How Does a Trading App Put the Market in Your Hands?

How Does a Trading App Put the Market in Your Hands?

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March 15th, 2024

In Short:

  1. Convenience: Trading apps offer convenient access to the stock market from anywhere, providing quick information and allowing for trades with just a click.
  2. Diverse Instruments: Users can trade or invest in various financial instruments, including stocks, options, bonds, ETFs, and more, catering to various investment preferences.
  3. Advanced Features: These apps provide advanced features such as margin trading, options analysis, after-market orders, trade alerts, and information on corporate actions, enhancing trading efficiency and informed decision-making.

Online trading apps allow you to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. The stock market is accessible from anywhere, and you can quickly get information on different instruments with a single click. 

In this article, you’ll understand how a trading app can help you conveniently trade in the stock market. 

Benefits of Trading Apps 

Trading App

Trading apps are mobile apps that offer a bundle of financial instruments to trade or invest in. The apps offer stocks, futures, options, bonds, currencies, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, and IPOs.

Here are the list of benefits that trading apps can provide you in this new digital era:

Margin Trading Facility

Even if you don’t have money right now to invest in stocks, you can still do so with the help of a margin trading facility. You can get the margin funding and stock support by paying just one-fourth of the amount. Also, the extra funding is available at interest-free cost until the trades are settled. 

Trade in Options

The mobile app allows you to view the complete list of an option chain in real time, invest directly in call options, and add options with a click. 

You can check out the Greeks, such as delta, gamma, theta, and vega, of each option contract. You can also filter out the list of options based on high OI, high IV, high volume, expiration date, etc. 

Place Order in Free Time

If you are busy during the daytime when the stock market is open, you can place the order later using the after-market orders feature. Through this facility, you can set the order before and after the market hours, and the broker will place the order on your behalf when the market opens.

Analyze your Trades

If you love to trade in stocks continuously, you might forget to analyze the market when it goes against your bought stocks. In this situation, trade controls will send you alerts when your purchased stocks get into heavy losses or if you are engaged in overtrading.

Get Information in Advance

Suppose you want to plan your trades with complete information. In that case, these apps also provide the latest and upcoming corporate actions for any stock, such as bonuses, dividends, stock splits, mergers, and acquisitions. In this way, you can take the position with complete information in advance. 


Trading apps are now not just used for picking stocks and placing orders; they come with wholesome features. Some features of a mobile app that have made trading in the stock market straightforward are MTF, option chain analysis, after-market order, and trade analysis tools. 

If you are looking for a share market app that allows you to execute the order quickly and provides the latest features, you can open an account on the Dhan Online Trading App.


Q: Can I trade on the go with trading apps?

A: Yes, trading apps offer mobile access to the stock market, allowing users to trade from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Q: Are there any additional costs for margin trading?

A: While margin trading allows users to leverage their investments, it may involve interest costs on the borrowed funds, depending on the broker’s terms.

Q: Can I set orders outside of regular market hours?

A: Yes, trading apps typically offer after-market order options, enabling users to set orders for execution before or after regular market hours.

Q: How can I stay informed about my trades?

A: Trading apps provide trade analysis tools and alerts to monitor trades effectively, notifying users of significant market movements or trade-related activities.

Q: Can I access real-time data on options contracts?

A: Yes, trading apps offer real-time option chain analysis, allowing users to view and assess options contracts based on various parameters such as delta, gamma, and implied volatility.

Q: Is it possible to plan trades based on upcoming corporate actions?

A: Absolutely, trading apps provide information on corporate actions like dividends, stock splits, mergers, and acquisitions, enabling users to plan their trades accordingly and stay informed in advance.

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