What to Prioritize When Making a Long-Distance Move

What to Prioritize When Making a Long-Distance Move

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April 11, 2023

Friends, family, and job stability. What you’re giving up by moving and whether you can realistically reestablish those things once you arrive at your new home. A large part of that decision should be made with the help of friends and family already living in your potential new hometown. Be prepared for the possibility that they may not be happy to see you move from your hometown to theirs.

The idea of moving is incredibly daunting for people close to others in their lives because that means a dramatic change will also be coming soon for them. If your friends and family are close to you, they will want to know what you’re thinking about moving for and how frequently you’ll be visiting.

Things To Consider When Making a Long-Distance Move

What to Prioritize When Making a Long-Distance Move

  • Lighten Your Load

It may be possible to take a little less while you’re still under the same roof as your old roommates, but if you’re moving out of state, things will be different. While you’ll likely want to visit your hometown often, you can expect that the distance between you and the places that hold your most valued personal treasures will grow exponentially. We’re not saying you should go dumpster dive before packing up all of your stuff, but packing less will help alleviate some of the stress and potential hassles of moving.

  • Set Aside Enough Time to Pack

If you’re moving away from family, friends, and loved ones, consider setting aside some time for yourself to pack. If you’re moving across state lines and away from family, freeing up even eight hours of your day will be a huge help. Having extra Time to focus on the task will make it much easier to handle the packing part.

Try to budget about one week for all your moving tasks, and schedule as much of that week as possible. You’ll feel much better knowing that you’re spending at least some of your free time on the packing process.

  • Don’t Waste Time on the Destination

It’s easy to be enthusiastic about moving to a new city, but you’ll waste a lot of time if you’re merely excited about moving to a new place. The feeling will wear off quickly if you don’t try to prepare for your upcoming move and let it happen as it comes. If you have a job, remember that your employer might have already made plans for your departure. Talk to your employer about possible leave or termination before you start making other plans.

  • Create a Budget and Stick to It

While having a little flexibility is helpful, creating and sticking to a budget is vital. Think about how much money you’ll be spending on the move, how much you can save by living in your new town, and what costs you’ll expect during your transition time. You’re making a big adjustment, and you’ll probably be stressed out, so do your best to lower expenses by at least 10 percent. Extra stress won’t make a difference in how much money you save.

The time leading up to your move is an excellent opportunity to create and stick to a budget. We suggest setting aside $3,000 for your relocation expenses. That’s enough to cover recently-purchased things like moving boxes and updated photographs of your important items, not just the cost of moving them across state lines. This figure includes costs for packing and a few things you might be tempted to buy. This price estimate can also be dependent upon what moving company you use if you were to need one. We would recommend movers that specialize in and offer out of state movers as one of their services.

  • Buy the Proper Packing Supplies

What to Prioritize When Making a Long-Distance Move

You don’t have to splurge on super high-end packing supplies and more affordable options. We recommend buying medium-quality materials and avoiding the bargain bin entirely. You shouldn’t need specialty packing items to get your things across state lines, but you should certainly be prepared for a few surprises.

If you plan to move some fragile items, we recommend buying a few rolls of bubble wrap and a box of air pillows for each item. If you need to figure out how much packing paper to buy, we suggest buying at least 100 feet. Prices for shipping services vary wildly, so feel free to shop around. If you’re moving many heavy items, consider renting a truck. It’s an excellent idea to ensure that everything arrives in the same condition you sent.

  • Get Your Free Moving Estimate

You should watch out for sales and grab any deal when moving. Even if you were planning to move in the future, it might be worth your while to check out a moving company during this window. If you are moving during the summer, there’s a good chance that costs will be lower than usual, and you might find yourself searching for free estimates or deals. You’ll also want to do some research on other moving companies in your new state before making use of them.

Moving companies can be costly, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t have to. We suggest getting a free moving estimate from your movers. Many people will hire a moving company before obtaining an estimate from any other source, so they’re setting themselves up for potential loss later. Look into starting the process with an estimate first and then get quotes from companies later if needed.

  • Label Every Box

It’s more work, but you will do better with labeling every box. If you’re moving across state lines and into the home of your dreams, it’s not worth the effort to label every box. It’s only worth doing on a local move if you have some storage agreement for when you drop off your packages. You’ll need to pack as much as possible with each one and keep them as small as possible.

Moving is a big deal. Go through the process before doing any of your research. Packing and moving are time-consuming, but saving money and having a more enjoyable transition year is worth it. The most expensive moving companies will be worth it if you find the right one for your needs. If you ever want to move up to a larger home, this is where it starts!

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for North American Van Lines

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