Designing a service page – What to focus on to influence the conversion

Designing a service page – What to focus on to influence the conversion

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August 17, 2021

Designing a website is often a very demanding job, especially when it comes to designing an online store. It is not worth deciding to create such a website ourselves, because we must have a lot of experience in this case, if, in particular, we want the sales to be very good. So let’s choose the best web design services so that experienced specialists do it for us. What else is very important in online stores?

Designing a service page

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  • High sales in the online store

It is worth remembering that the sale in the online store depends on many different factors. In this case, of course, it is the appearance of our website, but also, as already mentioned, transparency or our offer are also very important.

Conversion is of course a very important factor that many entrepreneurs have recently been paying attention to. It should be known that this is the basic factor important in the analysis of marketing activities and thus in reporting sales in our online store. It is defined as the desired action that each user performs, for example, it may be subscribing to our newsletter, making a purchase on the website, or adding a product to the basket. Why may the conversion be unsatisfactory?

  • Conversion is a very important factor

It is also essential to establish the exact conversion goal. If the most important thing is for the customer to buy our product and the interest exists but does not end with the purchase, we must carefully trace the shopping cart, as well as the entire customer path and navigation on the website. The user will very quickly leave the website when it is difficult to find the desired products. There is a purchasing process on the site and thus must be quick and simple. In addition, the add to cart button is placed in a visible place. In this case, it is also worth considering the placement of call-to-action buttons elsewhere on our website. Very often, the need to register also effectively discourages potential users from making purchases.

It should also be remembered that the product we sell should be presented in an attractive way. When the customer goes to such an online store, he must be able to see what he is buying.

Conversion in the online store largely depends on good-quality images and often photos that represent specific products. Here, the more the better principle applies, because photos taken at different angles, and the possibility of enlarging them, will effectively attract the eyes of customers. Videos can also be a good solution. The length and content of this type of advertisement should depend on the type of product. Instead of overloading customers with unnecessary information, it is better to emphasize the advantages and functionality of a given product. The description of the products also matters. Its task is to provide buyers with enough information to convince them that the product is right for them. The best descriptions are full, specific, and substantive, not excessive praise.

It is good if the texts are available both in full and shortened form. The shorter one should capture the purpose for whom the product is and why it is appropriate. The longer version must contain all the necessary information. If we sell products from other companies in the online store, do not simply rewrite the information from the manufacturer’s website. Certainly, a website created in this way will have a positive effect on the conversion.

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