Why Does a Postpaid Recharge Cost You More Than a Prepaid One?

Why Does a Postpaid Recharge Cost You More Than a Prepaid One?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
May 9th, 2024

Which is a better option for you—prepaid or postpaid? You might have given this some attention while purchasing a new connection. You would have given the decision some thought after considering many factors. One of those is which one is less expensive. If you use a postpaid connection, have you ever considered whether it is more costly than a prepaid connection? Postpaid may appear more expensive than prepaid for several reasons, and in certain circumstances, this may be the case. Choose trusted payment apps like MobiKwik for your postpaid bill payment, which guarantees safe and secure payments and offers attractive rewards and cashback.

Why Does a Postpaid Recharge Cost More Than a Prepaid One?

  • Postpaid Plans

First of all, what are postpaid plans? The name itself conveys the answer. Postpaid mobile plans require you to make an Airtel postpaid bill payment or any other for the service afterward rather than in advance. You will be required to pay the monthly bill that you receive.

You are paying for internet and extras since all postpaid plans include unlimited calls and text as standard. Regarding data, a postpaid plan refreshes after a billing cycle. Additionally, you use more data than your monthly allotment. In that case, your carrier may automatically charge you for it, or your mobile data speeds may be “capped” at much slower rates for the balance of the billing period.

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Prepaid vs. Postpaid Plans: What to Take into Account Before Making a Decision

Presumably, both prepaid and postpaid plans have benefits and drawbacks. It would be best to examine various variables to decide which is right for you.

Factors to think about

  • User requirement
  • Financial situation
  • Customer service
  • Flexibility in network coverage
  • Price and duration of plans

Before purchasing prepaid or postpaid connections, consider your internet needs and your present and near-term financial situation.

It would be best to consider what matters more: greater flexibility in changing or renewing your current plan or superior customer and network coverage.

Why Does Postpaid Seem More Expensive than Prepaid?

Prepaid connections provide the same services at a cheaper cost than postpaid connections; hence, postpaid connections are often more expensive. Another factor is the inclusion of GST in postpaid bills, which makes postpaid bill payments more expensive. Here are a few additional factors contributing to postpaid connections costing more than prepaid ones.

Using Your Postpaid Connection Excessively

A spending cap is not included for postpaid connections. Instead, it indicates that even if you’ve exceeded your plan restrictions, there won’t be any warnings, and your services will carry on as usual. If this happens, your Airtel postpaid bill payment or any other will probably be more expensive than you anticipated. If it happens frequently, you might believe postpaid connections are more costly than prepaid connections.

You Receiving a Bill Shock

Postpaid consumers frequently experience bill shock, which almost all postpaid customers will experience at some point. For example, when a consumer receives an invoice that requires them to make a postpaid bill payment that is more expensive than the postpaid package they are using, this is known as “bill shock.” It might have happened because you exceeded the data cap on your postpaid plan by using more data or were charged roaming costs while you were away.

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Altering the Postpaid Plan

Changing a postpaid plan might occasionally result in a significant charge. This is because pro-rata billing may be used if you switch to a different postpaid plan within the billing cycle.


Whether postpaid connections cost more than prepaid connections is entirely up to the individual subscribers. Some prepaid customers can use a more expensive plan to suit their needs. On the other hand, prepaid consumers must frequently fill up their accounts whenever their internet, Talktime, or SMS balance runs out, which drives up their overall spending relative to postpaid. Almost all telecom providers offer affordable postpaid packages in the same spectrum as their prepaid ones. One must use prudence when working with a postpaid connection to prevent bill shock. Another essential thing to remember is to use a leading and trusted payment service provider like MobiKwik for your bill payment.

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