How to watch NFL on TV & online?

How to watch NFL on TV & online?

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November 28, 2023

NFL games are televised and streamed on TV and online. One of the most prominent professional sports leagues in the US, the NFL is aired on television and online to a wide audience. The NFL is a lighthouse for millions of fans globally in the changing sports entertainment scene. NFL games are more accessible as technology advances, giving fans several ways to watch. This essay explores the complexities of NFL game viewing on TV and online.

How to watch NFL on TV & online?

Section 1: Traditional TV

TV has been the main way to watch NFL games for decades. The league collaborates with major networks for nationwide coverage.

  • Satellite or cable

CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN broadcast many NFL games. Cable and satellite TV subscribers can watch the games.

  • Local TV stations:

Local broadcasts provide fans with localised matchups. Local TV listings help identify these games.

  • NFL Network:

The NFL Network airs Thursday Night Football and other games. Availability depends on the cable or satellite provider.

Section 2: Digital Revolution: NFL Online

Online streaming platforms have made sports programming more flexible and accessible for viewers.

  • NFL Game Pass:

The NFL Game Pass collection of on-demand entertainment lets fans view games after they appear on TV. Live preseason games and other special features are included.

  • NFL Mobile App:

The official NFL app enhances mobile viewing. Smartphone and tablet users may watch local and primetime games live. Mobile carriers and locations may limit access.

  • Service streaming:

ESPN+, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Live, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV broadcast NFL games live. Multichannel access gives cord-cutters a complete answer.

  • Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo Sports offers live NFL games, including local broadcasts. Apps and websites are useful for fans on the go.

Section3: Specialised Services and Improvements

For fans’ different tastes, the NFL offers specialized services and innovations that enhance the viewing experience.

  • NFL RedZone:

NFL RedZone broadcasts Sunday afternoon touchdown plays and critical events live. Many cable and streaming providers offer an immersive way to follow the action.

  • NFL Sunday Ticket:

NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV lets you watch out-of-market NFL games. Eligible users may watch a variety of games to never miss their favorite teams.

Common NFL gaming platforms include:


TV networks:

  • CBS airs Sunday afternoon games, AFC playoff games, and the Super Bowl.
  • NBC broadcasts Sunday Night Football, Thursday Kickoff, and playoff games.
  • Sunday afternoon games, NFC playoffs, and Super Bowl on FOX
  • ESPN airs Monday Night Football.

NFL network:

NFL coverage, including Thursday Night Football, late-season Saturday games, and unique programming.

Local TV stations:

Local networks may air regional and major matches between local teams. Check local listings.

Streaming sites

  • NFL Game Pass: On-demand streaming of NFL games following TV airings Livestreams out-of-market preseason games.
  • NFL The DirecTV Sunday Ticket includes out-of-market games. There are eligibility conditions.
  • ESPN+ streams Monday Night Football live.

Streaming platforms

  • Amazon Prime Video streams Thursday night football games for Prime members.
  • CBS All Access streams CBS games live, including Sunday afternoons.
  • Live TV streaming services Hulu Live, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV show NFL games. Variable availability.

Official NFL Apps and Website:

The NFL website and mobile applications stream local and primetime games, highlights, and more.

Yahoo Sports:

Livestreams NFL games, including local broadcasts. Check the Yahoo Sports app availability.

Eighth, social media

Tweets, Facebook, and YouTube may stream NFL games. Agreements may limit streaming alternatives.

NFL RedZone:

NFL RedZone broadcasts Sunday afternoon scoring plays and critical moments on cable and digital networks.

For the latest game availability and streaming possibilities, check the NFL website, network websites, and streaming service platforms before the season starts. Staying updated on broadcasting rights and streaming agreements can help you get your preferred games.


NFL viewing is personalized and dynamic in the digital era. Fans have unparalleled access to spectacular gridiron action via television or online. As technology advances, the NFL stays ahead to let fans interact with their favorite sport in ways that fit their lifestyles.


How do I watch NFL games on TV?

CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN broadcast NFL games. Local broadcasters may telecast regional team games.

How to Watch NFL games online?

NFL games are available online on several platforms. Popular streaming services include NFL Game Pass, ESPN+, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Live, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV.

NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass lets users access NFL games on-demand. It streams out-of-market preseason games and other programming live.

Watching Thursday Night Football—how?

Prime subscribers may access Thursday Night Football games on Amazon Prime Video and the NFL Network.

NFL RedZone, what?

NFL RedZone broadcasts Sunday afternoon touchdown plays and critical events live. Various cable and streaming providers offer it.

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