Lectric Electric Bikes Review 2024

Lectric Electric Bikes Review 2024

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May 14th, 2024

About Lectric Brand

Lectric is a new electric bike company in the United States that offers excellent customer service and makes high-quality folding e-bikes with parts from well-known companies in the industry. Even though it doesn’t have many models, Lectric is one of the electric bicycle brands in the US that is growing the fastest. It makes electric folding bikes for commuting and everyday riding that are easy on the wallet.

Lectric eBikes: History

In 2018, Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel, who were best friends, started Lectric Bikes in Phoenix, Arizona. They did this because they both had the same dream. The two had been friends but went to different colleges after high school. Robby got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, while Levi got a bachelor’s and a master’s in business entrepreneurship and leadership. That was the perfect mix of skills to start an e-bike business. Both customers and experts loved their first model, the Lectric XP. It looked good and cost less than $1,000.

The brand’s success is also due to its excellent customer service, free shipping, delivery with everything already assembled, and strong 1-year limited warranty. Electric Bikes is a good choice if you want to join the e-bike trend without breaking the bank and find out what all the e-fuss is about.

Lectric Best Models

  • Lectric XPremium

The Lectric XPremium is an affordable electric bike with many high-quality parts. This bike has a mid-drive motor that can produce up to 800 Watts (nominal 500W) power at its best. The Lectric XPremium can be used as a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 bike. Like the other XP models, riders can set the bike’s top speed using the LCD device. If you thought the bike’s motor was excellent, wait until you hear that the batteries can take up to 140 miles on a single charge. Yes, the XPremium has two lithium-ion batteries with 48V and 10.4Ah.

If you thought the bike’s motor was excellent, wait until you hear that the batteries can take up to 140 miles on a single charge. Yes, the XPremium has two lithium-ion batteries with 48V and 10.4Ah. The XPremium is different in every way. It has 160mm brakes that use hydraulics and a torque sensor. The bike has fat tyres and hydraulic forks that give the front wheel about 80mm more room to move when the road is bumpy.

  • XP 3.0

The Lectric XP 3.0 is a fat-tired electric bike with an attractive price that can be folded up. It comes as a class 2 bike, but you can turn it into a class 3 e-bike by changing the settings to make the max assisted speed 28 mph. This bike has a compact mid-fold aluminium frame in two colours (black and white) and two styles (step-over and step-through). A front oil suspension fork is built into the frame.

The electronics are the most crucial part. The rear hub of XP 3.0 has a 500W motor with a peak power of 1000W. The throttle or one of the five pedal-assist levels can control it. The 48V is entirely built into the top tube and gives you a range of up to 45 or 65 miles (depending on the battery). You can keep track of all the essential ride data on the large, backlit LCD.

  • Lectric XP Lite

One of the least expensive electric bikes on the market today is the Lectric XP lite. This e-bike costs just under $900. It has a rear hub motor with up to 720W (nominal 300W) power and a removable battery that lets you ride up to 40 miles on a single charge. The bike can go up hills that aren’t too steep and up to 20 mph, even though it doesn’t have a multi-speed drivetrain. Ryan from Ebike Escape put the Lectric XP Lite through a real-world test by riding it up an 8.2% grade hill. It did pretty well.

It reached the top of the hill with an average speed of 10 miles per hour in throttle-only mode. At its highest power setting (pedal-assist level 5), the bike could go up the same hill as fast as 13 miles per hour. One of the best things about the XP Lite is that its frame can be folded up and is very light. The bike can be folded into almost half its entire length, and it weighs less than 50 pounds, which is lighter than most foldable electric bikes (46 pounds, to be exact). Even though the frame is light, the bike can hold up to 275 lbs of weight. If you weigh a lot, you should check out this e-bike.

Where do they make electric bikes?

Lectric e-bikes are made in China but are designed and put together in Phoenix, Arizona. All of the products made by the e-bike brand come from factories in Asia.

How far can an electric bike travel?

A full charge for a Lectric e-bike will allow it to go about 25 miles. The only electric bike from Lectric that can go more than 100 miles on a single charge is the XPremium.

Bottom Line: Should you buy an electric bike?

E-bikes from Lectric are fun and affordable and can help you with many problems. If you are okay with parts that won’t break the bank and a design that won’t win any beauty contests, you’ll be happy with this purchase. What’s essential is that Lectric bikes get the job done, and they do it with as little trouble as possible. You can get two e-bikes for the price of one from most competitors, and you can ride with a friend on a bike that can go over different types of terrain.

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