Things You Need to Know About Access Control Systems

Things You Need to Know About Access Control Systems

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
April 29th, 2024

The demand for devices that provide a high level of security is growing consistently. Leading manufacturers in the locksmith industry respond by producing new lock and security systems. These devices are not upgraded versions of traditional lock systems but completely new technology in the industry.

Now, electronic access control systems are widely used by various commercial establishments to safeguard their assets and important documents. Some residential property owners also invest in these devices to secure their homes. The technology used in these devices makes attempts to break into your property difficult.

Benefits of Access Control Systems to Your Company

Access Control Systems

If you have a business needing high-level security, you might consider installing an electronic access control system at your headquarters. Here are some benefits of using it:

  • They lessen the use of keys

Keys, especially mechanical ones, are easily broken and lost, which can compromise the company’s security. Also, when the keys are stolen or misplaced, the lock system needs replacement, which incurs business costs.

When you switch to electronic access control systems for your company’s security, you will not have to worry about keys getting lost, broken, or stolen. Unlike other modern locks, EAC systems don’t require physical keys, even cards, to unlock a door. They only need people’s biometric information to register on the server.

  • They increase the productivity of employees.

When you have electronic access control for your security systems in the company, your employees will become more productive, especially those who constantly move from one room to another. Through EAC systems, you can set a universal passcode to different rooms or buildings you own. In effect, they will become more accessible to your employees. They will not have to rummage through their bags, pockets, or keychains to enter a specific room.

  • They keep a record of people accessing the system.

Advanced electronic access control systems can record the people going in and out of a specific room through their biometric logs. If an incident happens in a particular area in the office or building, it would be easy to find out which employees are involved. You can also use EAC systems to keep tabs on your employees’ arrival and departure.

  • They can limit access to a specific room.

Apart from providing access, EAC systems can also limit someone’s access to a specific room secured by it. You can program it by adding and removing employees’ names and information. You can also set the times and days of the week when workers are allowed to enter the room or building.

  • They can save money and energy.

The components of traditional lock systems, such as knobs, cylinders, and keys, are susceptible to wear and tear due to years of repetitive use. When you switch the company’s security to electronic access control systems, you can save money and energy from standard locksmith services. The frequency of call-outs will decrease because EAC systems are durable and generally only need regular maintenance to ensure their safety from hackers.

  • They provide unique and personalized security.

Electronic access control systems have one of the tightest security today. This is mainly due to its locking technology. Hackers would have difficulty accessing servers storing employees’ data and biometric records. Replicating or duplicating information is also almost impossible. As a result, critical physical documents will not be stolen by anyone outside the company.

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Types of Electronic Access Control Systems

There are several types of electronic access control systems in the market today. Here are the three most common EAC systems that locksmiths in Avon can install for your company’s security:

  • Biometric Access Control

Biometric technology is the most common type of access control system. This technology often uses fingerprints, which the device scans when people try to enter a building or open the door to a room safeguarded by it. Most companies use this to keep track of their employees’ attendance.

  • Proximity Access Control

The proximity access control system is ideal for businesses requiring a high level of security. It uses technology that detects electromagnetic fields, so it can identify immediately whether a person nearby is an employee or not. With this security system, a programmed card serves as a key to the room or building.

  • Door Access Control Systems

The door access control system is the most commonly used type of electronic lock in residential properties, but commercial establishments also have it. The system uses technology similar to cellphones and other gadgets that require PINs to unlock. It is an excellent mid-range security system because it doesn’t require complex programming.

Key Takeaway

When you have a business, it would be best to prioritize the security of your office building. An electronic access control system provides one of the highest security levels available today. The technology used in this device allows business owners to sleep soundly at night, knowing that an EAC system safeguards their company 24/7.

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