Photopea Alternatives | Photopea Similar Sites

Photopea Alternatives | Photopea Similar Sites

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Alternatives, Published On
March 25, 2023

Photopea is a picture editing app that competes with some of the best on the market. Nonetheless, many people are still unaware of Photopea’s features. Therefore, we are highlighting them for you. In summary, it is a tool that has the power to make an image ideal by supplying editing options. Photopea is a powerful picture editor with PSD, XD, Sketch, XCF, and CDR files. Graphic designers adore Photopea, a web-based tool that can be downloaded and installed locally. If you initially open it while connected to the internet, you can use it even while not online.

Top 10 Alternatives to PhotoBucket

  • Pixlr


Pixlr is a photo editing programme that lets you alter many photos and publish them on various websites. Pixlr, like Photopea, is a free online design tool that works with any browser, phone, or desktop. Pixlr offers a wide range of editing options, from traditional desktop layouts to more advanced options. Pixlr E and Pixlr X, the best photo editing and design tools, are AI-powered and give your modified photos a polished appearance. Background removal from photographs is made simple with Pixlr’s built-in BG remover tool. Tools on Pixlr, in contrast to Photopea, may be used with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer. The application also enables you to make translucent pictures, and it comes bundled with over 10 million designs that you can utilize to build new designs.

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

One of the greatest online picture editing tools, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, makes obtaining the desired results simple. This cloud-based software gives you everything you need to create, edit, organise, and share images across all devices. It has many simple yet effective features, such as sliders and presets, allowing you to tailor your photographs to your specifications. You may start your editing from your mobile, desktop, or browser.

  • FotoJet


If you’re looking for an alternative to Photopea that allows you to create gorgeous artwork, look no further than FotoJet. FotoJet, like Photopea, aims to satisfy your requirements for picture editing, photo collage creation, and professional graphic design. To help you make your projects unique, it provides free access to tools like OpenClipart. When you launch FotoJet, you may start using it immediately without registering. In addition, FotoJet’s free edition comes with many themes you may use to make professional-quality artwork.

  • Ribbet


Similar to Photopea, Ribbet is a top-notch online picture editor. With Ribbet, you can edit photos, make collages, and create gorgeous graphics. For every occasion, it is a robust picture editing program. You may access a library of over 2.7 million free stock pictures and typefaces at Ribbet, which is more interesting than Photopea. For your editing convenience, Ribbet offers a variety of templates, stickers, and special effects.

  • piZap


PiZap is a picture editor, design tool, and photo collage builder that lets you produce whatever you can think. Using piZap, you can edit your photos and make designs using simple or sophisticated tools, such as adding text, stickers, and borders. Using piZap, you can accomplish a lot more. In addition to letting you turn your wildest ideas into magnificent photos, piZap also offers a premium edition that allows you to remove all of the bothersome adverts and access a plethora of additional fonts, filters, and stickers. PiZap enhances your photographs to perfection.

  • BeFunky


BeFunky is a great alternative to Photopea since it -allows you to edit images quickly, create photo collages, and design graphics. The all-in-one online creative platform is a straightforward yet effective tool that allows novice photographers to produce professional-quality and aesthetically pleasing photos. Resize, touching up, and crop photographs are just a few of the basic photo editing options included in BeFunky. Collages and picture editing may be taken to the next level with the addition of watermarks and lens flares in post-production. You can’t do this using Photopea.

  • iPiccy


iPiccy has everything you need to make your shot appear great. The online editor is a picture editor, photo collage builder, and graphic design tool similar to Photopea. It has advanced picture editing features built right into the browser and can automatically modify your shot with a single click. You can quickly rotate, crop, and resize your photo using iPiccy.

  • PixTeller


PixTeller is yet another great option for Photopea. There is no software to download or install; it functions in your browser. You may give your imaginative visions life with the help of PixTeller, an intuitive picture editor and animation generator. With PixTeller, you can give your photos a whole new look anytime. Everyone who wants high-quality designs for personal or business usage, including digital marketers, bloggers, and website owners, can utilise them.

  • Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance

With just one click, you can make your images seem their best with Let’s Enhance, a sophisticated yet user-friendly photo editing tool. In contrast to Photopea, this image enhancer and upscale for photography are powered by AI and machine learning technologies to help boost image resolution without compromising quality.

  • PhotoKit


In place of Photopea, you may instead use PhotoKit. The AI-based program has analyzed millions of photos and is simple to use. Its artificial intelligence system, self-learning mechanism, and enormous quantities of data make the application useful for your photographs. It allows you to eliminate the backdrop of an image in a click, owing to its extensive foreground detection and details to more precise edges.

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