10 Sites Like What Came First | What Came First alternatives

10 Sites Like What Came First | What Came First alternatives

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April 7, 2023

Have you heard of “What Came First”? Well, it is quite a popular site that deals with comparing things. On this website, anyone who is interested in HD art or artists can learn more about them. The player is tasked with researching historical figures, events, artwork, and painters. The player is presented with several photographs spanning numerous periods and is tasked with finding similarities and differences between them. The participant is tasked with contrasting several photographs of cultural occurrences and locations.


  • Draw parallels.
  • Look out for all of the incredible HD art and the people that created it.
  • Investigate the events, people, and things from the past.
  • Comparing images from many civilizations is possible.

10 What Came First Alternatives

  • The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider developed the Passive Aggressive Password Machine, a website and tool for checking passwords. This webpage is intended to verify the password and explain its strength. The site’s collection of criticisms about password quality is scathing. This website features a password entry box for verification.

  • The Symphony of Blockchain

The Symphony of Blockchain

The Symphony of Blockchain is a well known tool, study website, and explorer for blockchain technology. Anyone may listen to and watch audio and video explorations of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin on this website. Here, this site is used for shrinking and growing the bitcoin sector with the aid of this website. People can comprehend the specifics of individual transactions and the bitcoin market. In addition to being highly informational, the site has real-time 3D visualization.

  • Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing is a website that focuses on pranks and oddities, and it is a resource for learning more about strange phenomena. Users of this website are presented with information that is illogical. The readers of this website are taken straight to the relevant sites on Amazon or eBay, where some strange item is being sold. This website features various sites from Amazon that sell unusual and peculiar goods. You will need to scroll down with the mouse in order to see all of the stuff that is offered on the website.

  • Arbitrary Awards

Arbitrary Awards

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has a database website and tool called Arbitrary Awards. Anyone may browse NASD arbitration awards in addition to the website’s content. You may search for awards on this site using the following criteria: award date, document type, case number, document type, forum, and content. These honors can be seen on the site in real time or downloaded for offline viewing. These honors are distributed as text-searchable PDF files that may be downloaded and printed.

  • Innovation Station

Innovation Station

A healthcare service and website called Innovation Station can help you keep and win new patients. You may communicate with patients safely and effectively thanks to the website’s integration of intelligent information. The website enables health organizations to deliver information to individuals at the appropriate time. The site does more than connect patients with doctors by getting them the information they need.

  • The Evolution of Trust

The Evolution of Trust

In this game, the player must trust and work with his rival to win. You may play this game with an Al player or a buddy online. Players compete to take coins from one another’s banks or the machine in this activity.

  • Gross Science

Gross Science is a fun place to learn about Science. This website will help you learn odd, amusing, and fascinating information about Science. Kids may use this website to study agriculture, nutrition, and entomology fundamentals. This website includes practically all science-related topics, including biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, and mathematics. As a result, this website is a one-stop shop for learning everything there is to know about these branches of Science.

  • Sketch Something Daily

Sketch Something Daily

ERA404 Creative Group, Inc. has created the painting and drawing software Sketch Something Everyday. This software allows users to look for and find inspiration for their artwork. Using this software, you may create sketches of everything from everyday items to animals, nations, delicacies, and famous people. Picking a subject to sketch is the first step in the creative process. The software will display a better result when you select the item by clicking the shuffle button.

  • Neal.fun


Neal. Fun is an online art and drawing tool that allows users to create unique works of art. You may make games, interactives, and visualizations with this website. On this website, users may create a street page so that others can discover unusual streets. People may create several logos of various types with this program. In auction games, islands can be removed in addition to drawing several logos.

  • Cloudhiker


Last but on least on our list is Cloudhiker. It is a well-known program that was created by Kevin Woblick. Initially, it was developed to serve the purpose of browsing websites. With the help of this website, you can easily find the essentials that will help you add extensions to the browser. Sounds fun? Right. You no longer have to hover here and there since Cloudhiker comes with websites that, provide entertainment and gives useful resources that may be used in the workplace.

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