What is 3D modeling and what is it used for?

What is 3D modeling and what is it used for?

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April 20th, 2024

3D modeling is actively used to create many things that we see in our daily lives. We’ve all used 3D modeling technology, from video games to architecture. These concepts need to be known and understood in our everyday life. What is 3D modeling? 3D models are created in a computer 3D modeling program.

In 3D modeling for games, you can determine the size, shape, and texture of objects. This process uses points, lines, and polygons to create 3D shapes in games or other software.

What are the basic principles of the 3D modeling process?

You can quickly and efficiently change any point on the model to change its shape. The software uses explicitly coordinate data to determine the location of each vertical and horizontal point relative to the reference point. From the first shape, you can start forming any shape you want.

Why is 3D modeling needed in 2024?

In many business environments, gaming companies rely on 3D modeling to fulfill their goals for various business and gaming projects. We will probably use many different 3D-modeled objects without even knowing that they are included in the list of current needs.

The critical possibilities of 3D modeling in gaming are limitless. 3D modeling means the creation of three-dimensional three-dimensional objects in special computer programs.

There are two main types of 3D modeling: polygonal and parametric.

The first study used polygons as a basis, which are planes of several vertices connected by edges. Such a set of polygons is called a grid and can be placed anywhere (on points or in the same plane). The quality of the model is determined by the number of polygons in the model. The fewer such layers, the more clumsy the object looks.

The polygon modeling method is the most popular because it is used to create and design special effects for games, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sculptures, and movies. For example, if you are creating game characters and don’t want to use exact dimensions, parametric modeling is suitable for industrial applications. We use a mathematical model and define its parameters. By changing the settings, you can create different combinations of patterns. Parametric modeling is an old and simple way of designing industrial components and mechanisms.

Achieving results in 3D graphics requires good spatial thinking. By mastering computer graphics, you can develop additional skills and use them in 3D printing, 3D gaming, animation, web design, virtual reality, architectural rendering, film effects, and more. 3D animation and graphics have long become an essential part of human life. Computer visualization surrounds us everywhere, even if we don’t realize it. Modern architectural, residential, commercial, and automotive designs began with computer models.

Development of various gaming products

The most famous application of 3D modeling is game development. 3D models are used to create characters, locations, props, and entire worlds in video games. Immersion is the key to a great game, and 3D modeling is the most effective and understandable way to create this effect in the game world. 3D modeling is also essential in the exciting field of virtual reality gaming.

Virtual reality games completely immerse the user in the game, creating exciting 3D worlds. Walla Walla Studio is where experienced professionals develop various 3D models for the game world. The software uses points, lines, and polygons to create 3D shapes. The software uses coordinate data to determine the position of each vertical and horizontal point relative to a visual reference point.

The field of 3D printing

3D printing

Of course, 3D printing is not possible without 3D modeling. Thanks to 3D printing, your 3D model becomes a physical object you can use for any work. These are not just miniature figurines and toys you make with a home printer. There are countless ways to use 3D printing. 3D printing is widely used in healthcare and can change lives. With its help, they created anatomically correct models for planning operations and individual prostheses and implants.

Architectural application of 3D modeling

Another critical application of 3D modeling is in architecture. 3D modeling provides a real opportunity for architects to plan beyond the traditional method of hand-drawn plans. With the development of technology, we can see a 3D image of a building even before it is completed. This is crucial for understanding the final product and other stakeholders during presentations. 3D modeling is vital to modern building design, as it allows you to identify potential problems in building structures that are not visible on 2D plans.

The field of animation

Once a 3D model is created, it can be fully manipulated and animated. This is very useful for animation. Animators heavily use 3D models for clean, fluid effects when making movies and TV shows. Most animated films use some form of 3D programming. Animation and its use are helpful for special effects, especially in film.

The field of product design creation

Many products we use in our daily lives must include 3D modeling. By creating a virtual 3D model of the product before its physical creation, errors can be detected, and the product can be modified accordingly.

By looking at an object’s size compared to other products, you can make a big difference in the production process. It will also help you:

  • Present your product idea to investors;
  • This allows you to showcase your product at a 360-degree angle;
  • This will enable stakeholders to visualize the result fully. It’s also cheaper than creating samples for later presentations.

Key types of software for implementing 3D modeling

3D printing

Because 3D modeling offers so many options and versatility, the corresponding software is just as comprehensive. 3D modeling software is available in different price ranges and specializes in other purposes, and each has its unique features and critical capabilities to realize the goals set by the developers. The most common uses of Blender include visual effects, animation, and 3D printing of models. It supports almost all key aspects of 3D modeling, making it ideal to work on different projects in different fields.


AutoCAD is a common and popular computer-aided design software; AutoCAD is a drafting and designing program that can be used for 2D and 3D projects. It is trendy among architects and engineers. It is also instrumental in product design and helps prevent defects before production starts. Unlike Blender, this 3D modeling software is not available for free download. You can learn how the program works by downloading the free trial version. Autodesk Maya is a potent software primarily used for animation (even in large animation studios).

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is considered the industry standard for animation and is a much more advanced option than Blender. Starting with free or cheap software can be helpful until you become an expert. Also, Autodesk Maya is much more complex than Blender because it has many additional features.

Active use of 3D game modeling in the gaming industry

Different 3d modeling services use 3D modeling for various game projects: https://wallawallastudio.com/3d-game-modeling/. A 3D model should have many elements that we use randomly. The possibilities of 3D modeling are endless. It is a versatile environment that can be used for many purposes. It features one of the most popular applications of 3D modeling: the computer and mobile gaming industry. In video games, characters, places, objects, and even the entire world are created using 3D models.

Immersion is essential to any quality game, and 3D modeling effectively creates immersive game content. 3D modeling is necessary for virtual reality games, a separate, exciting field. Virtual reality games allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and explore a 3D environment.

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