ExpressVPN for Android | Costly or Worth it?

ExpressVPN for Android | Costly or Worth it?

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August 1st, 2023

VPN adds an excellent layer of protection by encrypting traffic, uploading, and downloading from your device to the server. In addition, changing the country offers a vast potential for accessing content on a broader scale.

ExpressVPN has become a big name among the top VPN services in the past few years. The sponsorship ads from YouTube content creators, social media campaigns, and other forms of advertisement really helped this brand reach new heights. In 2021, Express got acquired by Kape Technologies for around $1 billion dollars.

It is undoubtedly a superior VPN service but comes at an expensive cost. You can use VPNs daily to browse social media on public Wi-Fi or access blocked content. The server points are almost everywhere, and there are many other benefits.

However, the primary question that almost every other person considers is the quality of service for such a premium price point. Is ExpressVPN for Android worth the cost? Let’s dig deep into the benefits and compare them with others to understand.

ExpressVPN Price Chart

ExpressVPN offers three different plans, which are based on period. If you buy a full year of ExpressVPN membership, you get discounts and reduced prices on a monthly fee. The current plans from ExpressVPN are as follows –

ExpressVPN for Android

Meanwhile, you are also getting the option to choose between different payment modes. You can pay through various mediums, and these are as follow –

ExpressVPN for Android

ExpressVPN also offers exclusive features based on the different plans. Let’s learn more about the usability and components for more comparison.

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Pricing Offered By ExpressVPN

We know that with the highest speed of ExpressVPN, it is also expensive, and that’s why some people cannot afford it. ExpressVPN provides all plans with the same features; it doesn’t provide any particular part behind any specific plan. Remember the thing that if you choose a more extended subscription, you are going to save better.

  • The 1-month plan comes with a price range of $12.95.
  • Another has a 6-months plan with a price range of $59.95, or you can pay $9.99 per month.
  • The monthly plan also has a one-year plan, with a price range of $99.95, or you can also pay $8.32 monthly.

ExpressVPN also provides a discount of 35% for a yearly subscription, which is still twice the price you will pay for other VPN services.

What are the Benefits of Using ExpressVPN?

There is a wide range of advantages to using ExpressVPN; some of these are:

Provides Access To Streaming Services

The incredible benefit of using ExpressVPN is getting access to streaming services. Using ExpressVPN, one can access all the things that can be streamed online, such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, etc. This benefit is the major attraction for today’s generation and why the users use ExpressVPN.

If you love streaming online, this is worth using ExpressVPN; it is best for entertainment. You can access all the shows on Netflix, Disney+, etc., unavailable on any other platform.

Keeps The Identity Confidential

ExpressVPN is best in keeping all your data secure and private; it has a unique function, i.e., the “kill switch,” a network lock. The network lock comes in use when the internet connection drops at your VPN server.

The Kill Switch comes into play and immediately blocks your device’s data traffic. The kill switch helps ensure that your data does not get leaked. It should be safe. In addition, once a server drops, all the activity will stop on your device until it finds another VPN server. In this way, ExpressVPN helps to keep your data safe.

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Don’t Keep Logging Details

ExpressVPN ensures that it doesn’t keep track of any of your activities like others. It doesn’t collect your information, such as URLs visited by you, IP address, etc., or all your activities on the internet. It provides you with good privacy by not keeping your logs collected somewhere.

ExpressVPN is among the top VPN providers in the market. However, it won’t keep any of your log activity over the internet. These logs may include your browsing history, traffic metadata or destination, DNS queries, IP addresses, etc.

Fastest Among All VPNs

According to all the testing reports, there is no degradation in the processing of ExpressVPN’s operating speed. ExpressVPN is tested among all the servers with all the locations and has never led it down. Its fastest processing speed makes it stand out from other VPNs in the market.

The ExpressVPN server is tested for the US server, EU server (Germany), Africa server (South Africa), Asia server (Singapore), and Australian server; it has performed so well with a speed of 500 Mbps, which is terrific.

Provides a Wide Range Of Locations For Servers

ExpressVPN for Android

ExpressVPN provides its users with a wide range of locations; it maintains servers in around 148 cities across 94 Countries. The content is in four regions: Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

These locations provide different kinds of tunneling protocols; it provides a great choice between the seven other security protocols. In addition, it has a massive number of servers, which means if one server gets down while surfing or if you choose a server that is not supported by the protocol you need, you also have a variety of others you can choose from.

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What Are The Disadvantages OF Using ExpressVPN?


The primary and only disadvantage of using ExpressVPN is its high price range. Due to its high prices, most users avoid it, which has made it lag in the market. In addition, it has a double price range compared to other VPN service providers.

Even though it offers a 35% discount for a yearly plan, it still ends at double the price compared to others. Moreover, although it has a high price, it doesn’t offer its customers a free trial for even one day. Instead, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer doesn’t like its services.

Does ExpressVPN Has a Free Version?

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer its customers a free version or free trial. Instead, it has a 30-days money-back guarantee in which it ensures its customers refund the whole amount if they don’t like their services.

Some people do not use ExpressVPN because it doesn’t provide any free services to its customers.


Using ExpressVPN is very beneficial as it provides many benefits to its customers, such as high speed, keeping data safe, etc. But keeping all these points aside, it comes with a very high pricing range which is not affordable for many people.

So, if you can afford this much price range, you should go with this; it is the best among all the VPNs on the market. But if you can’t afford to use ExpressVPN but also want one, then you can go with other options such as NordVPN, Atlas VPN (affordable), etc., which also provide good services at an affordable price range.

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