CCNA first contact (transfer)

CCNA first contact (transfer)

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November 20th, 2022

Cisco certification is divided into multiple directions, but the starting point is the same – CCNA. Tens of thousands of tall buildings start from the ground, and today we will start with the most basic of Cisco.

Study materials and tutorials

There are very few Chinese tutorials on the market, and you can only find relevant information online. When studying, it is best to focus on English materials, supplemented by Chinese tutorials, because the CCNA exam is in English. You are exposed to a lot of professional English in the learning process, which is of great benefit to further study of CCNP (especially viewing help and documentation); in addition, the CCNA Study Guide of Sybex, an English textbook, is well-organized and easy to understand but not boring. There is no problem if you look at it three times, but the disadvantage is that there is a lot of content, and some knowledge points are beyond the scope of CCNA (if you want to take the CCNP test, you should read it).

Learning method

If the economy permits, you can participate in Cisco’s training courses to obtain more information and more practical opportunities. Generally, the courses of the training centers approved by Cisco are equipped with hardware facilities for you to test and provide perfect network conditions. Of course, you can take the CCNA by self-study. However, self-study must have perseverance. It is best to ensure 2 hours of study time every day. It is necessary to review the previous knowledge points regularly.

Essential software

Because many knowledge points are derived from routers, it is required to be proficient in the related operations of routers. You can go to the SPOTO website to download RouterSim for simulation operation. If you want to do further experiments, you can go to Users who have successfully registered on this website can do experiments on Telnet, providing multiple experiments from CCNA to CCIE. As for the questions, you can find the Routetest of for the test. Through this software, you can familiarize yourself with the way of questioning and get familiar with it in advance. It is best to have an 80%-90% hit rate before the official registration.

Exam steps

Since it is a computer-based test, you can’t do the questions immediately after entering. First, you need to fill out a Cisco questionnaire, which is not counted as a score, but the time you consume is counted in the test time. Pay attention to this!!! You must also agree to an agreement after completing the questionnaire, otherwise you will still not be able to do the quiz.

After answering all the questions, you need to answer one more question

Are you over 18 years old? Students under the age of 18 cannot hold Cisco certificates and must be 18 years old to receive them; you can print the results immediately after the exam is completed, but you cannot get the certificate immediately. You also need to go to Cisco’s website Register for information at If you receive a certificate from Cisco, you are a real CCNA.

Some advices

The best and fastest way to get the latest news is to check on Cisco’s website, where some very useful information and documentation are released from time to time.

Write down the problems you encounter at ordinary times, organize them, and post them on relevant forums, and many enthusiastic netizens will provide you with help.
Obtaining a certificate is not done once and for all. Cisco’s certificate has the same validity period as other certificates. You need to take the exam to update your certificate at a fixed time, otherwise, you can only become an honorary CCNA.

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