Tips to select the best solar street light manufacturer

Tips to select the best solar street light manufacturer

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November 23, 2021

It could be that you are planning to replace the street lights in your area with new improvised ones. Since it involves a good amount of investment, you need to make sure to buy quality products that will last longer and also offer bright light at night. This way, the streets will be safe for everyone to use including women, children and the elderly. For this, you need to consider selecting only the best solar street light manufacturer in the domain.

How to select a trustworthy manufacturer?

  • Avoid focusing only on the price offered:

This is a mistake that the majority of the shoppers tend to make. Solar equipment demand is increasing with time, thus resulting in the emergence of more players. But not all manufacturers are known to produce quality solar-led street lights. Hence, you should not fall for low prices as it might not be a good product. Rather, your choice should be based on quality, warranty, and other aspects and not just price. Moreover, based on the lighting type to install, you should choose the very best street lights. Otherwise, poor-quality components will only fail to serve your needs as desired.

  • Warranty coverage:

This is another aspect that you cannot overlook. You should consider the warranty offered by the manufacturers. For instance, selecting a system with just one year warranty on it will not be a great idea. Such systems are not likely to withstand time, thus requiring replacement after one year of use. You should visit reputed portals like to make a quality purchase. The system to select should last for about 25 years or so. Thus, you will be able to reduce the project cost significantly. Besides this, also take into consideration customer support offered by the manufacturer. This way, many problems can be solved by the dedicated customer support personnel which otherwise could issue for various reasons after solar-powered street light installation.

  • Project cases & Testimonials:

Take into consideration testimonials and project cases from the manufacturer to ensure they enjoy a reputation in this particular domain. The company offering solar smart street lights, but not in a position to showcase project cases will not be a good choice. Try to get a sample before placing bulk orders. It is no use investing your money in poor-quality products. Solar Powered Street Light is exposed daily to high humidity levels, water, sunlight, and dust. Hence, purchase something that will last longer and offer superior light quality.

  • Corrosions prevention:

Most metals do undergo significant wear & tear and corrosion. It cannot be completely prevented. But you may follow certain methods to reduce it, thereby ensuring that the products purchased last long. The process tends to deteriorate metals due to chemical reactions. The process may cause metal oxidation caused by long-term exposure to water and air.

  • Visit factory:

If possible, you may visit the All-in-One solar street light factory in person to check out the product line.

This way, you can select a good and reliable manufacturer to place your order.

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