ExtraTorrent Proxy And Similar Sites – 100% Working ExtraTorrent.cc Site

ExtraTorrent Proxy And Similar Sites – 100% Working ExtraTorrent.cc Site

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
April 13th, 2024

The BitTorrent algorithm made a vast library of digital content available, right? This has made ExtraTorrents a significant player in online file sharing. Millions of people liked it because it had a vast library of movies, music, software, and other things they could download and share. Despite this, the site faced many legal problems that shut it down. This study looks into what happened after ExtraTorrents and its proxy services were used and the results of those uses.

What is ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent quickly became famous because it had a lot of content, was easy to use, and had powerful search tools. It was easy for people to use this page to find and download torrents from many different types and styles. The good news is that ExtraTorrent has everything, from brand-new films to old favourites. On the home page, the torrents were organised into many categories. This made it easy to find the torrent file by browsing the category you sought. That’s also what the site’s search box is for, which made it even easier to look for things.

As you entered a word, more options to make your searches more specific came up. You can sort the findings by date, category, number of seeders, and number of leechers, among other things. This made it easy to find your way around and speed up the downloading process. You can also download files on ExtraTorrent without ever having to sign up or pay anything. Anyone can download files from the ExtraTorrents website. Because of this, more people from all over the world could use the site.

Pros of ExtraTorrent :

  • There are many kinds of free materials available.
  • Quality is based on ratings and notes from the community.
  • When you use P2P sharing, you often get fast file speeds as a bonus.

Cons of ExtraTorrent :

  • There are legal and piracy problems that could lead to legal consequences.
  • Possible for harmful software or files that give false information.

Does ExtraTorrent still make sense in 2024?

Even in 2024, proxy sites and mirrors will still let you access ExtraTorrents, but they won’t keep your online activities secret. If your ISP finds out you are torrenting, they may limit the data you can send and receive. If you use a proxy or mirror site, your IP address might be exposed or put at risk by seeing harmful ads or links.

In 2024, if you want to use ExtraTorrents, you should use a VPN because of this. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, encrypt data sent over the internet and send it through the safe servers you choose. Your IP address will be hidden, so no one can tell where or what you’re doing online. A virtual private network (VPN) makes it easy to get around content blocks based on where you are. In this case, to watch Netflix US from Nigeria, all you need to do is join one of their servers in the US.

Still, not every VPN is the same. Some may track what you do online, have slow connections, or not have enough advanced features. Because of this, it is essential to pick a service with reliable performance, fast data transfer rates, strong security measures, and many other valuable features. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in 2024 for accessing ExtraTorrents. It has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy that is followed, a kill switch that can be activated, split tunnelling options with unlimited bandwidth, and customer service that is available 24/7.

Why is it against the law to use an ExtraTorrent Proxy?

Even if the content creator’s income decreases, the extra torrent will still serve illegal music, software, modules, and other things. Because of this, more pirate sites were shut down by the government. Stopping piracy is an impossible job. They are the same when you compare extra torrent proxies to other torrent proxy services. ExtraTorrent proxy services let you access and use many blocked files for free.

Could the government ban ExtraTorrent and other sites like it?

The government can go after ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites and ban them if they want to enforce copyright rules and control online content. Even though new sites often appear to replace those taken down, the law could still shut down these sites. There is a lot of complicated interaction between copyright authorities and proxy site operators in this ongoing fight.

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It Is Illegal to Download the Torrent List of Country Sites

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom
  • Russian Federation
  • Turkey

The Correct Way to Use ExtraTorrent

  1. Know What You’re Doing: Before downloading from a torrent site, you should investigate the possible legal and security problems that could arise. Find out what the rules are in your country regarding this.
  2. Pick a VPN You Can Trust: It’s essential to pick a VPN You Can Trust. If you want to keep your online actions private and unnoticed, look for a VPN service with fast servers, strong encryption, and no logs of what you do.
  3. Do Your Homework: Before you choose a proxy site, make sure you check to see if it’s up and running and safe to use. Online groups and forums that you can trust can be great places to find the most up-to-date information.
  4. Check the Torrent: Don’t just look at the file size and the number of peers to seeds; read the comments to get an idea of how good the torrent is and whether there are any issues. The user’s reputation is also essential.
  5. Make Sure Your Settings Are Correct: Before downloading, ensure your BitTorrent client is set up correctly to get the fastest downloads while protecting your privacy and safety.
  6. Wait. Some movies, like 4K or HD movies, may have large file sizes, so you’ll need to wait while they download.
  7. Keep your security software up to date: To improve your ability to find and stop threats, regularly update your antivirus and anti-malware software.
  8. The Interface: ExtraTorrents was designed sensibly, making it easy for people of all skill levels to use and explore.
  9. Feedback from the Community: One of the best things about the site was that it made a lively community where people could share their ideas, get feedback, and share their thoughts.
  10. Strong Demand and Support from Users: Even though it was shut down, its material can still be accessed through proxies, which shows that the community will always back it.

Why ExtraTorrents Is Important for Advice

  1. The platform had a lot of unique and hard-to-find material that fit some personalities and interests.
  2. Finding new material and getting reliable downloads was easy because the community was active. Members shared and participated in discussions.
  3. ExtraTorrents made entertainment easier to obtain and helped shape digital culture by providing a global platform for sharing material.

Is ExtraTorrent Safe To Use?

There are more safety concerns than just the obvious ones, like viruses and legal issues. People also worry about their data and privacy when they use the internet. In this day and age, when data is valuable, both groups that police copyright laws and groups that want to collect data are interested in how people use sites like ExtraTorrents. To satisfy their desire for free material, users must weigh the pros and cons of these platforms, such as the chance that their digital footprint and privacy will be invaded.

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Top ExtraTorrents Proxy List

1Extratorrent Proxy 1Live
2Extratorrent Proxy 2Live
3Extratorrent2 Proxy 3Live
4Extratorrent Proxy 4Live
5Extratorrent Proxy 5Live
6Extratorrent Proxy 6Live
7Extratorrent Proxy 7Live
8Extratorrent Proxy 8Live
9Extratorrent Proxy 9Live
10Extratorrent Proxy 10Live
11Extratorrent Proxy 11Live
12Extratorrent2 Prox 12Live
13Extratorrent Proxy 13Live
14Extratorrent Proxy 14Live
15Extratorrent Proxy 15Live
16Extratorrent Proxy 16Live
17Extratorrent Proxy 17Live
18Extratorrent Proxy 18Live
19Extratorrent Proxy 19Live

Top ExtraTorrent  Alternatives



  • Number of visitors:> 70 million per month
  • Subjects: Movies, TV shows
  • Maximum number of peers: > 10.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2010

YIFY is the best download site out there. It is the way to go if you want to find an alternative to ExtraTorrent. Here, you can watch over a million films, TV shows, reality shows, sports, videos, etc. Using an easy-to-use search bar, you can look for movies by rating, genre, and year they came out. There is also a rating system with 10 points. Ads will appear when you click on a link or menu item for the first time on the site.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

  • Number of visitors: > 30 million per month
  • Topics: Video
  • Maximum number of peers: > 8.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2003

Pirate Bay is one of the largest and oldest torrent networks, having run strong since 2003. Despite outages, limitations, and lawsuits, its torrent base survived to reboot and reclaim its top three torrent tracker ranks. TPB resembles ExtraTorrent more than others. Its “old school” functionality, a wide range of shared file categories, and simple search make it a tremendous ExtraTorrent alternative.

3. Kickass Torrent


  • Number of visitors: > 20 million per month
  • Topics: Video
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Number of torrents: > 300 thousand
  • Year of foundation: 2008

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Even though ExtraTorrent was one of the top three torrent sites overall, Kickass Torrents was its most famous rival. Kickass kept their base and got back up and running even though both sites were down. It kept its spot even though it dropped out of the top five regarding participation. You can find new songs, TV shows, films, and more on Kickass Torrents.

4. 1337X


  • Number of visitors: > 30 million per month
  • Topics: All
  • Maximum number of peers: > 4.000
  • Number of torrents: > 100 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: 2007

The 1337X is another excellent choice that is used a lot. This site has full-fledged libraries of torrent content for movies and TV shows, over 100,000 files and magnet links and many valuable resources on every possible topic (movies, video games, soft, etc.).

Should I use it?

When deciding whether to use ExtraTorrents or its proxies to get free content, there are more things to consider than just the pros and cons of legal and security problems. People should also consider how their actions affect the ecosystem when making and sharing digital material from an ethical and moral point of view. Because more and more writers and artists are making a living on digital platforms, copyright violations can be seen in real life. Using these platforms shows where you stand in the larger conversation about copyright, innovation, and the sharing economy. It’s also a personal choice.


It’s interesting to see how society, law, and technology are all connected in our digital lives through the story of ExtraTorrents. The lessons we can learn from ExtraTorrents’ rise and fall are still helpful as we wait for new digital technology to make significant steps forward. They show how important it is to have a fair copyright system that protects creators’ rights and how the internet has changed how people receive information and culture. As we move into the future, reading ExtraTorrents’ story inspires us to make the internet a place that encourages new ideas, protects creation, and allows information to flow freely.


What does copyright law have to do with file sharing and torrenting?

Copyright laws usually say that you can’t share protected information without permission, but this can be different in different places. Copyright laws can be broken when material is shared without permission. One way this can happen is through torrenting.

Will tech be able to stop hacking in the end?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and other types of monitoring technology can help reduce piracy, but they can’t fix the issue of low prices and easy access, which is what causes the crime in the first place. To address the real reasons behind piracy, a bigger plan is needed. This plan should include teaching, changing the rules, and investigating new ways to make money.

What kind of help do ISPs give in the fight against piracy?

Internet service providers (ISPs) can react to notices of copyright violations or block access to sites known to be involved in piracy. However, the laws and rules of their home countries usually decide how much they are involved.

In a moral and legal sense, can torrenting keep going?

There are good reasons to use torrenting as a tool, like sharing large amounts of data or open-source software. This means that it is not always illegal. Setting up a moral and legal system that protects copyrights and lets people use peer-to-peer technology in a useful way is hard.

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