10 Alternatives Of 9KMovies

10 Alternatives Of 9KMovies

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Alternatives, Updated On
September 17th, 2023

9KMovies is a widely used illegal movie streaming and download platform that uses the BitTorrent protocol. 9KMovies is a movie streaming service hugely popular in India and Pakistan and highly appreciated elsewhere. The site has been successful up until now in evading law enforcement. However, it was just shut down. 

Recent reports claim that the site has returned online, although it is unclear whether or not they are merely clone sites. Those who relied heavily on 9KMovies will, understandably, need to find an alternative. Indeed, when a website is taken down once, it is often taken down far more swiftly each time it reappears. In light of this, we’ve rounded together the 10 most viable substitutes for 9K movies.

Top 10 Alternatives Of 9KMovie

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Logo for Movie Watcher Movie Watcher has a great mix of films from Hollywood and India. The movies on the website can be watched online or downloaded. In addition to films, Movie Watcher also has TV shows. You can get to the movies by clicking on links to watch them or by embedding them in a player. It is thought that around 95% of the shows and films on Movie Watcher have more than one link that works, but if a link doesn’t work, users can report problems. Rating the quality of a link is also a great tool for users.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

People often say Popcorn Time is a great, free alternative to popular paid services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has many of the same services as 9KMovies, but the layout is much better. There are many different kinds of films and TV shows. It is their most popular website. The site is free; you don’t have to sign up to use it.

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HD Euro Pix


HD Euro Pix is a site like 9KMovies that few people know about. This is because Google doesn’t list it, so you have to use the straight link. The site has a good selection of new films like “Birds of Prey” and “The Gentleman.” Most films have English subtitles, and captions can be added directly when they don’t. The website used to focus on European films, but in recent years they have also added American, Japanese, and Chinese films.



Most people probably already know about FZmovies or FMovies, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be on this list. Many free video viewing sites are part of Putlocker, but Fmovies isn’t. This makes it a great choice for people who can’t use Putlocker or don’t like it for whatever reason. Fmovies has a wide range of movies, and its design is very similar to that of 9Kmovies. Best of all, it tries to add movies to its site within a week when they appear in theatres. 



Pycker is a website where you can watch films and TV shows online and read news about films and celebrities. It’s a lot like 9KMovies. On Pycker, you can keep up with the work of your favorite stars or actresses or recent films. Pycker was made by a group of people who love films. They work hard to find the best pieces and films you can watch online for free that are about films. Pycker’s information is clear and easy to understand.

Yes Hollywood

Yes Hollywood

Yes, Hollywood logo Yes, Hollywood, which used to be called iPAgal, is best known for the many funny films it has. You can watch or download any of the movies on Yes Hollywood’s website. On 9KMovies, you can download free movies in many languages. On Yes Hollywood’s website, most of the titles are Bollywood movies, but more and more Hollywood movies are being added. So, in a few months, Eastern and Western films should be available in a wide range of interesting titles at Yes Hollywood.

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Hoxx VPN


You may now be wondering why a VPN service is on this list. Hoxx VPN is a great option for people who already pay for subscription streaming services but want to watch more films and TV shows. Geo-restricted sites can’t be accessed with Hoxx VPN because it hides your location and lets you join many foreign networks. This means you can watch a wider range of Netflix’s material, whether you like American shows, Korean dramas, or Bollywood.

Los Movies

Los Movies

Los Movies is one of the best places online to watch movies in English. Because of this, the website is only in English, so it might be more challenging for people outside the United States to use it. 9KMovies has a download option, but Los Movies does not. But you can watch a wide range of its films online in HD video quality. The biggest problem with Los Movies is that it has a lot of ads. If you prefer to avoid stopping a lot of pop-ups and windows, you’ll need a good ad-blocker to use the site without getting frustrated.



123Movies is possibly the second-most popular service after Putlocker. It’s a great option for 9K movies. 123Movies has a wide selection of old and new films and TV shows. The website is all about watching in HD. It’s important to note that sound quality is also considered on 123Movies. This is great because it helps you escape the annoying situation where the picture is great, but the sound is terrible.

Snag Films

Snag Films

Check out Snag Films if you want to see something different. Snag Films supports independent films and films with a good cause. They call the latter “film atrophy.” The website isn’t very big. It only has about 2,000 titles, but it’s free and has interesting names you probably haven’t heard of before. Snag Films is a great choice if you’re tired of the same old films and TV shows on other sites.

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There are a lot of free films on these illegal websites, so that you will get the basics. Also, millions of people are interested in watching the newest films for free without signing up for a service. So, it’s time to go to the one-stop shop to get the newest films.

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