Top Scanner Apps That You Should Know

Top Scanner Apps That You Should Know

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November 5, 2023

File sharing and text conversion were crucial functions for scanning apps. Next, discover how to find the proper scanner app for your needs. These days, large equipment is optional for browsing documents and photographs. Popular document scanner apps in India allow any phone with a camera to quickly and easily check documents. These low-priced options are safe substitutes for the CamScanner Indian apps. Since the CamScanner app has been made illegal in India, you can now experiment with other domestic alternatives. The top document scanning applications allow you to use your phone’s camera to take scans, which are then saved in a format that can be edited.

Which scanner app suits you?

Some companies charge annually, while others charge monthly. If you need more time, pay for one month and decide to renew. File storage matters, too. If you have limited storage, seek an app that backs up your files in the cloud or connects with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Consider what to scan!

Next, consider your app usage. Almost any scanner program can scan and convert printed documents to PDFs. In some circumstances, you require an advanced app. An app with OCR or image-cropping skills may be needed to scan whiteboards or text-filled photographs.

Top 18 Scanner Apps

  • PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan lets you scan and save photos from your phone. This scanner program is popular for automated edge identification and glare-free image scanning. The software also has editing and advanced filtering controls. PhotoScan app improves scan quality, adds effects, and organizes. Point your phone’s camera at the file or image and click scan. Examine scans for borders and edges and fix corners if needed.

PhotoScan features:

  1. Correcting perspective
  2. Rotate smartly
  3. Stitching multiple images
  4. Import photos
  5. Auto-correct
  6. Glare and reflections gone
  • Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner

Indian CamScanner software Kaagaz Scanner is popular for document scanning and PDF storing. Besides speedy scanning, this Indian scanning tool allows you to share documents via email and social media. One of the greatest Indian CamScanner alternatives, Kaagaz enables rapid auto edge detection. Additionally, the software allows five scanning modes in eight Indian languages. For scanning bills, business cards, and documents, the simple solution is great. Choose any paper from your device to keep in the Kaagaz Indian app for scanning.

Kaagaz Indian Scanner App Features:

  1. Automated document classification
  2. Scanning images
  3. Supports several languages
  4. Cropping, filtering
  5. Magic color choice
  6. Various screening methods
  • Google Drive Scanner

Google Drive Scanner creates searchable PDFs from scanned documents. Doc scanner app checks bills, receipts, and letters. Any document text can be searched using the built-in search function. The software formats scanned copies instantaneously, like the CamScanner app, using processing intelligence. Google Drive Scanner edits scanned documents. Click the new record and pick scan to start watching a file to utilize the program.

Google Drive Scanner features:

  1. Strong search engine
  2. Instant PDF file saving
  3. In offline mode
  4. Gmail integration
  5. Document sharing
  • Genius Scan

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is the best choice due to its many features. Genius Scan makes it easy for virtual professors and students to scan and upload work to a grading site. In order to get organized at home, Genius Scan can eliminate paper clutter without losing critical information. Genius Scan is perfect for scanning sheet music, paintings, and other creative work due to its extensive exporting choices and high-resolution scanning. Let your staff download Genius Scan to scan receipts and other business papers when they’re not in the office.

Notable features:

  1. Available for free
  2. Genius Scan+: $7.99 one-time price
  3. Genius Cloud: $2.99/month or $29.99/year in-app purchases.
  4. Support: Email, help center

Popular Indian scanner apps like CamScanner include This Indian document-sharing app is free. The user doesn’t need to sign in for this safe solution. makes scanning and sharing easy. This Indian scanner app for Android and iOS can translate photos to text. quickly adjusts scan contrast and brightness. With many filters, this Indian scanner app can easily scan book pages. Indian Scanner App features:

  • Supports several languages
  • Text extraction
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Recognition of handwriting
  • Image processing
  • DocScanner


A document scanning app scans images, receipts, documents, and reports. The greatest Indian scanner software makes document restoration easier. Scans are rotated and cropped using the scanner app. Document Scanner is a simple app that stores all scans for easy access. This document scanning tool makes trimming and PDF conversion easy.

Key DocScanner Features:

  1. Editing/importing files
  2. Grid mode
  3. Sharing PDFs
  4. Scanning in batches
  5. Easy page size management
  6. PDF Converter converts files
  • Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

Ukrainian firm Scanner Pro offers a Text Vision technology that transforms scans into searchable text, making it easier to discover what you need. Handwritten recipes, brochures, receipts, and more can be turned into searchable digital documents using Text Vision’s 26-language recognition. Scanner Pro’s in-app organization is also impressive. Scanner Pro lets you create folders and search within them to evaluate documents, unlike other scanner programs. The program makes it easy to sort scans by date made, file name, or date edited, saving time and organizing files. Premium version Scanner Pro Plus ($19.99 per year) adds functionality.

Notable features:

  1. Changes to images
  2. Multiple scans grouping
  3. Renaming files
  4. Add dates with one click
  5. Low/high image saving resolution
  • Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of India’s best scanner apps with OCR and PDF creation. Adobe Scan, like CamScanner, automates scans for email sharing. These scans can be stored in a document cloud for easy access. The platform lets you crop photographs, modify scans, and auto-capture. End-users like Adobe Scan because it integrates well with other apps. Mobile scanner software for Android and iOS supports multiple languages.

Adobe Scan features:

  1. Autoscan without tapping
  2. Rotating pages and correcting colors
  3. Language for text recognition
  4. Auto-flash
  5. Page rearranging
  6. Correction of color
  • AIRScanner


Indian document scanner app AIRScanner has an AI-powered reading assistant. The Indian scanner software saves all PDF files in your phone’s local storage, making it secure. The Indian scanner app AIRScanner, also a reading aid, is only for Android devices. The software is one of the top scanner applications in India since it makes English reading easier for everyone.

Key Features:

  1. AI dictionary to decipher the scanned text
  2. AI Narrator for scanned page text
  3. Supports several languages
  4. Multiple app document sharing
  5. Image quality control
  • TapScanner scanning app

TapScanner scanning app

TapScanner turns your phone into a pocket scanner. Scan any document and convert it to PDF with this software. Its functional UI and many picture options make it one of the top scanner applications in India. The scanner software can scan receipts and cards. TapScanner makes managing scanned documents easy by exporting them to PNG or PDF. Users can trust the software to detect borders before checking.

Features of TapScanner:

  1. Cropping, borders, filters
  2. Automated document border detection
  3. Search tool for document recovery
  4. Support PNG filesharing
  5. Signing electronically
  • Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a popular document scanner for whiteboards, documents, menus, and business cards. For document scanning, this program may capture images without text. Microsoft Office Lens can remove shadows and unusual angles like CamScanner. Users can import scanned files into PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. Android, iOS, and Windows scanner apps can save data in editable formats after scanning.

Key Features:

  1. Text editor
  2. The OCR technology
  3. ID scanning
  4. Sharing files
  5. PDF Conversion
  6. Image prep
  • TurboScan


TurboScan, a multiplayer scanner, is perfect for notes, whiteboards, and receipts. Multi-page document scanning is this CamScanner app’s finest feature. The ’email myself’ module is another unique way to save data by emailing yourself. TurboScan makes it easy to scan and share multiple JPEG or pdf documents. With this scanning tool, adding or removing pages is simple.

TurboScan features:

  1. Image import
  2. Automatic document edge detection
  3. Correcting perspective
  4. Document naming
  5. Sharp scans
  6. Page rearranging
  7. Lock via code
  • Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Lens is suitable for working with numerous file formats besides PDFs. The program lets you scan and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Lens makes scanning receipts, business card contact information, and meeting whiteboard action items easy in a corporate setting. Microsoft Lens lets teachers and students check handouts, digitize handwritten notes, and capture blackboard and whiteboard data. Back up your scans in OneNote or OneDrive to avoid data loss.

Notable features:

  1. Free software, no in-app purchases
  2. For help: Forums
  3. Compatible with MS Office
  4. Image-importing capability
  • Dropbox Scan

Dropbox Scan

Dropbox Scan and Dropbox storage collaborate to organize and access scanned content. The software makes it easy to check anything you wish to keep, eliminating data loss and allowing remote access. Dropbox Scan makes it easy to take notes during a lecture by taking a photo of the whiteboard afterward. Auto-detection, filters, and clever cropping enable high-quality scans using the app.

Notable features:

  1. Available for free
  2. In-app purchases: $9.99–$119.99 for items
  3. Support: Help center, live chat, email, phone
  4. Easily alter scan contrast
  5. Works well with multi-page scans
  • TinyScanner


With Wi-Fi sharing, TinyScanner enables scanning vast amounts of paper easily without printing or emailing. TinyScanner connects to OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and other storage programs to protect your files from being lost in the cloud without Wi-Fi. By transferring your scans to one of these cloud drives, you can access them from any internet-connected device, saving time and making paperless office conversion easier. TinyScanner is optimized to scan, lets you password-protect secret documents, and makes signatures easy.

Notable features:

  • Available for free
  • Items cost $2.99–$49.99 in-app.
  • Available email support
  • Has electronic signature
  • Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable protects photos, recipe cards, insurance contracts, and other documents with the Evernote file organizer. After downloading Evernote Scannable, you can scan documents immediately. Evernote Scannable captures text and images when you point your phone at a paper. Sharing scans by email, text, or exporting to other apps is effortless with the app. Evernote Scannable is a good business scanner tool since it has great picture cropping and creates high-quality scans that may be kept for legal purposes.

Notable features:

  • Free software, no in-app purchases
  • Help, learning center, forum
  • Auto-rotates and crops images
  • Works in 20+ languages
  • ABBYY FineScanner

ABBYY FineScanner

ABBYY FineScanner turns your phone into a PDF and JPEG scanner using AI. ABBYY FineScanner’s optical character recognition doesn’t require an internet connection, allowing you greater flexibility than other scanner apps. You can stay productive if your internet goes out by utilizing the app’s OCR to scan and search documents. ABBYY FineScanner’s gallery automatically classifies scans as business cards, books, ID cards, and other documents, making them easy to discover when you need them.

Notable features:

  1. Price: $2.99–$7.99/month
  2. FAQ, help center, email, phone assistance
  3. OCR knows 193 languages
  4. Advanced photo filters
  • Scan Hero

Scan Hero

Scan Hero makes it easy for businesses to turn paper data into searchable digital ones with various capabilities. Scan Hero lets you email receipts to the accounting department for reimbursement instead of keeping them in envelopes. Scan Hero Premium allows digital signatures for contracts and other business documents. Scan Hero lets you digitally sign documents without printing, signing, mailing, or waiting. Scan, digitally sign, and store the copy for future reference.

Notable features:

Monthly cost: $39.99

  1. Knowledge base, FAQ, email support
  2. Camera roll photographs are imported.
  3. Protect confidential data using the hide tool


Most ad-free Indian scanning apps are safe and don’t store data. Most of these apps are free and cross-platform. Scan, export, and share with partners in one move.


Which document scanning software is best?

InsSig OCR Solutions, Pocket Scanner, PaperSave, FineScanner AI, and GoFileRoom are the best document management and business efficiency scanning software.

Document Scanner—Indian app?

Yes, Document Scanner is an India doc scanner with a better UI and PDF toolkit.

Is Adobe scanning free?

Adobe Scanning is free for Android/iOS devices. Monthly fees apply to Adobe Scanning for PC. The Pro version costs ₹1,014 while the Standard version costs ₹879.

Which PC app outperforms CamScanner?

Doc Scanner manages document scanning workflows effectively with its powerful document processing. Its main features:

* Easily fax/print scanned documents from the app * Detect page edges * Share JPEG/PDF files * Fast document scanning * Manage page size

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