • Know your gear ratio and use it to your advantage –

A fixed-gear bike has a single-gear ratio, so it is imperative to learn what that is and use it to your advantage. By shifting appropriately, you can ensure that you have the momentum to power up hills and keep up a steady speed.

  • Take control of your speed-

As there is no coasting on a fixed-gear bike, you must rely on your feet to slow down and stop. Maintaining a consistent speed is critical for safety and efficiency, so practice controlling your speed with the pedals until you are comfortable.

  • Understand how to brake

Authentic fixies don’t have breaks, with cyclists pushing pedals in the opposite direction to slow down. However, many countries require mounting at least one break for the cyclist’s safety. Pedal powerfully and lean forward to get the most out of your brakes.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

As there is no coasting, you must stay alert and be prepared to stop suddenly. You can ensure a safe ride by being aware of traffic, road hazards, and other cyclists.

  • Get the most out of your pedaling

Standing up on the pedals while riding up hills can help you gain more powerful strides and maintain momentum. It can be a great way to leverage each pedal stroke and accelerate.

  • Adjust the seat height and pedal position

Doing so can significantly impact your ride’s comfort and efficiency. Correctly positioning those elements can help you prevent fatigue and optimize performance.


Riding a fixed-gear bike can be a fantastic way to enjoy a unique and exciting cycling experience. With its simple design, low maintenance requirements, and a range of practical benefits, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to get on a fixie. By taking the time to understand the basics of riding one, you will surely enjoy your fixed-gear biking experience for years to come.

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