A New Demographic Group Of Sports Bettors Demanding Experience Instead Of Transaction

A New Demographic Group Of Sports Bettors Demanding Experience Instead Of Transaction

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In sports, Updated On
November 28th, 2023

With Gen Z slowly taking over the dynamic target market of sports betting sites and bookmakers all over the world, one thing is sure: that everything is about to change.

Demographic Group Of Sports

Gen Z is a generation that spends more than half of their day consuming and engaging with online content. Social interaction of any kind happens on the internet, making this new generation of sports bettors very different from what the traditional sports betting industry has known up to now for its customers.

As this demographic group becomes the dominant one targeted by sportsbooks and is slowly -yet very strongly- transforming into the casual sports bettors of tomorrow, every website or platform offering sports betting in Indonesia – and in fact in any place around the planet – needs to adjust and configure its offering to match the new preferences of Gen Z.

For the Gen Zers, everything must be above and beyond what they are now

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Everything must be about transcending the ‘way it is’ and this can’t leave sports betting unaffected.

The under 30-demographics is a generation that demands the core product or service to be ‘accessorized’ with anything that can add to their experience. The experience needs to have intrinsic value, be memorable, unique, and of course engaging.

With sports betting being actually a “product” that is relatively homogeneous, the need to deliver experience is not an easy thing to accomplish. Today sports bettors generally use more than one betting site for their wagering needs, and this is mostly because they want to be able to track down any value bets or benefit from possibly different odds for certain events.

And that’s all there is to differentiating and distinguishing bookmakers from one another

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To be more accurate, besides the brand and some basic features, potential differences in odds are the basic elements of differentiation.

But for the Gen Zers, this is not enough. If they are to immerse themselves in sports betting, they need to find sports betting engaging and they need to be able to have a unique betting experience that goes beyond simple transactions. In other words, sports betting should not be seen as a transaction between a betting site in Indonesia, let’s say, and a user. Maybe this was the case for previous generations, but it’s hardly the case for Gen Z.

The specific demographic group remains uninterested in simply placing wagers

They see betting as the ultimate way to engage with the sport they love with a game they like to watch or even with players that they follow on social media.

They see betting as a way to support their choices and preferences. Of course, making profits is nowhere near being moved out of the picture. They do want to make good bets and they will, for that matter, pick those betting sites that are more competitive.

But in the absence of evident heterogeneity, bookmakers need to be more creative and smart in winning Gen Z bettors. Giving them good odds, a variety of betting markets, numerous alternative payment methods bonuses, and gifts does not delight them. These are all expected by Gen Zers. They form the core product that they demand.

What they expect is added value and this comes from ‘treating’ betting as an experience

Demographic Group Of Sports
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Whether this experience is built on the relationship between the bookmaker and the user – through unique customer service, fully customizable interface, streaming, or other possibilities that suit the lifestyles and wants of Gen Zers – or on new, creative, and innovative ways of engaging the Gen Zers, this comes down to the marketing managers of betting sites and the way they want to connect with the new generation of sports bettors. But what’s for sure is that everything needs to change, if this demographic group is to prove profitable for the bookmakers themselves.

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