Blinkit Alternatives | Similar Sites Like Blinkit

Blinkit Alternatives | Similar Sites Like Blinkit

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March 21, 2023

Grofers India Pvt Ltd. made Blinkit, an app for shopping for food, drinks, and groceries. This app allows people to buy fresh, high-quality fruits, vegetables, cheese, paneer, bread, eggs, milk, butter, and curd. With this app, you can buy snacks, cold drinks, chocolates, ice cream, noodles, masalas, rice, and atta. With this app, it’s easy for people to get medicines, baby care items, personal care items, and cleaning supplies in an emergency. Also, people using this app can print out anything in white and black. This app lets you pay in different ways, such as “buy now, pay later,” “cash on delivery,” “UPI,” “net banking,” “cards,” and “wallets.”

Top 10 Alternatives of Blinkit

  • Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy Instamart is managed by the well-known meal delivery application Swiggy. Swiggy Instamart deals and coupons are the main features of our Immediate Grocery Delivery App. As soon as you enter the Instamart section, “Coupons for you” is displayed. It finds good deals, free shipping, bank incentives, and cashback in the wallet. Moreover, you may purchase a Swiggy One membership to receive unlimited free delivery on orders over 99. The new Swiggy Super membership is advantageous, but just for food deliveries.

  • BigBasket


BigBasket is a well-known online food delivery business. Because any item may be delivered to your house or business for a set rate, it collaborates with over 1000 brands and carries over 20,000 items. There are approximately ten million active users on BigBasket. It is a location-based Indian grocery delivery business headquartered in Bangalore.

Moreover, it is one of India’s most popular meal delivery applications. In addition, it is a single point of sale. You can navigate the shop by category, with each class including its collection of products. Also, you can acquire the things and satisfy your dietary needs. Using the Big Basket app, customers can set a delivery window and receive a refund if their order is not delivered within the allotted period. Then your order will be discounted by an additional 50%.

  • Favor


Favor is one of the essential businesses in Texas, providing the quickest and most convenient way to have anything delivered to your house within minutes. Favor – Anything Delivered. Food, Wine + More supports local businesses in Texas by providing regional favourites. It offers delicious food from Burger King, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Papa John’s, Walmart, Whataburger, Applebee’s, Panda Express, Church’s Chicken, Five Guys, Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, and more restaurants.

  • Getir


Getir is an online marketplace for delivery that allows customers to get meals and other items quickly. This company’s delivery system is so efficient that customers typically receive their orders within ten minutes. Getir has various grocery warehouses in multiple cities to provide clients with the most convenient delivery options. This business is affiliated with several local warehouses but has no franchise arrangements with dark stores.

  • Ola Dash

Ola Dash

The Ola Dash app lets users rapidly order meals from their favourite local eateries and food spots. Also, you may view the menus of your favourite restaurants and place orders with a single click. It aspires to supply all products within 10 minutes, satisfying the consumer’s needs. With the ola dash app, you can get discounts such as 50% off on certain products, Buy 1 Get one free, etc.

  • Dunzo


Dunzo daily is an app that enables daily delivery of fast food from India’s leading brands. You can choose from various tasty pre-packaged meals that will be delivered to your house for a low fixed rate. Done is an additional Quick Grocery Delivery App in India that gives groceries within 10 to 20 minutes. This app provides your favourite daily requirements from Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, and Domino’s brands. Also, you can have various things delivered to your house daily, including meals, snacks, and beverages.

  • DoorDash


DoorDash delivers exceptional service directly to your doorsteps, allowing you to order and get your preferred meals whenever, wherever. DoorDash – Meal Delivery App provides access to various national, foreign, and local eateries. It includes over 310,000 menus in over 4,000 United States, Australia, and Canadian cities. You may devote more time to other vital matters while it takes care of your food.

  • Zomato: Food Delivery and Dining

Zomato: Food Delivery and Dining

Zomato: Food Delivery and Dining are one of India’s best meal delivery systems, providing access to tens of thousands of eateries. You can receive food delivery in minutes from the restaurants, most likely to satisfy your dietary needs. It allows you to access your most likely eateries in minutes, browse through countless dishes, and place orders with a few simple swipes.

  • Grubhub


Grubhub is a critical platform that provides eateries with exclusive discounts and benefits in addition to catering to their needs. Grubhub: Local Food Delivery is an excellent platform that offers food delivery from your favourite restaurants directly to your door and fantastic incentives. You may easily order meals with contactless delivery from your preferred eateries. The Grubhub: Order Delivery from Restaurants App is committed to your safety and quality.

  • JioMart


JioMart, one of the most-talked-about applications of the year, has introduced a novel food delivery service. Initially, the service was only offered in a handful of cities. Now, it has been expanded to include many others. In addition, inhabitants of Tier 1 cities are raving about the app, which allows them to get food within minutes.

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