How to estimate web application development cost ?

How to estimate web application development cost ?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
July 5th, 2023

The relentless pursuit of becoming the best among their peers is one of the reasons why businesses innovate. In this process of innovation, enterprises sometimes don’t care about the price and end up paying more for the web app development cost. It is the same for all types of development and not just web applications. This is because it depends on what you want to develop and hence there is no exact answer to how much it costs for web application development. The reason is that there is no straight way to measure web app development pricing. But there is an estimate that ranges from $5000- $2,50,000 for businesses. It also depends on what type of application is decided to be developed.

As the cost of building an application is highly variable and thus it depends on what the business wants. Whether a simple application or medium or a complex web app- depending on the needs, the development approach is taken. This blog will disclose all the aspects playing a major role in web app development costs. In addition, we will also see tips and tricks to eliminate additional incurred costs for web app development that make the process expensive. So let’s get started.

Why develop a Web Application?

It isn’t a secret that web apps are in great demand, and this demand will only increase over the next few years with the inclusion of technologies like IoT devices and other wearables. These technologies have become widely used. The industries that now dominate the market for web applications have covered almost all sectors including e-commerce, retail, travel, media & entertainment, education, and healthcare.

In order to effectively promote the business as a brand, businesses must make sure they have a strong internet presence. And what better way than developing web applications to ease the process of doing business? Many businesses connect with their customers online, and these companies utilize specially designed web applications to ensure that they achieve the twin goals of having an online presence and allowing customers to conveniently conduct their transactions online.

A web application helps companies target and connect with potential and current consumers fast and effectively by using a website as the main access point.

Factors that Impact the cost of Web App Development

mobile app development

Web applications can be thought of as dynamic websites paired with server-side programming that offer functions including interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and producing results for browsers. Online banking, social networking, shopping cart or eCommerce apps, online reservations, interactive games, etc. are a few examples of common web apps.

Since there are many aspects involved in the cost factor, we have decided to point out all the vital ones which will help web app development teams as well as companies. The web application cost factor will be a game changer if you understand the following factors and make a move accordingly. Since there are many aspects involved in the cost factor, we have decided to point out all the vital ones which will help web app development teams as well as companies. The web application cost factor will be a game changer if you understand the following factors and make a move accordingly.

Scope Of Work

The influence of cost is the first consideration while developing an app’s functionality. It does have an impact on whether you want to construct a straightforward internet store or an original, intricate piece of custom software. The scope completely depends on whether businesses want to develop simple web apps or complex and progressive web apps or any other type.

If you want to create anything more complex and advanced, it will take more time and cost more money. Therefore, it relies on how the scope of work turns out.

Businesses should consider the quality of the code in web application development projects. Quality cannot be compromised at the time for building your task, it shows they are aware of how long it will take to do it. However, if they have discovered a bug or other problem, or anything, it can take longer than expected. Before completing the fundamental section of their web app development project, organizations should do in-depth market research to understand the breadth. With multiple APIs, hosting, databases, compatibility; the more intricate the web project, the longer it will take to develop and the more money it will cost.

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Complexity of UI/UX Design

Data-Driven Social Media Experiences

Web programs might sound complex for many because of its several intricate UI and UX components. It will cost more than those with fewer, simpler ones, just like features do. At this point, a UI/UX designer works on the user interface of your web app, taking into account your requirements, the quirks of your target audience, and the commercial objectives your web app must meet.

The level of graphics and the number of animations have a significant impact on the overall development cost. In comparison to other template-based alternatives, these customized UI/UX design services are more expensive. The difference depends on the number of icons, the intricacy of the design, where the icons are placed, if they are animated, whether social media is integrated, and how the web app looks and feels overall. Given that UI/UX design is all about encouraging audience participation, all of these elements are extremely important.

Hiring Options

When it comes to web application development, the cost can vary greatly based on the service type you choose. Every business processes have standard ways of hiring dedicated developers.

Here are three common ways to select developers:

  1. Independent programmers aka Freelancers
  2. Internal team / inhouse web app developers
  3. An outsourcing firm

Depending on the needs of your project, any of these custom solutions may be appropriate in various circumstances.

Independent programmers aka Freelancers

The least expensive alternative for hiring web developers is freelancing, especially if your budget is tight. There are dozens of websites that can assist you in finding freelancers to create custom web applications according to your needs. Depending on the area, freelancers’ hourly fees are much less expensive than any other method. There are certain advantages that freelancers can offer to your business.

Advantages of Hiring Freelancers

Self-employed individuals who work as freelancers and charge clients on a project-by-project basis enjoy the following advantages:

  1. With Freelancing you get a team that can be quick and affordable at the same time.
  2. The actions of independent freelancers will be directly under your supervision.
  3. There are no up-front fees.
  • This engagement model’s disadvantage is that you can’t rely on one person to finish a significant web app development project.
  • This requires careful attention from knowledgeable developers and detailed knowledge of the web development project.
  • Also, if one of them turns back, the whole process will stay.

Inhouse Team

This is a good option for your web app development process, your internal staff or are looking for specialists to work remotely for your business. So, if you are a business ready to manage multiple projects and wish to be fully involved in the process, choosing an in-house team is the best option.

There are several advantages that the internal team is capable to offer like:

  1. You get to take the total command of the team.
  2. Unhampered communication when trying to build custom apps.
  3. Ability to change something in the middle
  1. Long and difficult hiring procedure because you have to hire each team member separately.
  2. To assist you with the project’s testing and specification, you must select a tech team for software development.
  3. Unexpected web development costs.

Outsourcing Company

Many people seem to think that outsourcing is the best option. In this case, you’ll develop a high-quality end product, shorten the project’s budget, and speed up the time to market. The crucial aspect of outsourcing app development companies is that they are in charge of project management and product delivery.

  1. For building a custom web application, you can choose from a sizable pool of qualified experts.
  2. They have business analysts on their staff to assess the project.
  3. Delivery of a functional product within the allotted period that was confirmed.
  1. Since there are experienced and expert resources, the cost of outsourcing firms is pretty higher than those of freelancers but lower than those of in-house developers.

Project Size

Another considerable aspect here is the volume of the project that is taken into account. Most of the time, it occurs that everything is fine but then the deadline is not met because of the size of the project. The size of the project varies and accordingly the expense of the project also increases. The cost to develop a project increases with the size of the team required to develop it. Not simply because of the size, but also because each team involved will require project managers to handle the process.

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MVP Development

It’s time to start working on the product now. When developing an MVP, the fundamental elements of the product are actually implemented. A traditional web application or PWA must be tested to ensure that it satisfies all business needs. Additionally, the QA engineer should test each new feature to guarantee that your program performs as intended.

It’s vital to keep in mind, though, that as the business itself develops over time, so are the project needs increased.

Now that the prototype is functional and the design is complete, work can begin on the actual product. Software engineering actually takes place throughout MVP development. To ensure that your PWA or traditional web app satisfies all of your business requirements, backend and frontend engineers collaborate. At the same time, quality assurance engineers examine each new feature to ensure that your program performs as intended.


Improved customer support is provided by web apps. They might be the first point of contact between your company and potential clients. Additionally, they are always accessible and promote client loyalty.

Even once the web app is complete and open to the public, the effort is not done. Any app needs support, whether it be handling unforeseen cyberattacks or carrying out regularly scheduled web app maintenance.

There are two ways to handle the post-development period: either be prepared to foot the bill for the web developer team’s assistance or wait to pay until any form of problem arises before covering the price of repair. Which strategy is more preferable is entirely up to you.


If you are in some kind of urgency, be prepared that it will always turn out to be expensive. And the IT industry is no different. If you want to get things developed at a faster pace than normal, the price you are expected to pay is much more than normal. A high-quality web app that you need right away will undoubtedly cost you more. Depending on how urgently you need the app, the web app price may change.

How Much Does it Cost for Web App Development?

How to estimate web application development cost ?

Without carefully considering all the factors, no web development company will ever give you the complete cost of developing a custom app. Additionally, the pricing may alter more than once while the project is being worked on, particularly for sophisticated and complex projects. Here are some fundamental factors to take into account when calculating the price of implementing your initial idea.

The market

One must understand that the price of a custom website for a significant medical or engineering company will be very different from that of an online clothing store. In the first instance, you deal with a well-liked mass-market project that is simple to complete and, thus, affordable.

User interface challenge

The development team can use free predefined template layouts for your app’s user interface (UI) if they want to. This will help to keep your costs to a minimum. However, a distinctive design is a need if you want your company to stand out and be truly recognizable. Again, the final cost is determined by the overall intricacy, features, extras, animations, etc. Ideally, the UI should be appealing, adaptable, and simple.

Project needs and unique custom web apps

To provide developers a complete understanding of what you want, you must be ready to respond to a number of questions if you want to create a bespoke web app from scratch. The strategy of “I want my app to be as awesome as Uber” won’t work in this situation. First, make an effort to precisely explain the desired outcome, including both its composition and appearance. Second, make an effort to outline potential routes there. Create an iconographic model, if possible. Give as many details as you can because doing so will save developers’ time and the project money.

Adapting or developing a web app on an existing concept

Using an existing app or project as a starting point is an alternative method. On the one hand, it’s simpler to modify an existing idea than to create a new one from scratch. Hence, web application development costs vary when you already have a base. This makes the development process a lot easier than expected. The web application development cost will include the backend development, the frontend development, and other additional costs too.

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Ways To Reduce The Web App Development Cost

Mobile Application Development

MVP works well

The minimum viable product is applicable to more than only new businesses and market segments. If necessary, the MVP approach is the ideal solution to lower the cost of developing a web application. The price of developing a web application will increase if you have more features in mind. And you’ll be able to save money and reassess the set of features if you’re ready to give up robust functionality in favor of a stylish, minimalist MVP.

Use Template Solutions

If creating an MVP is insufficient, try it the other way around, prioritize instead of chopping away features. Decide which features from the feature set are essential, then implement them right away. As a result, initially, some basic functionality will be sacrificed in order to stay within the budget. It doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore it; just implement your ideas gradually, taking into account your financial situation. The greatest strategy for it will be time and material because you’ll just pay for the task completed and the expense of developing a bespoke web application will be manageable.

Look for a Cheaper Workforce

Remember that the need for enterprise web applications is growing globally right now, so you won’t have any trouble finding the proper outsourcing company or web developers. The location of the tech team will affect the price of web application development. It will be different for different places. Like, say Eastern Europe it would be about a middle range between $20 and $50, while the US, Canada, and Western Europe are on the pricey side ranging from $100 to $250 per hour.

Geographically, Asia is generally being the least expensive, ranging between $15 and $25. It could also vary as per project size, the need for resources, the development team, and other essential factors where software development costs would be slightly varying depending on what you choose.

Factors that cannot be overlooked

There will always be interactive elements you absolutely cannot cut out, even if there are others you can cut back on. For the web app development scenario, let’s specify those.

Mandate Functionality

The obvious one is a team that is working properly. Some firm owners are so eager to save money that they simply do without team members that are “unnecessary,”. In this process, the major focus gets shifted many times which is to not compromise on mandatory functionalities. There are many stakeholders such as business analysts, project managers, or even QA engineers who play a major role in delivering desired results. These teams will help to achieve the set goal by not compromising on the fundamentals of web application development.

Experienced resources

The knowledge is also far more valuable than you might realize, particularly if you need a sophisticated enterprise solution. Your development team will produce a more well-thought-out and market-specific solution the more experienced they are in a given area. It is advisable to hire experienced web developers who understand the process and can deliver the results within the expected time frame.

Research and Progress

Always perform the right research so as to progress in the right direction. The development procedure doesn’t truly include analysis and market research. Prior to the actual coding step, you or web app developers should do this task. And those that skip this step frequently see their solution fail to generate revenue.


By this point, we hope that you have a general notion of the costs associated with developing a web app. You may now begin working on your project in accordance with your expected budget thanks to this clarity. The cost of web applications is affected by many different aspects, therefore aiming to cut web application costs may not be an effective strategy. Don’t hurry into signing a contract with a vendor if their estimate for developing an app is significantly different from other vendors or lower than you had anticipated. Prior to moving on, it is preferable to obtain a thorough estimate. You’ll be able to save time and money if you comprehend this.

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