Top 10 Alternatives Of Giscus | Giscus Similar Sites

Top 10 Alternatives Of Giscus | Giscus Similar Sites

Written by Moli Mishra, In Alternatives, Published On
March 6, 2023

Giscus is a free, open-source commenting system built on top of GitHub discussions. It is also a comments widget. It helps to find nasty comments quickly and fix them. It lets you make your themes and has a self-hosted app that automatically gets and edits new comments. Giscus also works with multiple languages, making it easier to understand and choose the right one.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that helps Android, Windows, and Firefox users wherever and whenever they want. It works the same way as utterances and has the same features. You don’t have to watch the site because it automatically moderates comments better.


  • Security Get In
  • Streamline your work.
  • Easy to work with
  • Apps that run on their servers
  • Made with GitHub

10 Best Alternatives of Giscus

  • Kontxt


Kontxt is a Google index application that helps analyze media assets using advanced character recognition techniques, binary hashing, and machine leading. It helps stop spam and fraud in MMS messages and finds them quickly when they happen. It’s a user interface for a mobile carrier service that makes it easy for users to run on Android and Windows. As a real-time network, Kontxt is the next generation of text message management.

  • HashOver


HashOver is a free, open-source platform that helps your website attract more visitors. It allows the audience to share their thoughts, ideas, and reactions and add to the conversation. It adds a comment section to any website by putting a few lines of JavaScript into the source code of any webpage. HashOver is a reliable and flexible way to moderate comments, and it cares about each user’s privacy. HashOver is the best-commenting server, and a lot of people use it.

  • GraphComment


GraphComment is a social commenting system for the web that helps you get more people to visit and interact with your site. It takes your followers’ attention away from social networking and back to you. GraphComment also helps you get the word out about your website and brand to reach your goal. It gives you tools for social interaction to get your fans to return to your website and talk about it directly. Also, it lets people comment, make suggestions, and react to your website. It can also automatically find spam content and get rid of it quickly.

  • Commento


Commento is the best platform for building a networking community and quickly adding comments to your website. It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, so it’s quick and easy. Commento lets your readers add words that you can put on your website. This helps to get more people interested in what you have to say. Millions of people, including bloggers, startups, and magazines, use this top, built-in software.

  • Talkatv


Talkatv is a community comment service that is like Disqus. It gives users free access and helps keep people interested in your website. It gives you an accessible way to manage the content of a database. Talkat lets people comment, give feedback, and make suggestions. It also adds to the discussion on your website. It helps your website get a better ranking and attract more people to your page. It’s a self-hosted application that gets new comments and spam alerts automatically.

  • Reply Box

Reply Box

ReplyBox is a simple, lightweight system for comments that helps to get more people interested. It gives your audience a way to comment, react, and give your website valuable feedback and ideas. ReplyBox doesn’t track users or show ads. Instead, it has a system that works everywhere and is easy to add to any website. ReplyBox gives you a user interface that you can run on Linux, Windows, Chrome, and Android. next level, and it’s a lightweight commenting system built using Python and JavaScript.

  • Cactus Comments

Cactus Comments

Matrix protocol is the foundation of Cactus Comments, a federated comment system. Putting files on your website is a good idea. It’s an open standard for centralized communication that helps to engage more people and rank your website’s status. It’s a compatible programme lets you read and post comments in your browser and keep talking with any other client. It’s a real-time social network that works well on phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Lyket


Lyket is the most accessible tool to quickly add clap, write, and vote buttons to a website. It helps keep people interested in your website, and you can see how many of your followers are happy to be there. Lyket makes it easier to use. You can choose a button, copy and paste the code, give helpful feedback and suggestions, and join the conversation with your audience. It’s a free tool that can be set up in one minute and quickly optimises data content.

  • Isso

Isso is a server for comments

Isso is a server for comments, and by default, users have 15 minutes to change or delete their comments. You can quickly move your comments because it has the best tools for moving. It also looks at the content of spam alerts to find them faster. Isso helps you get more people to visit your website and make money from it. It’s a lightweight commenting system written in Python and JavaScript, and it’s the best way to build a network community for your website.

  • Disqus


Disqus is an American company that lets you use network platforms to add blog comments to your websites and online communities. It gives its users the best service with features like social integration, social networking, and others. Disqus also has tools for moderators to look at the content of spam alerts. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets people run it on their phones, pads, and windows.

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