Essex Drain Unblocking Services and How They Efficiently Clean and Clear Your System

Essex Drain Unblocking Services and How They Efficiently Clean and Clear Your System

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Technology, Published On
June 12, 2023

Have a suspected drain blockage? Getting it cleared as soon as possible is the priority for many Essex homeowners. Suddenly, you can no longer use your sink or shower, which can be irritating and affect your daily routine.

So, what is the best solution for this type of difficulty?

It is proposed that you use drain unblocking services. There are professional drainage companies in Essex that can assist you quickly. In particular, they can offer you an efficient service that cleans and clears the drainage system. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Safe Methods for Effective Unblocking

Essex Drain Unblocking

Many homeowners in Essex believe they can remove a blockage themselves. But, this is often not the case. Know that chemical drain products claim they can unblock and clean the pipes. Yet, they can end up causing damage. Instead, you can guarantee safer methods using a drainage company. Here are some of the safe methods they use.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

One of the best ways to unblock a drain is to use high-pressure water jetting. Simply, the power of the water flushes out the pipes, taking any debris away with it. Effectively, the blockages are blasted away. It is not necessary to use any chemicals or additional ingredients. It is all down to the water. For reliable drain unblocking services that use high-pressure water jetting, contact FS Drainage. They have an experienced team and all of the best high-pressure water equipment to clean and unblock drains for customers in Essex.

Drain Rodding

Have you heard of drain rodding before? This is when rods are used in the pipes to clear a blockage. They are able to break through it and ensure that debris no longer causes an obstruction in the pipes. Again, there is no reason to use chemicals or any strong ingredients to unblock the drain. It is simply a rod, a professional and a bit of force. It is best if a professional uses drain rodding to clear blockages. They know how to use the equipment properly and to avoid unnecessary damage.

CCTV Inspection

Some blockages are complicated. Since you cannot see into the pipes, it can be difficult to know the best solution. But, this is where drainage companies know what to do. They can carry out a CCTV inspection, allowing a view of what is happening. Then, the best solution can be selected for clearing the blockage.

Avoid the Dangers Posed by Chemical Drain Cleaners

Some Essex homeowners fall for the false promises of chemical drain cleaners. Brands assure you that their concoction of ingredients will unblock the drain and solve all your problems. But, it often does not work this way. Let’s take a look at the dangers you can avoid with drain unblocking services.

Skip the Heat

As mentioned, drain unblocking teams come to your home armed with high-pressure equipment. They find it unnecessary to use chemicals to clear the blockage. This avoids the heat that is created by certain strong chemicals. Thus, the pipes will not heat up and crack under the pressure. You should make sure that you are avoiding heat at all cost.

Steer Clear of Corrosion

It is not just the pipes that can crack. Strong chemicals can corrode metal fittings too. They also can melt caulk. So, if any of these things are used for your drainage system, you will have a problem. They will degrade over time, leading to issues that need addressing. Again, high-pressure water is not going to lead to this issue.

Prevent Weakness

Imagine you buy a chemical drain cleaner that simply does not work. It fails to have any impact on the blockage. This means that it is just sitting there in the pipes. Over time, this can create weakness, which can lead to damage when you least expect it. Eventually, leaks can occur. Thankfully, this is not an issue with high-pressure water. It blasts away blockages without the need for any synthetic substances.

No Environmental Damage

Simply, water does not have a bad effect on the environment. But, chemicals will. If they start to leak out of your pipes, they can damage the soil and any plants you have nearby. They can even be dangerous for wildlife. Thus, you must consider the environmental damage these cheap products can cause.

Halt Health Hazards

Did you realize that there are health hazards associated with drain unblockers? You may notice that there are warning sides to the bottle. But, people do not realize just how bad they can be. They can be dangerous for children and even if you inhale too much of the fumes. This is not something you want. Instead, Essex drain unblocking services can do this job for you, using only water and machinery.

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