Transportation Choices for Independent Adventure Travel

Transportation Choices for Independent Adventure Travel

Written by Moli Mishra, In Travel, Published On
December 2, 2021

In the world of the thrill of adventure there’s almost every method of traveling as there are locations to go. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel through America as well as Europe in the luxury of your home or take strenuous treks through distant mountains and deserts with your own initiative regardless of the type of adventure you’re looking for, the method you use to traverse the landscape can be as important as the scenery you walk through.

Let’s examine some methods that you can get around the world.

Choose Mass Transit

The answer is simple enough, and almost everyone has taken a flight commercially or booked a place on a bus to travel from one point to one point to the other at some point during their life. However, Mass Transit is useful for more than just large-scale trips. Many adventures can be planned around exploring the many hubs which are located within major transportation hubs around the world. In almost every major city, you can spend months or even weeks exploring the stops of their mass transit routes however; mass transit provides more than just a unique vantage from which to view the world. If you are pressed for time or money public transportation is one of the best methods to get from the world swiftly and efficiently. However, if you’re fortunate enough or you have an open mind the journey it can be an unplanned aspect of the journey.

Hire Cars for Flexible Tour

Automobiles can be a positive and negative. On American roads, cars are everywhere and fuel is affordable. The option of renting or purchasing a smaller vehicle to drive around in allows for incredible flexibility and a wealth of “road trip” guides abound to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your journey. In addition the car can serve as a camper, allowing you to fold into the back seats to sleep inside the trunk! If you travel in a car, you can purchase food at the local supermarket and cook it in a picnic-style at your local park, cutting down on dining out. And in the event of bad weather, you’ll stay cozy and dry in your tiny container on wheels. The main drawback of cars is the insulation part of them. The car you travel in isolates you from the world outside which mean fewer people to meet and chat with, fewer places to stop, and the easy urge to get onto a highway and speed across miles of unexplored terrain all put them at a higher level than other alternatives to transportation.

Make your journey unique on boats

If you’re traveling on water, boats can provide an alternative to the traditional wanderer’s route. Folks have made rafts from scraps of wood across major rivers and oceans using everything from modified rowboats to single-handed sailing boats. Navigating huge bodies of water in boats is an exercise that takes many years of training to master however there are a variety of locations that offer sailing lessons as well as companies that provide crews to move boats from one area of the globe to another. A boat trip will provide you with an unique view of the way that the world changes, as well as the people that live on the land surrounding its seas and rivers.

Enjoy Tour on Bicycles

While on my bicycle tour around America, I said that cycling was the best way to travel. United States I said that cycling is the best alternative to walking, which can be too slow, and driving which can be too speedy. If you’re in good fitness, cycling is a great option to travel around any country. Many countries in Europe including Germany particularly – are bicycle-friendly, and in automobile-centric United States there are several wonderful trails and long rides for cycling enthusiasts, including 350 miles that are car free between Pittsburgh PA to downtown Washington DC.

Motorbike Riding

In my next journey, I’d love to take a ride on a motorcycle. It seems that regardless of where you travel in the world and if you’re in a place that’s exciting or even fascinating, you’ll see a biker seated on a picnic table enjoying lunch while waiting on their motorbikes to embark on the next part of their journey. I’ve had no experience with motorcycles, other than meeting with touring bikers each occasion I can however, man oh man I’ll soon be able to take my bike on a trip.


It is one of the oldest types of transport known to man and is still among the most effective. From massive trails such as those of the Appalachian as well as the Pacific Crest in the United States to Koras through old hills on the distant Asian plateau If you need to, you’ll always be able to get around by yourself. The benefit to walking offers you to choose different modes of transportation anytime, without the need to store, return, or sell or manage your current method of transport. Are you looking to travel down an aquifer? Take a boat ride and sail away, and want to traverse the city? Get on the bus, call taxis, or walk. There are many roadblocks in your way to embarking for an adventure, but as long as you’re on the means to transport yourself. is not one of them.

On the Edge

The world’s adventurers are known to have traveled with balloons, traveled through rivers for miles and sleds, taken sleds up to the poles and walked across deserts with camels and horses and traveled for thousands of miles on lawnmowers. If there’s a method to move around, you’ve probably seen the method and if they haven’t, it is likely that you know someone who is thinking about a trip in the near future. The methods you use to get there you’re going is usually more important than the destination. It is important to design a journey that you enjoy by using every means you have to reach the place you want to go and explore that region of the world that’s been calling your name for a while.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive. There are various ways to explore across the globe as there are destinations to go to. Wherever you choose to go or the route you’d like to go about it there’s a high possibility that with a little the right training, skills and a bit of luck for travelers and determination, you’ll be able to tell the tale. What’s holding you back? Pick your favorite route, drop an eye at the map, and begin your journey. There are many discounts on airline tickets for travel to that destination by Etihad and Turkish Airlines.

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