Advantages for startups with offshore product management 

Advantages for startups with offshore product management 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
January 30, 2023

Outsourcing product development was once a novel business strategy, but it is now a common strategic choice for companies of all sizes. It is an attempted digital transformation technique that allows startup founders to produce commercially viable software rapidly while freeing up more time to focus on other essential business operations.

According to the statistics, organizations are increasingly delegating some jobs to offshore digital transformation firms. The majority of industries, especially product development companies routinely outsource the building and development of Software as a Service products.

What is product software engineering?

offshore product management 

What do product development engineers do? The phrase “outsourced product development” describes a software strategy in which a business hires an external vendor, like a digital transformation agency, to handle software development and related tasks.

Non-technical product managers or entrepreneurs can successfully launch software systems by hiring offshore product development teams. Although hiring outside software development companies to produce software products has grown in popularity since the epidemic, this is a technique that has long been widespread in the corporate sector.

This is crucial when a company or startup lacks a dedicated technical team that can work on hardware, software, equipment, cloud infrastructure support, and other related projects, hence they hire a dedicated offshore software development team.

Using offshore digital transformation consulting services is expected to provide the following benefits in any country:

  • Communication that is effective
  • Effective product lifecycle management
  • Outstanding service
  • Strong cooperation
  • An efficient operation Support
  • Employers can boost software development productivity by using an offshore product development team

You won’t have to spend days and months searching for the top software engineering experts for your software development team if you use this software strategy. It works especially well when you want to develop a minimal viable product to verify your design concept.

What is involved in outsourcing software product engineering services?

offshore product management

Outsourcing software product engineering services is the practice of hiring skilled software developers from a digital transformation consultancy whose experience is sufficient to gratify the criteria of your software project.

You’ll realize that there isn’t a significant difference between a software development business and a digital transformation consultancy, therefore you can employ any of them to hire an offshore product engineer.

Now we know what offshore software development is, I’d like to discuss some major advantages of hiring offshore development teams with dedicated teams in addition to the primary reasons why startups should consider outsourcing.

What benefits can you expect from offshore product development engineering?

Many highly skilled software development engineers with offshore bases make up an offshore product development team. The corporation can outsource by hiring software engineer specialists from a digital transformation company if it needs skilled resources. After being hired, they become part of the company as workers and have admin rights to its records and data, and daily IT operation management. Product development teams that operate remotely to develop software are more productive and do better work. It is a superb method for reducing expenses and time.

The following are a few benefits that your startup may experience if it hires an offshore software engineering team:

Minimal capital expenditures

Hiring a DevOps cloud engineering staff from abroad can considerably reduce cloud infrastructure expenditures. Office rent, training, hiring, onboarding, supplies and equipment, etc., all come at a considerable cost.

With the assistance of a professional offshore dedicated development team, these steps can be removed. Excellent software engineering employees can be hired without breaking the bank. Given the shortage of trained individuals, this is preferable to internal hiring and recruiting. US businesses have reportedly experienced cost savings of up to 50% by hiring offshore software development from other countries, such as software engineers from India.

Reduce the price of the infrastructure

In an office setting, the company must hire infrastructure or space, purchase the tools and supplies needed technically, offer furniture and computer equipment, manage electrical bills, and perform other tasks. As a result, costs go up. You might be able to overcome this issue by working with an offshore cloud engineering team.

Software development prioritization

A company may concentrate on their primary goals when they hire an offshore product engineering team because they don’t have to bother about hiring, administering equipment and workstations, marketing, or paperwork. During this time, they may develop more effective business strategies and concepts. You don’t need to be concerned because you have a capable offshore software development team supporting the objectives of your company.

With this method, the hiring process can be completely eliminated. It is not necessary to post a job, conduct interviews, do the onboarding processes, or provide training.

Hiring an offshore software engineering team is advantageous because it takes at least two months to acquire someone, and we are aware that even one poor hire can result in significant costs for the organisation. The organisation will move rapidly to hire a replacement or offer extra help if there are any problems with the operation.

Flexible employment practises

Even when the onshore staff are not at work, your startup can still expand quickly. Due to the shift in time zones brought on by outsourcing, the offshore DevOps cloud engineering team is able to work when the other teams are asleep. The results include both a speedier target completion and better output. The company’s ultimate goals are faster expansion and more profits. Your business will be able to analyse income trends and develop a precise budget for all expenses by hiring a DevOps engineer.

Safeguard your data

The majority of startups lack the funding necessary to purchase cutting-edge security products and services. A data leak might potentially pose a threat to the business. The security breach may cause the organisation to fail because of monetary loss, psychological distress, and loss of consumer support. An offshore DevSecOps engineering team working on cloud services will prevent this since they are skilled at using technologies like security information and event management and have visibility into the software they are using. By building a better network, strengthening security rules, using data analytics, and assessing vulnerabilities, they could protect the information for your cloud architecture.


In conclusion, when working on cloud infrastructure or product development, an offshore software engineering team has a variety of consequences on the operation’s earnings, scheduling, and performance. It can assist in reducing infrastructure costs, eliminating hiring and in-office management, and providing skilled people to support business growth and ensure reliable output.

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