Advantages of Highly Durable Solar Mounting System from Mibet

Advantages of Highly Durable Solar Mounting System from Mibet

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November 3, 2021

There is a huge demand for solar energy, and several manufacturers produce wide ranges of photovoltaic mounting systems or solar module racks. These solar systems are so designed that they are advantageously mounted on raised surfaces like roofs, buildings, and other higher areas. On rooftops, the solar array of the photovoltaic or PV system is installed parallel to the ground. It is generally seen that most modern structures have the solar system retrofitted. However, not all PV systems work as efficiently as a few dominating players globally. These companies have their own highly skilled professionals. They have state-of-the-art technology to constantly engage in research to bring out the market’s very best solar mounting system.

Currently, Mibet Energy of China has become one of the best sources of high-quality, durable, and economical solar systems, including floating solar, and has customers in more than 100 countries. They are the largest exporters of solar systems, and you can contact them right here at to buy top-notch solar systems.

Benefits of Various Types of Solar Systems

Mibet Energy is well ensconced in rolling out some of the finest and first-rate solar mounting panels and systems for complete power solutions to save the planet from fossil fuels. It encourages customers to cut down their carbon footprints and save the plants and trees from going into extinction. Solar energy from the sun is available free of cost, and for consumers investing in a solar racking system is one-time spending. The industry standard is 25 to 30 years.

There are different types of solar system solutions, and chief amongst these are Roof Mounted Racks, Ground Mounted Racks, Top-of-Pole Mounted Racks, Side-of-Pole Mounted Racks, and Tracking System Mounted Racks. Recently, the Tension-based solar PV system has been tested and found to be pretty successful as it is lighter in weight and costs even lower than other systems.

The solar floating system is way different than the regular mounted type of solar system. It is mounted on a structure, but that structure is allowed to float on water to resemble a floating platform. It is mainly installed to remain floating on lakes or water catchment areas or basins. It surely has some advantages yet costs 20 to 25% higher than mounted systems.

Floating Solar Panel Systems as Renewable Energy

There has been a rapid increase in a floating solar system globally as people become more conscious of our planet’s warming. Although the floating systems were expensive, they had some unique advantages over the mounting ones. The technology also rapidly grew as very well accepted by most public and private investments.

Firstly, the floating systems need no land under occupation and are more compact, and hence installation and decommissioning are pretty straightforward. Secondly, there is low water evaporation and therefore doesn’t affect the irrigation system. It also has a simple cooling system as water submersibles can be employed and have better storage opportunities using gravity energy storage. Not in the least, it can reduce or thwart the growth of algae.

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