What are the Different Logo Design Trends in 2024?

What are the Different Logo Design Trends in 2024?

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April 21st, 2024

It’s been a while since brands wanted to simplify their logos into more minimalist styles, incorporate gradients into their brand colour schemes, and use negative space to convey unconscious messages. This article is focused on analyzing how free logo design is evolving and seeing what new art directions appear in brand identity, from reimagining old styles like Art Deco or traditional symbols to new interpretations of monograms. So, if you want to get inspired by these new styles, let’s start with the recent logo design trends in 2024.

Top 7 Logo Design Trends in 2024?

  • Icons in Letter marks

Many brands have chosen icons to represent their business for the past few years, and the trend will persist in 2024. Versatile and minimalistic logos like icons are the best way to convey the correct message to customers without confusing them with too much information.

However, in 2024, we can witness brands inclining toward letter mark icons for their logos. Here, initials are merged with interactive symbols, grabbing the audience’s attention and familiarizing them.

  • Scribbles and sketches

These sketched-out logos are endearingly imperfect and scribbled up as if by a child with a penchant for graphic design. They are meant to be accessible, personable, and deeply rooted in the enduring trend of pulling inspiration from nostalgia, especially in ’90s styles.

  • Layered Logos

In 2022, layered logos were a big trend in logo design, but in 2024, they will stay relevant as designers get creative, giving them vast room to play and create eye-catching logos. 2024 layered logos will be a big trend since different elements usually connect them. But at the same time, they can stand alone. These layered elements create a dynamic feeling, usually compelling by illustration logos, geometric shapes, and colour transparency effects. This method of free logo design is very effective for brand identity as it allows brands to separate different elements of the logo and use them as branding elements.

  • Text lock-up

The trend in logo design extends to this text style, turning letters into an illustration tool. Popular text lock-up styles include circles, arches, and tombstone-based shapes, which act as wrappers for branding information.

  • Using Gradients

Using gradients to the next level, add 3D gradients to bring the logo to life. Many brands are already using gradient 3D logos. It’s all about experimenting with the logo’s unique colours and schemes. Otherwise, the logo can get cluttered.

  • Glitch effect

Glitch may seem like distortion at first, but upon closer inspection, this free logo design grabs the viewer’s attention and serves a purpose. Similar to the TikTok logo, the glitch effect uses a different approach to give the logo a unique look. Designs may be distorted, blurry, or pixelated, and logos may be discoloured.

  • Handmade logo

As mentioned above, a logo created with a designer’s love and care leaves a lasting impression on the consumer. Many businesses are using handcrafted logos to choose from. It creates an authentic atmosphere and has been surprisingly popular in recent years. Handcrafted dates are different from typical digital designs. So, they show the brand’s seriousness about the product or service and positively impact consumer opinion.

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These are some top trends in logos to follow in 2024. To begin a business in the next few months, start designing now. Start a free logo design contest and pick the winning icon for your startup or company. Find trendy icons in no time to gain recognition and attention.

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