Top 5 Benefits For Utilizing ScanSnap In Your Office

Top 5 Benefits For Utilizing ScanSnap In Your Office

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July 16th, 2023

Most businesses are using less paper than they were two decades ago, but society is far from paperless. Storing paper documents takes up space in your office. Trying to find paper documents is time consuming. Scansnap is the answer to transform paper documents into actionable data. Scansnap scanners are perfect for the home office and small business. Enterprise-level scanners handle larger stacks of paperwork.

Easy One Button Scanning

Scansnap scanners, like the FI 7030, are easy to use. Push one button to scan documents, so you aren’t spending hours at a scanner to handle a stack of paperwork. By scanning paper documents, you’ll be more productive because you won’t have excess paper piling up, cluttering your desk and office.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Fujitsu 7600 and all other models connect to the wi-fi in your office. Documents can be shared between staff members, even in multiple locations. Documents can be saved to the cloud or to your own server, depending on your security setup. You can fulfill all compliance obligations by organizing and indexing your documents to meet the demands of your industry and any auditor.

Information Preservation

Paper ages quickly. The more a document is handled, the quicker it disintegrates. Scanning your documents and information protects against physical deterioration. Even older records scanned into the database will be legible years from now. You can preserve documents for your business, awards and recognition and newspaper articles for years to come.

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Increased Office Space

Without having to store every piece of paper from your business, you can get rid of file cabinets to have more space for team members or clients. Free up storage space. Save money by not paying for extra rooms just to store paper. The thousands of pages that take up space in a filing cabinet can easily be stored on a hard drive or in the cloud. And imagine how much easier it will be if you ever have to move.

Disaster Recovery

Fire, water and other natural disasters can easily damage paper documents. Digital images can be accessed from anywhere when stored in the cloud, so you aren’t trying to restore vital information after a flood or fire. You can keep going even in the worst circumstances.

Digital Scanning Is Better For the Environment

It’s estimated that the average office worker uses 10 reams of paper each year. You may still have to use that paper, but now it can be recycled instead of stored in a cabinet. Document scanning reduces your reliance on paper. Those files no longer sit in the office, collecting dust. Employees save time because they can easily access documents online instead of searching through mountains of paper. It’s better for the environment and improves customer service.

Seamlessly connect employees with Scanscap scanners for improved collaboration and workflow. Find scanners that fit into your industry and services. Going digital may not completely get rid of paperwork, but you can find ways to make work easier.

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