JAP-JustAnotherPanel Review (Based on My Experience)

JAP-JustAnotherPanel Review (Based on My Experience)

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
August 4, 2023

If you are an entrepreneur like me who wants to grow your business, I recommend you read my experience.

I turned my hobby into a business and created a jewelry brand two years ago. Yet, being a newborn brand, it was a challenge for me to promote it. The best way to promote my brand is to have a successful Instagram account with a high engagement rate and many followers.

I spent much time both creating a strategy and executing it on Instagram. But I was always unsuccessful as it was not my field of profession. I realized that using an SMM (Social Media Marketing) panel would be my solution to boost my brand’s account. I was told that that way, I could concentrate on my products, and Instagram success would eventually follow me.

Then, I started using SMM panels. Before my JAP discovery, I had a miserable experience with SMM panels. Do you want to learn why I said this? Keep reading.

My Experience Before Finding JAP

When I first started using JAP’s SMM panels, I was so desperate with my Instagram account and expecting a miracle from these panels. I tried three different panels, and all three were big disappointments.

High Price Does Not Indicate High Quality

Firstly, I used to have this understanding that the pricier a product/service is, the better quality you get. Yet, I learned that it is not the case. I used three pricy SMM panels, and the results were very disappointing. Please do not let the prices fool you! Because, in my case, the more money I spent, the bigger my disappointment was. JAP became my prince charming with its affordable and effective service.

Not Receiving Results

Considering the money I spent, I expected the outcome to be shocking. It was not the case. Those panels swindled me. The outcomes that they promised were not happening. The followers did not increase in the promised amount, and they even dropped one week later. The panels did not compensate for the drops in the follower count.

Lack Of Customer Support

With these frustrations, I wanted to contact the responsible people. Yet, I was not able to reach anyone responsible. No one was responding to my e-mails. I was left alone with my disappointments. That is why customer support became my top priority in my further search for SMM panels.

My JAP Experience

After all these disappointments, one day, I came across JAP. Reading all the positive reviews about JAP gave me the courage to give it a go. This was the best decision I have ever made. Because after using JAP, I started to reach all my Instagram goals. Let me tell you why I am that much happy and satisfied with JAP:

My Top Reasons for Preferring to Use JAP

Among so many reasons, I gathered my top favorite reasons to use JAP for you so that you can clarify the question marks on your mind about this panel.

The Price

As I had done thorough research before finding JAP, I am familiar with the prices in the market. I can guarantee that JAP has one of the lowest prices in the market. There are so many expensive but very ineffective panels around. Until today, I was fooled by their marketing statements, big promises, and the perceptions they built on lies. But now, I receive a way better service at a significantly better price.


When purchasing services or products online, I always hesitate to share data. In my first purchase with JAP, I was hesitant again. But thankfully the payment process was and still is secure. I have been a customer of JAP for a year now, and I trust their service and payment security as their system is designed to provide an extra layer of security.

Quick Results

It is great to see the results right away! No more waiting for hours and crossing your fingers to receive effective results. JAP is designed to satisfy its customers the moment they make their purchases. As you can imagine, this is something that impressed me a lot. In addition to that, the likes and followers do not drop because JAP helps you to reach your target audience.

24/7 Customer Support

As I mentioned above, I was so fed up with being left alone with the disappointment I experienced caused by the ineffective service. With JAP, I can always reach an authorized person to tell my problems, questions, and whatever comes to mind about the panel. This is a great relief for me. That is why I use it all the time. I even overwhelmingly contact them to ask my questions! They always kindly answer my questions and solve my problems.

Variety Of Services

My experience with JAP is for Instagram. But you can buy its services for Instagram and YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. It provides all the metrics you need for an effective and successful social media account. So, if you have questions about its services, I recommend you check the panel out, as there are many options.

Time For Your Decision

I am happy to share my SMM panel journey with you. Starting with a big failure, my journey transformed into one that made my dream come true. I hope I was able to give you an overall idea about what previously did not work out with other platforms and what is working out now with JAP. Now it is time to make your decision. Ready, set, go!

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