HipStar Hiking Trailer It is well-balanced and completely adjustable

HipStar Hiking Trailer It is well-balanced and completely adjustable

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April 27th, 2024
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We transform the way people move, making it more enjoyable. HipStar assists people in achieving maximum mobility and performing physical feats that they’ve never believed were possible!

Minneapolis, Minnesota—HipStar LLC is developing a brand new travel cart designed to navigate tough terrain and reduce weight by more than 90% when hiking and travelling.

The new cart, HipStar®, was created to address the shortcomings of traditional wheeled luggage carts. The wheels have to be rolled over smooth surfaces in order for them to function correctly.

In contrast, HipStar® features large wheels built to roll smoothly over uneven ground and is completely hands-free, making it suitable for long treks in the outdoors. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, The HipStar® lets users extend their journeys without having to sacrifice the most critical equipment. The cart folds up, which allows hikers to either make it a cart or fold it in half and carry it as a normal backpack when climbing through rivers or, crossing them or traversing over large rocks.

It could be utilized to serve as a bike trailer as well. In terms of gear, One of the unique functions that HipStar®offers is the ability to Reduce the weight of a typical hiker’s 30-40lbs of gear down to 2.5-3.5 pounds of weight when carrying the cart. The ability to lift burdens off of your shoulders and connect the wearer through belt harnesses means you can go on the running and enjoy it. The cart will follow you all the while keeping your “anti-gravity” effect, which makes your equipment appear almost insignificant.

A further distinctive characteristic is the absence of arousing inertial “push-and-pulls” produced by the hiker while walking because of a combination of the design of the harness and the shock absorbers. This allows for fluid movement or running for long distances. HipStar® is offered in heavy- and medium-duty versions that will accommodate users of all types. The heavier-duty model can be used in rescue or military purposes that require towing up to 80 pounds or more weight, with just eight pounds of force. All carts are adjustable in width and height to fit users of all sizes.

HipStar LLC launched the crowdfunding campaign: https://igg.me/at/hipstar

The funds raised will finalize the product design, purchase initial inventory, branding, and marketing efforts. Early backers will be given an exclusive discount once the product is made available to the general public.

“No, regardless of where or the way you travel, the tiniest backpack can weigh more than just a handful of bricks. You get tired. You get impatient. You spend the majority of your time trying to manage back discomfort. There’s only one method to carry your pack. What about seniors or people with back problems?

They are further impacted by the weight they carry around. It doesn’t matter if the item is heavy or light. The idea of HipStar® HipStar® was created: a back-free, hand-free light, transport cart that collapses to make it easy to transport massive objects over any terrain in a matter of minutes; the machine does the heavy lifting for you and is also an excellent option for backpacks or even as a bike trailer if you need it! We believe that the HipStar® will be a success because it addresses the fundamental issues that millions of tourists, as well as hikers and adventurers, face. The goal of the campaign is to make HipStar accessible to millions of users who want a practical and versatile companion for in motion”.

Igor Kostin, CEO and founder

The most versatile and practical hiking trailer!  It appears that everything was integrated into the design – numerous adjustments, shock-absorbing, walking, running, or resting flexibility genuinely unique!

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